Hougen Mag Drills with Free Cutter Kits

Annular Cutter Kits

If you are in the market for a new portable magnetic drill Ohio Power Tool have a very attractive offer if you purchase any Hougen Mag Drill you can get a free annular cutter kit (up to $260 value). This is a mail-in rebate but still a very nice deal that runs all of October & November. An additional deal from Ohio Power Tool on the HMD904 ($845) and swivel base HMD904S ($956) you’ll get a free Coolant System ($100 value) ships instantly.

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2015 Pro Tool Innovation Awards – Winners

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015

We’ve been following the PTIA (Pro Tool Innovation Awards) for several years now and they have certainly been growing the depth and breadth of their coverage each year. Lots of innovations launch each year in tools, accessories and their various other categories. We at Coptool try to keep our arms around the whole all the new products and it’s a challenge, trying to rate and compare them all across the board even tougher. We do not envy these guy’s job but after spending some time reviewing the various lists we’ve got to say we’d agree with many of their findings. Certainly we’d encourage every shopper to do their own research but the PTIA are a good resource and just fun to see all the new products in the industry. See the various Categories Below: Continue reading

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Milwaukee New LED Light Solutions M12 & M18

M18 Flood Light

At the Milwaukee Product Symposium a few months ago we go a look at 3 new innovative Milwaukee LED solutions and it looks like within the next month they should all be hitting store shelves. With the technology improving so rapidly and cost for LEDs coming down it really opens up all sorts of new opportunities. The M12 LED Spotlight 2353-20 ($69), M18 LED Stand Light 2130-20 ($249) and the M18 LED HP Flood Light 2360-20 ($149) are great examples of the path Milwaukee looks to be headed down.

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Brushless Grinder Challenge 2015 – Milwaukee, Makita & Metabo

Metabo vs Makita vs Milwaukee 18v Grinders

Over the past several years we have seen some great leaps forward in cordless grinders. Until recently many would not even call them “cordless grinders” only “cordless cut-off” tools because they would stall almost instantly if you actually tried to grind with them. Thanks to the advances in brushless motors and new higher amperage 4Ah, 5Ah, 6Ah+ batteries we are now seeing cordless grinders start to outperform many corded models. If this trend continues and prices continue to come down we could see a big shift towards cordless grinders. For this comparison we are looking at the cordless brushless 18V grinders from Milwaukee, Makita and Metabo.

The goal of this test is to basically look at these 3 top grinders and compare how they perform in heavy applications, speed as well as battery life. Grinders are much tougher tools to compare side by side with stats because there are no torque ratings only RPMs which means very little without a solid motor behind it. Of course we will also look at costs, aerodynamic, safety features and other aspects of each tool.  Continue reading

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL SUPER HAWG Monster, Up to 6” Holes

M18 Super Hawg

One of the most relied upon tools nearly every plumber is going to have in their arsenal is some form of Milwaukee SUPER HAWG or powerful right angle drill. Last year Milwaukee launched the M18 Hole Hawgs which are the little brothers of the new M18 SUPER HAWG. The M18 Hole Hawg is ideal for electricians which can power through a self-feed bits up to 2” and up to 1200 RPM. For the plumber however 2” isn’t going to cut it. Starting in October the 2 speed M18 SUPER HAWGs, 2709-22 ($549) with ½” chuck or 2711-22 ($549) with Quik-Lok 7/16” hex chuck will be launching.

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DEWALT Launches 20V MAX / 18V Battery Adapter, Better Late Than Never

dewalt 20v max adapter

Just a few short years ago the Dewalt 18V cordless battery platform was by far and away the market share leader in the power tool industry. Some estimates we saw put the yellow team above 50% of the total cordless market with Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, etc all well behind. With the technology shift from NiCd to lithium Ion however many brands made whole platform shifts making their old NiCd tools obsolete and reinvesting 100% in a new platform to take better advantage of the new technology.

In 2011 Dewalt also launched their own Lithium Ion exclusive platform, the 20V MAX (our original post) but has struggled to help their longtime loyal users transition to the new platform. At that time there was a huge outcry from their user base for an adapter (just like this) that might allow for a more gradual transformation from 18V to 20V MAX. It was told to us at the time “it could not be done”, internally electronics and other issues, an adapter would not be possible. Well a short 4 year later, as that 50% cordless market share has eroded away significantly, an engineering miracle, we have the adapter! Continue reading

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Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio Finally Gets Bluetooth PB360C

Bosch Power Box 360C

The Bosch Power Box PB360S has been one of our favorite products for years, how many other jobsite radios you can play Corn Hole with (see our 2011 video below) while the radio is still playing. But times they are a changing and Bluetooth is the undeniable feature everyone is looking for these days. Answer the new Bosch PB360C ($199) which looks to basically be the same radio but with built in Bluetooth of course. This will be a rolling change away from the PB360S, perfect timing for the holiday season.

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Stanley Launches Two Great Solutions in a Pinch – Simple Start & Satellite

Epic Friday Contest

These two new Stanley products will be launching this week, and are also featured as this week’s Coptool Epic Friday Facebook Contest. Both the Simple Start ($80) and the Satellite ($40) are great options for emergency situations for light and battery backup. The Simple Start main function is to jump start up your car (even a V8) if the battery dies but since it is so compact and portable and features a 2 Amp USB it might actually get more day to day use as a backup for phones and tablets. It does also have a built in LED.

The Satellite LED light on the other hand is a task light with 300 lumens designed to spread over an area or a focused beam, magnetic base allows it to fixed overhead and it also includes a USB port (1 Amp) for charging of the cell phone. Both utilize internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which should provide years of usability. See the full Stanley press releases below for more on these new products. Continue reading

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Milwaukee Season 6 Heated Gear Has Arrived!!

M12 Heated Gear 2015

Season 6 Milwaukee Heated Gear is here and brings some exciting new products to the lineup to improve on what has already the most popular heated gear line up. The biggest additions are the new RipStop items, which include the 3-in-1 jacket/hoodie combo and the RipStop vests. The grey hoodie gets a more stylish darker shade of gray (should hide wear a little better) and the women’s jacket also gets an upgrade for a better fit and hand warmers. These are all in-stock now and as we’ve seen each year prior we’d expect to see popular models and sizes sell out well before the holidays.

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Will Metabo LiHD Technology Bring us the First Construction Drones?

Metabo LiHD Tools

At the recent Metabo press event (in Europe) the new LiHD battery technology was launched which promises 67% more output with 87% runtime over their already cutting edge 5.2Ah battery technology (read our full blog post). With the new technology the promise to expand to larger tools such as a 9” cordless grinder coming within 6 months as a 36V (with a 18V x2 adaptor coming as well). Additionally later 2016 & beyond new cordless tools such as SDS-Max rotary hammer, cordless table saws, backpack vacuum and other larger tools should be arriving. When we saw the picture above however the most surprising glimpse into the “tools of the future” was Drone Work Lights. Continue reading

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