Ingersoll Rand Ultra-Compact Impact Wrenches 35MAX & 15QMAX


While the trend to have impact wrenches with more and more torque certainly continues as we’ve seen in our recent ½” Air Impact Shoot Out. That being said there are also many professional out there willing to take a little less power for a smaller more compact tools. After all what good is more power if you can’t fit the tool into the work space. IR already has some great impacts for very tight spaces with the Hammerhead 3/8” 2015MAX and ½” 2025MAX ($249, each) however those top out at 180 ft.lbs. so can’t replace your everyday impacts. These new IR Compact Impacts 3/8” 15QMAX and ½” 35MAX ($139, each) look to be the best of both worlds with compact design but solid power up to 450 ft.lbs. which will handle a wide range of common applications. Continue reading

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GreenLee Collapsible Reel Jack Stands RXM

GreenLee Reel Stand

For electrical professionals in the field that have to work with large spools have several very common complaints. Why do the stands need to be bulky and heavy? Why is there a left and right? Why do I need to crank all day to even get the stand to the material? Greenlee answers to the demands of electrical contractors with the release of their new GreenLee RXM Reel Stand ($479). Continue reading

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SKILSAW 10″ Portable Worm Drive Table Saw SPT70WT-22

Worm drive table saw

We have been a fan of SKILSAW separating itself off from the SKIL brand and focusing on new saw products for pros. The worm drive saw has been a top choice for years and years and nice to see more products build around the tried and true technology. The biggest (really only) complaint we’ve ever heard about the worm drive is it can be too large and powerful for what people want to do using a 7-1/4” circular saw. New products utilizing the powerful motor like the Sawsquatch 10-1/4” Circular Saw SPT70WT-22 ($399) or the Outlaw 8” Worm Drive Metal Saw SPT78MMC-22 ($319) make a lot of sense. The new SKILSAW 10” Worm Drive Table Saw SPT70WM-22 ($379) is another great example of how this increased power as well as other inherent features of the gearing make this a very smart addition.

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RIDGID RE6 Electrical Tool 3-N-1 Update

Ridgid RE6

A couple years ago RIDGID launched their all in one RE6 solution for electrical trades to cut, crimp and knockout all from one tool. RIDGID of course has been the name brand for professional plumber tools but less well known to electricians for professional electrical tools, who might associate the RIDGID name with the home owner focused tools at Home Depot (a confusing distinction of a separate division, made by a different company).

Looking past the slow start for the Ridgid RE6 Tool Lineup, from the feedback we have received from professional electricians now using this RE6 tool on a daily basis is that they love it. Simplifying these 3 jobs into 1 very portable package means the right tool is close at hand. Now they are updating the package and offering a pretty attractive promo through end of June 2016.

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The JawHorse 9003 in The CopTool Shop


The Rockwell JawHorse 9000 is a portable, all-steel workstation that we’ve been using for years in our shop and studio. It’s light, quick to setup and has done a solid job of holding the material we cut, drill, and generally disassemble with the help of various power tools.
The upgraded JawHorse 9003 was released nearly 4 years ago, but our reliable 9000 never left us wanting more, so we stuck with what we had.

The 9003 still has a respectable 600 lb max load, a cabinet clamping 37″ range, and 2,200 lbs of clamping force. All of this capability is still presented in the easy to use format we’re familiar with. Just as before, if you need a second hand with you on the job, you just can’t beat a Rockwell JawHorse.

If you’ve got a 9000 in your shop already, we can’t recommend you upgrade, but we could however see the benefit of having two! So you might want to grab one anyways.

The Rockwell JawHorse 9003 is available everywhere, for $149.

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Milwaukee Tool New Storage Solutions

Tool Storage Bag

We have gotten several updates recently about new Milwaukee Tool Storage Solutions which we will hope to see firsthand in June Milwaukee’s New Product Symposium #NPS16. It appears they are attacking storage from all angles with additional options for in the shop as well as several on the go solutions. Continue reading

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Would you pay $200 for a Tool Box?

Tool Box Cool Box

Watching Shark Tank the other day and saw a couple of guys who were showing a new Tool Box called the “Cool Box”. First thought it might be a tool box with cooler built-in (and thought, genius) but then realized they just thought their product was so “cool” they needed to put it in the name. You shouldn’t have to call you own product “cool” especially if it doesn’t cool anything. Then they listed the features which all sounded good USB charger, power strip, Bluetooth radio/speakers, LED light, magnetic lid, bottle opener, etc. But then they came to the price tag $250 (on their site now $199). Huh… Does it come full of tools for that price? It is hard to imagine paying that price for an off brand tool box but on Indiegogo right now they are near a half million dollars in pre-order. WOW.

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Milwaukee Fastback Revamp & Fastback Compact

Milwaukee Fastback Flip

The Milwaukee Fastback utility knives have been extremely popular for several years now. With the launch of the Fastback pocket knives and more recently the camo Fastback pocket knife that popularity has only grown. The one handed fast open really sets these tools apart from other folding utility knives and if we had one complaint it would be that the Fastback knives are on the larger side for folding utility knives. Both the new Fastback Utility Knives have addressed the size but the Compact Fastback really should fill the gap for those looking for a smaller profile. Continue reading

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Louisville 2-in-1 Cross Step Ladders FXS1500

Louisville fxs1500

In the world of ladders there have not been too many innovations in the past thousand years, when they were used in scaling castle walls. The step ladder, around at least a couple hundred years, allows for a free standing ladder typically setup perpendicular to the work surface. The platform ladder have become more popular in recent years because of their large standing surface that is inherently safer and more comfortable. The platform ladders however do have some downsides which have led to the Introduction of the Louisville Ladder Cross-Step 2-in-1 FXS1500 which provides OSHA approved flexibility to do more with a single ladder.

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Milwaukee Announces Upcoming M12 Drain Snake


Milwaukee has been dipping their toes into the cordless plumbing tool market for a little bit now, with their pex tools, press tools, and a few others such as their recently announced copper tube cutting hand tools. The professional plumber can now look forward to another contribution from Team Red, because Milwaukee has announced an electric drain snake that runs on their M12 platform. Continue reading

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