Mechanical Knockout Sets for Cordless Drill/Drivers

Mechanical Knockout

For years electricians made large diameter holes in electrical boxes with knockout sets that were either manually cranked by a ratchet or hydraulically powered with a hand pump, hose and a lot of fussing. In recent years battery powered Knockouts have become much more popular because they are way more productive but a good GreenLee or Milwaukee tool set (even without any punch or dies) will put you back around $1300.

No questions these are the fastest best option for high volume production but are a bit pricy for some to justify. We’ve seen the Mechanical Knockout tools growing in popularity in the last few years because if offers performance similar to the cordless/hydraulic tools at a much lower cost. The Current Mechanical Knockout 163 ($549) is pretty attractive and with the full 2” set Mechanical Knockout 162PM is only $779.

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Mag Drill 2787-22

M18 mag drill

The news of the Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless Mag Drills is official, targeting a July launch date there will be 2 models of these cordless drills the M18 FUEL 1-1/2” Mag Drill 2787-22 ($2299) and the M18 FUEL 1-1/2” Lineman’s Mag Drill 2788-22 ($2399) which the drills are identical, the “Lineman” version just swaps our the charger for an AC/DC vehicle charger. With the wide availability of the Milwaukee M18 batteries and impressive runtime the expectation is this will become the dominate cordless mag drill in the market.

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New Professional Quality Powermatic Bandsaws 18”, 20”, 24”

Band Saws 18, 20, 24"

When it comes to professional quality woodworking equipment Powermatic has truly set themselves apart and these 6 new Bandsaws really tell the story. Check out the Powermatic video and full press release below.

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BIG ASS GARAGE LIGHT, Lives Up to Its Name with 13,000 lumens

LED Garage Light

The guys at Big Ass Fans have really changed the way we think of air moving in warehouses, gyms and large industrial spaces in general. They somehow gave the mystique of coolness to what had been a commodity and oh yeah made them way more functional. The guys at Big Ass headquarters have now set their sights on LED lighting and from the looks of it may change the way we illuminate our workshops and garages with the Big Ass Garage Light ($399).

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ToolBoxBuzz 10” Sliding Miter Saw Head to Head with 7 Top Brands

10" Slide Miter Saw Showdown

We know the guys at ToolBoxBuzz have been hard at work on this 10” Sliding Miter Saw compareo with 7 of the most popular brands. We think it turned out very nicely. As an avid reader of any and all comparison tests, especially in the tool category, we always hope to come away with a better understanding of the differences in the various products but hopefully learn more about the options in the market in general. Very well done, but don’t take our word for it check out their video below then head over to their site for the full review.

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Bosch Power Tools & Keen Utility Boots, A Win-Win

Keen Utility Boots

When you think of your most used tool on the job your first though might not be of work boots however think about doing your job bare foot and you might have a little more appreciation for just how much abuse you work boots take in a day. Keen Utility Boots have only been around a few years but have really made a name for themselves very fast and built a loyal fan base by taking all the comfort and technology of a hiking boot and adding all the functionality for professional trades.

Bosch BSS Dealers

From April – June Bosch Power Tools and Keen Utility Boots have teamed up to offer a FREE $200 Keen Gift Card (enough for about just any boot and then some) with a qualified in-store purchase at a Bosch System Specialist (BSS) Location. Find a BSS dealer near you, sorry online orders do not qualify! For those in Central Ohio visit Ohio Power Tool a BSS location for full details. Continue reading

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FREE Milwaukee Bluetooth Radio for Every Jobsite in America

Milwaukee Promo

This is possibly one of the most aggressive promotions we’ve ever seen from Milwaukee, more so than any previous mail-in rebate and even more so than the $100 trade-in. For any Milwaukee accessory purchase over $50 you’re going to get Milwaukee swag. For every accessory order over $250 you are getting a FREE Milwaukee Bluetooth Radio! So… most 100 Pack of Sawzall Blades YOU GET A RADIO. Any bulk pack of bandsaw blades YOU GET A RADIO. Couple of metal saw blades YOU GET A RADIO. We’re not sure how you can give away a free bluetooth radios (plus battery & charger) with a 100 pack of Sawzall blades and still make any money but if the goal is to put a FREE Milwaukee Radio on every jobsite in America this is a great first step.   Continue reading

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RIDGID RE 6 Electrician Tools, Aggressive Price Reduction, $800 Off

Ridgid RE6 Tools

Last September Ridgid launched the innovative RE 6 Tool System for Electricians which can cut cable up to 750 MCM (Cu/Al), crimp without needing dies and punch holes into electrical boxes up to 3.5”. While Ridgid has made a name for themselves with innovative products in the plumbing and mechanical trades they have always had a much smaller offering for professional electricians. While the Ridgid RE 6 had great response and a lot of interest, the price has been user’s main objection.

Many people looking for a new tool simply didn’t need to replace all 3 tool at once so there was not an immediate saving vs buying just a new less expensive single function tool which might need replaced, like a GreenLee Die-Less Crimp ($3699), GreenLee Cable Cutter ($1349) or Milwaukee M18 Knockout Set ($1549). For the time being, at least until end of June, the new RE 6 kits drop in price, $800 drop for the 3 Head kit, $600 on 2 Head Kits and $400 for single head kits.

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Milwaukee M12 FUEL 5-3/8″ Circular Saw 2530-21XC Review

We originally posted on the Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw a while back but wanted to put it in the hands of a friend and craftsmen who would have the opportunity to really use this tool on a daily basis and see what he thought.

Milwaukee M12 2530

GUEST BLOGGER: My name is Matt Bowman, and I’m excited to have been asked to write a review for the COPTOOL blog. I work at a small fabrication shop called Griffen Hollow Studio, and our scope of projects spans from laser engraving and custom woodworking to full scale interior builds. We are located in the cultural mecca known as Columbus, Ohio.

The Milwaukee 5 ⅜” circular saw 2530-21XC ($229) is the newest addition to the M12 cordless product line. Like the other tools, it features a 12-Volt 4 amp-hour battery that integrates Milwaukee’s REDLINK internal electronic regulation system, which provides automated protection against overheating of the motor and unnecessary drain of the tool. The new brushless motor design promises extended tool life, better battery use, and superior performance on the jobsite or around your hobby shop. The tool is ergonomic, reasonably priced, and a perfect choice for both the tradesman and casual user. Continue reading

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Bosch 5” Concrete Surface Grinder Update CSG15

Concrete Surface Grinder

Grinding concrete can be messy business no question. One of the first grinders that was specifically designed for the task was the Bosch 1773AK ($398) which added a wraparound handle, fully enclosed dust shroud with one of the first vacuum ports to come standard plus some additional modification to help this grinder handle working in the harsh silica dust. It was truly top of the line when it launched but of course other have done similar designs and with Bosch’s advancements in grinder performance it is naturally time for an upgrade. The new Bosch CSG15 ($399) fills its shoes nicely with a bump in power from 10 AMP to 12.5 AMP, sealed bearing system, better gearing for concrete removal and a new adjustable guard with allows for grinding against a wall.

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