Jet Hoists and Lifting Systems, New Innovations Mean Top Safety

Jet Hoists Breakdown

If you were to ask most people in a plant or on a job site how could manual and electric hoists be improved you first two answers are probably going to be make them safer and able to last longer. While Jet has not always been a product leader, over the past several years they have really begun to lead the way in innovating products for many categories and lifting systems is a shining example of that. The need for better safety in lifting systems have lead to several industry firsts from Jet.

Jet L100 Chain Fall

On the Jet manual chain hoists L-100 series several new features really separate the Jet product from the rest of the professional grade competition of Harrington CB, CM (Columbus McKinnon) Cyclone 646 or Coffing LHH. Each of these brands has a mid-range less expensive unit as well as a higher-end offering. Many people, including myself at one point thought the higher priced units simply meant better chain (100 grade corrosion resistant zinc coated vs 80 grade black oxide coated) which is true but that’s just the beginning. Another huge differentiator for Jet is the 1 piece fused brake design which is guaranteed for life and as of the publishing of this story they have not had to replace a single one of these breaks due to failure. The more traditional 3 piece break system is what is used by Harrington, CM & Coffing on all their hoists in addition to Jet’s mid-range S90 chain hoists. Continue reading

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Makita 18V LXT Brushless 4.5” Grinder XAG03Z / XAG03M

Makita Brushless Grinder

Several years ago Makita launched their first cordless 18V LXT grinder and was disappointing to most to say the least. Even as a strictly cutting tool this first cordless grinder (like most other cordless grinders) was way under powered and a spot of much frustration to those who purchased them thinking they could get any serious work done.

We can unequivocally say the new Makta brushless grinders XAG03Z ($199, bare tool)XAG03M ($409, kit 2 battery) are able to do the real work in both cutting and grinding applications. We were pretty skeptical (as we are sure many of you still are) having had much disappointment in the past with cordless grinders so we did this very quick and dirty video below just to show it in action. Continue reading

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Bosch Introduces Wireless Charging Cordless Tools


It is no surprise, given their track record in electronics outside the world of power tools, that the Robert Bosch company will bring serious advances from the world of consumer electronics to the world of power tools. You may remember seeing items like the PowerMat for sale a few years ago, which offered you the ability to charge your electronic devices simply by placing them on a mat rather than having to plug a charger into a specific port. Bosch Tools has brought similar technology into its 18 volt cordless lineup of tools. These Wireless Charging tools rely on the scientific principle of inductive coupling, which allows the charger to begin charging the battery simply from having the battery placed on it. There is a better explanation of the science behind this in the press release from Bosch below, but the major benefit of this system is the ability to charge the batteries for your tools without actually having to remove the battery from the tool.

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Ridgid Calendar 2015-2016 Hot Off The Presses

Ridgid Girl Calendar 2015

Ridgid recently made a big splash with their 3-in-1 Electrician’s RE6 Crimper, Cutter, Knock-Out Tool but not Ridgid product could even be more anticipated than the Ridgid Calenders which come out every other year. For the last 80 years these famous pin up girl calenders have hung in shops and garages across the country. For the 2015-2016 calendar the Ridgid Girls are again holding the Ridgid Tools which is something these calendars got a way from for the last several prints. While the idea of draping a Seesnake cable over your shoulder sounds pretty gross to us, it seems to work perfectly well when you’ve got an attractive girl in a bikini doing it. Continue reading

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2014 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winners Are Out

2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards


Curious what new products rate the best for 2014? Head over to the 2014 Pro Tool Innovation Awards and find out. Dozen of categories for everything from boots to blades to drills to lawnmowers.

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Welcome to the Future of Cordless Power Tools, 5.0Ah Batteries and Beyond

Makita Cordless Bike

It looks like by the beginning of November both the Milwaukee 5.0Ah ($129) and Makita 5.0Ah ($119) batteries will have hit the market. Joining the like of Bosch 5.0Ah ($129), Metabo 5.2Ah ($133) and Dewalt 5.0Ah ($142) which are already available. In the race to build a better battery each manufacturer focuses on something a little different. Makita which was pretty late to the 4.0Ah party, launched only a few months ago, jumped right into the 5.0Ah game. They will bring the fastest charge time of the bunch promising a 45 minute total charge for 5.0Ah and couple that with the only duel slot 36V technology you’ve got some serious output to play with.

5Ah batteries Continue reading

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Epic Friday Contest of Free Stuff – Bosch Socket Ready Impact

Epic Friday Contest

Each and every week here at we are giving away something that we think is pretty cool, basically we are like the Opera of power tools, only on a much smaller scale. You get a tool, you get a tool, you get a tool… Check out our GIVEAWAYS page for a list of the prizes from the last two months. To actually enter to win something you’ll need to head over to our Facebook page of EPIC FRIDAY CONTEST OF FREE STUFF. From there it will direct you how to enter the contest, basic a simple entry form that takes a few seconds. Each week you will need to reenter the contest, if you want to win the new prize of that week. Also if you share the contest and your friends signs up you get another entry for each new sign up. Continue reading

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Bosch Digital Depth Routers, Headed for USA?

GOF 1250 LCE Router

Often times Bosch will launch different products in Europe than they will in the USA for a variety of reasons. They’ve had Bosch cordless chain saws and lawnmowers for almost 10 years and no matter how many times we ask they still won’t bring them over. Our personal favorite is the Miter/Table Saw hybrid GTM12 we originally posted on 2008 which we are certain would never come here but would love to own. The latest tool we spotted in the UK social media feed is the New Bosch Router GOF 1250 LCE Professional which has several interesting changes. Continue reading

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Ridgid Launches RE 6 Electrician’s Tools 3-in-1, at NECA Show

Ridgid RE 6

For 75 plus years Ridgid has made tools focused on the plumbing trades however many of those tools have a wide range of uses for electricians as well as other trades. The Ridgid RE 6 Full Kit 44383 ($4637) is really the first of its kind aimed specifically at the Electricians and we think this could be a big savings (both dollars and time) for the professionals. Clearly they think this is going to be a big hit as well judging on the production value of this YouTube video!

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Hole Hawgs 2707-22 & 2708-22

M18 Hole Hawgs

For years the Milwaukee Hole Hawg 1675-6 ($299) has been a staple for electricians, plumbers and many other tradesmen alike. This is the workhorse for professional drilling applications and in its current form is remarkably similar to the tool launched 45+ years ago. Milwaukee is making some big leaps forward in 2014 however with the M18 FUEL Hole Hawgs, Chucked 2707-22 ($449) & Hex 2708-22 ($449). For starters the drills are 4 lbs lighter than the older corded versions but they don’t sacrifice anything in the way of drill speed. The M18 FUEL cordless drills actually consistently beat the corded version in our testing with it. With 2 fully charged M18 batteries, Milwaukee is claiming an electrician can do a full 2500-3000 sq ft residence so run time shouldn’t be an issue either.

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