Today’s Biggest Tool Question, What is Milwaukee ONE-KEY?

Milwaukee One-Key Bluetooth

Milwaukee teased us with ONE-KEY months ago and asked what our readers thought it ONE-KEY was going to be. We’ve gotten some very interesting responses (and it’s got nothing to do with a Milwaukee Porta-John) but today the cat is officially out of the bag. As many of you have already guest One-Key is a new tool technology that can connect your cordless Milwaukee Tools to you phone/tables (then to the cloud) via Bluetooth. The 3 core benefits you will see right away are: tool control, inventory management and tool reporting. Which before you brush it off as not for you, take a further look because it really seems to have something for everyone.

Milwaukee M18 One-Key

The Tools: Most of these tool unfortunately won’t be out until 2016, with the exception of the new crimping tools coming later this year. The ONE-KEY tools will be M18 FUEL brushless with the Drills & Impacts that have pretty much the same torque specs as the M18 FUEL 2nd Generation Tool launching mid-August. This includes drill/driver, hammer drill, impact hex 1/4″, impact square 3/8”, impact square 1/2″ pin and impact square 1/2″ ring type, all M18 FUEL ONE-KEY Cordless Brushless Tools (a bit of a mouthful).

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Going to Next Generation Drills & Impacts

M18 FUEL 2703-22

In mid-August the most popular Milwaukee M18 FUEL tools are going to experience a significant overhaul. The Gen 2 tools will be smaller, lighter, more power, more control settings, kits will include 5.0Ah batteries but the prices will remain the same. The FUEL hammer drill 2604-22 ($299) makes the leap from 725 in-lbs to the new FUEL 2704-22 ($299) with a mind blowing 1,200 in-lbs. With all that power (the new most powerful on market) this model could have really used some sort of bind-up kill switch similar to the Bosch Active Response. The M18 FUEL impact 2653-22 ($299) jumps from 1,600 in-lbs to 2753-22 ($299) with 1,800 in-lbs with 4 Mode Drive Control. Both tools will be packaged together in the most popular M18 FUEL combo kit which goes from model 2797-22 ($399) to 2897-22 ($399) with new tools.

Check out our videos on both the new FUEL drills and the new FUEL impacts as well as full stats and Milwaukee press release below. Check out Ohio Power Tool for a full range on Milwaukee M18 FUEL brushless tools and give them a call 800-242-4424 with any Milwaukee Tool questions. Continue reading

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SawStop Sues Bosch Over REAXX Table Saw

Lawsuit Sawstop vs Bosch

Well no surprise here, SawStop who seems to get more press coverage for involvement in lawsuits than their actual saws is now filing another lawsuit, this time with Bosch over their REAXX Table saw GTS1041A ($1499). Timing falls just days before the largest national Woodworking Shows AWFS, July 22nd-25th where both companies will most likely be displaying their latest products to dealers and professionals alike. Continue reading

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Bosch 18V Brushless Screw Gun SGH182 & MA55 Autofeed

Bosch 18V screwgun

At the World of Concrete earlier this year we got the first look at the new Bosch 18V Brushless Screw Gun SGH182 (original post) which is finally hitting the streets. The initial feedback has been extremely positive and with the optional attachment for strip screws MA55 ($129) this tool becomes the perfect cordless solution.

This unit was recently featured on the Coptool Epic Friday Contest, congratulations to the winner Hesper F. from Wisconsin hopefully it’ll be put to good use! Our friends at Tools in Action really put together a nice video with Jim Stevens from Bosch that highlights the SGH182 and MA55 very effectively. Could not have done it better ourselves.

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Jet Air Tools Relaunch Takes Aim at Ingersoll Rand, Snap-On and CP

Jet R12 Series Pneumatic Tools

By the time you read this the full line relaunch of over 60+ new Jet Air Tools will be packed up on trucks and headed to Jet Tool distributors across the country. While Jet has been in the air tool market for some time it was somewhat of piece-meal offer that did not have a consistency across their tools or Good, Better, Best options necessary for the very popular tools like impacts and ratchets. Without having tested any of these new air tools we can at least say we do like the simplicity and clarity of their new offering.

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Ridgid ProPress Deal & FREE Pipe Wrenches with Stands

Starting now and going through September Ridgid has come out with 2 terrific deals on a couple of their more popular items. We see far less deals and promos from the Ridgid Pro Tool side so we are also happy to see nice spiffs like these come though.

Ridgid ProPress Free Batteries

For the Ridgid ProPress Tools if you purchase select models of 200-B, 210-B or RP340 you can receive 2 18V batteries ($240 value). See the Full Mail-In Rebate HERE. While these kits do come with batteries already we’ve rarely ever heard anyone say they couldn’t use more. These are also the same batteries used with the SeeSnake Camera systems.   Continue reading

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Safety Brake Grinder 2783-22

M18 FUEL Grinder

When the same tool is the preferred choice for users and the safety director there is harmony across the jobsite. Unfortunately this is not always the case but Milwaukee is working hard to make it a more common occurrence. There is no mistaking angle grinders can be very dangerous tool but several key features make them much less dangerous. OHSA and safety directors are continuing to work to push safety forward. Grinder guards are a huge one, while many individuals still remove them in their own garages, on any large jobsite you’ll see almost every grinder has the guard on. Side handles, Lock-on switch vs paddle, dual actuated start, kick-back clutch, brakes, vibration control, cordless are all features being looked at for safety requirements. Coming late July, the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Kit 2783-22 ($449 with 5.0Ah batteries), or bare tool 2783-20 ($219) look to cover all these concerns, not only very powerful cordless grinders but it also features their RAPID STOP brake making them one of the safest grinders available.

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Special Wilton Vise & BASH Hammer Limited Edition 11128BH

Bash Wilton Vise Deal

For over 50 years the Wilton Bullet Vise has been the top of the line option in vise category of course Wilton has a full range of options including their more economically friendly line of Utility Vises. Recently Wilton brought that same toughness to a new line of indestructible B.A.S.H. hammers (Bad Ass Sledge Hammer). While the response to these hammers has been very positive there is still a large group of professional users not willing to invest the higher cost upfront for the BASH hammer. For those that got 1 BASH they continue to replace their wood or fiberglass handled sledges with these longer lasting and safer hammers.

The big challenge for Wilton BASH hammers is getting people to try them in the first place which everyone’s willing to do if you give it to them for FREE. The solution, package their most popular BASH Hammer 4lb 20412 ($47) with their most popular Wilton Utility 6.5” Vise 11128 ($189) and sell the two as a packaged deal 11128BH ($149) for less than the vise alone! This looks like the BASH hammer actually used in the video above to pound out the fuel tank.  Continue reading

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Makita 18V X2 (36V) Cordless Trimmers & Blowers for Professional Landscapers

Makita Lawn Tools

As cordless landscaping equipment become more powerful there have been many professionals who are very interested in ditching the gas engines and going cordless. Businesses and affluent customers want less noise and less emissions when the lawn care service is being performed. Operators also want less hassle and maintenance, just slapping the battery in and go. Of course the tools need to perform at professional level and until recently the battery landscaper tools were consumer grade at best.

Makita feels they have really gotten to the next level with their 18V X2 LST (36V) platform combined with their brushless motor technology. The Makita platform is a terrific option as they are so widely available and compatible with other power tools they may need. The 36V brushless trimmer ZRU07Z ($279) is truly a professional grade tool and the first of its kind with a 13-3/4” capacity and 60 minute runtime (with 5.0Ah batteries). The 36V brushless blower XBU02Z ($279) puts out 473 CFM of force to really move some debris but thanks to the brushless motor can outlast other blowers in its class.
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Metabo New LiHD Battery, 87% More Runtime over 5.2Ah

Two years ago Metabo was the first to market with a 5.2Ah battery which was right when others were still launching 4.0Ah batteries. In the US Metabo is a well-respected name but their cordless makes up a very small percentage of the total cordless market. Just a couple weeks ago however Metabo held a media event for the European news outlets where they launched their new LiHD battery technology. This is a 6.2Ah battery but they took the shift off from Amp/hour rating (no longer prevalent on the side) to focus on performance. With this single rating becoming the focus of “battery performance” other tool brands have launched 6.0Ah but did so by sacrifice power output and Metabo didn’t want to be lost in the shuffle of comparing Amp/hours.

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