Ingersoll Rand IQv20 Cordless Hammerhead W5330 3/8” & W5350 1/2” Impacts

Ingersoll Rand W5350

For years there has been a struggle to get the torque of an impact wrench together with the functionality and reach of a ratchet. A few years ago Ingersoll Rand was able to marry the two together nicely with the IR Hammerhead Impacts. At 180 ft lbs these units produce a significantly more torque than other 3/8” or 1/2″ confined space tools, several times a traditional ratchet. Ingersoll Rand will be launching new IQv20 Cordless right angle impact tools in Mid-May (pre-sale starting May 1 HERE) although it does not look like the cordless tools will share the Hammerhead trade name. The W5330 3/8” & W5350 1/2″ tools do look almost identical (from the knees up) and will have the same 180 ft. lbs. torque rating as the pneumatic Hammerhead tools currently. Continue reading

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Milwaukee Tool to Acquire Empire Levels

Milwaukee Acquire Empire

We recently got wind of this Acquisition from our friends at Contractor Supply Magazine. It looks like the Empire brand will continue to stand as an independent brand similar to Milwaukee’s Stilleto Hammer Line. This after their recent acquisition of one of the largest measuring tape manufacturers sure makes it seem like Milwaukee is serious about being in the hand tool manufacturing business. No word yet on if Milwaukee will also launch their own full line of levels to accompany the torpedo levels they launched last year. Certainly the trademark “TRUE BLUE” vials used on the Empire Levels will not match the color scheme if so. Can’t wait to hear more on the Milwaukee Tool and Empire Level!

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL vs Makita 18Vx2 Cordless Circular Saw Showdown

Milwaukee vs Makita Cordless Circular Saw

The number one question we’ve gotten about the new Makita 36V (18Vx2) 7-1/4” XSH01X ($429) cordless circular saw is, how does it compare to the Milwaukee M18 FUEL 6-1/2” 2730-22 ($399) circular saw. Both of these saws aim to address the issue that 18V cordless circular saws have just never had the power or runtime to truly replace their corded counterparts. After we finally had both in hand we visited several folks in the field who build concrete forms and have been looking for a better cordless circular saw answer for sometime. These guys needed a powerful cutting solution that would not involve dragging a cord around, easy to maneuver and good runtime so they do not have to run back to the charger every few minutes. Continue reading

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Milwaukee FUEL M12 & M18 FREE Battery and Charger with Bare Tools

From now until the end of this month (April ‘14) you can take advantage of some very sweet deals from Ohio Power Tool & Milwaukee on M12 & M18 FUEL cordless tools.

Milwaukee M12 Promo

On EVERY Milwaukee M12 FUEL bare tools you purchase you will get a FREE 1.5Ah battery and M12 charger. This will ship out with the M12 products, not a mail in rebate. The only exception is the PRE-Order on M12 FUEL Hackzall 2520-21XC but you can get a free 2.0Ar battery free with the Kit (also expires at end of month). On all the FUEL kits you can also get a FREE LED stick light instantly so pretty good either way.    Continue reading

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New Large Bosch Rotary Hammer RH745 & Demolition Hammer DH712VC


These 2 new models will be hitting the shelves this week and represent the continuation of the entire Bosch Rotary Hammer overhaul. The new RH745 will replace the 11263EVS rotary hammer while the DH712VC doesn’t directly replace anything it would probably be our choice over the massive 11316EVS if you didn’t want to step up to the inline DH1020VC.

If this all sounds like a bunch of gibberish numbers you’ll very much appreciate Bosch’s simplicity when it comes to their model numbers in this category. RH = Rotary Hammer, DH = Demolition Hammer & BH = Breaker Hammer, after those abbreviations a number that gets larger with more power (Our guess is it’s a metric measurement but doesn’t matter) then at the end any additional letter for specific attributes such as VC = Vibration Control in handle or in the case of the RH540S S = Spline and RH540M M = Max. Any of the older models will not follow this format so they are pretty easy to pick out if you are looking at all the Bosch Hammers together. For more on these specific new hammers check out the full Bosch press release below. Continue reading

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CS Unitec Eibenstock 7” Concrete Grinder Walk Behind or Handheld Unit EBS 180 H

Concrete Grinding

At the World of Concrete earlier this year we had the opportunity to run the CS Unitec 7” Concrete Grinder EBS 180 H ($980) with the optional walk behind stand 37217 ($560). For anyone who has spent time using a traditional 7” grinder on concrete will understand while they can do a decent job they are not well designed for this application off extended periods working on the floor. The EBS 180 H has a very powerful 20amp motor specifically designed and geared for this tough application. With a built-in dust port, adjustable guard, flush front, vibration control and duel top handles make this tool ideal for applying various levels of pressure that give the user excellent control, from lightly skimming the surface smooth or heavy material removal. Continue reading

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New Lincoln 20V PowerLuber Cordless Grease Gun 1882 & 1884

Lincoln 1884

When it comes to cordless grease guns the Lincoln PowerLuber has been the top dog for many years. Since that time however there have been several new competitors in the marketplace looking to take their share of the pie. Milwaukee is probably the most notable recent entry into the market with popular model options for both M12 & M18 platforms. With the launched of the new 20V PowerLuber kits; Lincoln 1882 1 Battery Kit for $249 & 1884 2 Battery Kit for $299 it looks like Lincoln has added some features that really will separate these cordless grease guns from the rest of the pack. Continue reading

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Free Ingersoll Rand IQv20 Batteries, Not an April Fool’s Joke

IQv20 W7150

Starting today and running through June 30th you can take advantage of this FREE IQv20 Battery deal. Purchase any of the high torque impact wrenches W7150-K1, W7150-K2 or extended anvil models W7250-K1 or W7250-K2 and you will qualify. This is a Mail-In Rebate (Print Form) offer so it will take a few weeks to get the additional battery but at $150 on its own, well worth the extra legwork. If you have any questions on the promotion or any of the Ingersoll Rand IQv cordless tools give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424.

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Freud Premium Fusion Professional Woodworking Blades

Freud Fusion

When doing any woodworking projects a clean strait cutting blade is extremely important. If you’re not cutting strain and square time to get a new saw or at least a tune up. If you want a cleaner cut most of that is going to come down to picking the right saw blade. The Freud Premium Fusion Blades, Full Kerf P410 ($99) and Thin Kerf P410T ($79) are positioned as the cleanest cutting general purpose blades for the money and with several technological advances that make these claim true in many applications. Continue reading

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Milwaukee M12 FUEL Hackzall 2520-21XC, Big Power Little Package

M12 FUEL Hackzall

Milwaukee has been hinting around all week that there was going to be big news coming from the Milwaukee M12 lineup, cat’s out of the bag now. The launch of the M12 FUEL Hachzall 2520-21XC ($199) may be a turning point for some folks to drop their 18V tools and go all M12. It’s hard to get the full understanding because there’s not a great way to measure saw power, like you can with torque in drilling applications. Milwaukee product Manager Tom Simeone says against the competition it is 70% faster cutting, 4x runtime per charge (using 4.0Ah), reduced vibration, all while getting 6x longer tool life. Continue reading

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