Makita 18V LXT Ultimate Drywall Combo Kit XT255M

Makita 18V Screwgun

Nowadays when you go cordless the expectation is you are not going to lose any performance or functionality. The cordless screw guns have in many cases lacked the ability to really replace corded guns with the same speed and productivity. This new Makita 18V brushless screw gun XSF03Z ($149, tool only) not only has a much greater runtime but with Push Drive™ Technology can lock the trigger in but only run when the tip is depressed. With numbers as high as 1,800 screws on a single 4.0Ah charge this is really a game changer. Package that with the new Makita 18V drywall Cut-Out tool XOC01Z ($139, tool only) which claims up to 100 gang box cutouts per 4.0Ah charge and you have probably the best cordless drywall combo kit on the market XT255M ($399).

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Milwaukee M18 Brushless vs M18 FUEL

M18 Brushless

We’ve been fighting for a few years now to tell everyone there is no difference between Brushless and FUEL but that’s all about to change. Starting in February Milwaukee will add 3 new M18 Compact Brushless tools to the lineup. It was only about a year ago Milwaukee updated their compact tools with the brushed motors, drill/driver 2606, hammer drill 2607 and impact 2650. The new Milwaukee M18 “Brushless Compacts” have almost identical torque ratings, with very similar size and just a bit higher price. The new units are M18 brushless drill/driver 2701-22CT ($199), M18 brushless hammer drill 2702-22CT ($229) and M18 brushless impact 2750-22CT ($199).

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Milwaukee M12 FUEL 5-3/8” Circular Saw 2530-21XC

M12 2530-21

When it comes to cordless circular saws in general we have never been a huge fan simply because battery life and performance have always been pretty weak without jumping to a bulky, expensive battery platform. Within the last 2 years we’ve really seen that change in the 18V category with several new brushless saws like Milwaukee’s M18 7-1/4” Circular Saw (previous review). Until this M12 FUEL 2530-21XC ($229) unit came along we honestly haven’t given much attention to these smaller voltage saws simply because we didn’t see any practical uses. Continue reading

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Milwaukee M12 & M18 Rapid Charger 48-59-1807

Milwaukee Rapid Charger

Several months back we were privileged enough to attend the Milwaukee New Product Launch Event and of all the innovative new items we reported on, the most asked about has been this multi-bay rapid charger 48-59-1807 ($169). There are several impressive features of this new charger that may justify the expense over the M18 Sequential 6-Bay charger 48-59-1806 ($99) even if you don’t have any M12 batteries to charge. Continue reading

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Gray Wireless Lifting System WPLS-135 & WPLS-185

Gray Wireless Lifts

Most well known for their heavy duty floor and transmission jacks Gray Manufacturing has recently updated their wireless lifting systems. Gray was the first to market with these a wireless system over 10 years ago and has made a significant number of improvements which make these new models not only very easy to operate but also the safest we have seen. The two new models WPLS-135 (13,500 lbs per column) and the WPLS-185 (18,500 lbs per column) are sold in sets of 4 but can be bought/easily used in pairs of 2, 4, 6 or 8 depending on application and weight of the vehicles you plan to service. Continue reading

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Makita Celebrates 100 Years of Power Tool Innovation

It All Started with the Motor
100 years ago, it all started with the motor. Makita Corporation was founded in 1915 as an electric motor sales and repair company. Today, as a global brand in over 40 countries, Makita is an innovation leader, manufacturing best-in-class products at 10 plants operating in 8 countries. The unmatched quality and durability of Makita products is driven by the company’s strong R&D capabilities, and have earned the trust of professional users worldwide. Every day, on job sites around the world, Makita delivers the power, performance and durability that professional users demand with products that are more compact, have less vibration and feel better.

Check out more Makita Tools and 100th anniversary deals!

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Lifetime Hole Saw Tooth Warranty for Milwaukee Hole Dozer

Lenox vs Milwaukee

It is a pretty bold move to put a Lifetime warranty of any kind on a hole saw. By definition “bi-metal” hole saws are designed to go through various different materials. This is certainly the first time we’ve heard of any company willing to replace a hole saw for a tooth break for any reason, typically a tooth break would be considered “user error” and be deemed void of warranty. It is clean Milwaukee has developed something special with the Hole Dozer Hole Saws and not afraid to put their money where their mouth is.

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Milwaukee M12 Cordless Jobsite Vacuum 0850-20

M12 Vacuum

Whenever we hear about a new jobsite cordless vacuum it’s hard not to have flashbacks to my childhood of mom using her DustBuster (1986 commercial below) she kept mounted on the wall. It was a handy little vacuum she used to clean out her Silver Honda Hatchback. Jumping from those memories to a modern day jobsite isn’t the most natural leap however the trend to find better ways to create less mess while working and leave less mess afterwards is only getting more prominent. Leaving behind a mess can raise questions of professionalism, quality of work, safety, etc that make it a pretty simple extra step to take if you are interested in repeat business or referrals.

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The New SKILSAW to Get Back to Professional Circular Saw Roots


Over the past couple decades we’ve seen many iconic tool brands fall to entry level DIY tools at discount & big box stores. For professionals who depend on their tools and have spent their career building loyalty to their favorite tool brands this can be a real disappointment to say the least. The SKILSAW brand has seen some ups and downs since inventing the circular saw in 1924 but under new leadership from president Roger Amrol, they are looking to again make the SKILSAW brand a leader in the sawing category for professional tradesmen.


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Ridgid Portable Pipe Beveller B-500 and Pipe Cutter 258 for Large Diameter Pipe

Ridgid B-500 Beveller

For cutting and beveling steel pipe onsite there are a couple ways to go about it however no process is going to be faster, cleaner and more accurate for larger diameter pipe than using these Ridgid tools. The new Ridgid B-500 Portable Beveller 49298 ($3046) puts a perfectly 37.5 ° bevel on a 4”-12” pipe in under 2 minutes. You can also get 30 or 45 degree bevels cutting heads if needed. This is a very easy tool to setup and operate however it does require a clean strait cut on the pipe so the Ridgid Pipe Cutter 258 for 2.5”-8” 50767 ($2937) or Ridgid 258XL for 8”-12” 58277 ($3049) is going to be the best option to ensure the cut is perfectly even. Continue reading

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