Better Deals on Cyber Monday than Black Friday

Black Friday Fight

Sure if you were lucky enough to be one of the first 10 people into the large electronic store at midnight on Black Friday you might of snagged one of those few 50” TVs they let go for $299 however not everything in the store is a super deal in fact many items are not on sale at all! Of course the way these large stores work is to offer a few select deals and make it up on the rest, unlike online stores that need to price each item aggressively if they hope to sell it.

On power tools and specialty items we were looking at in the papers on Thursday and many of the items were the same as the everyday prices you could find online at competitive retailers like or just stripped down, like a cordless kits that looks like a good deal but when you read the fine print that says it only includes 1 battery. For some great ideas on power tool related gifts we are linking to all the gift guides we could find, some great finds!

Coptool Power Tool Gift Guide – These are some of our favorite gift ideas for the 2012 holiday season of course we could have gone on and on but we think it’s a great place to start.

Pro Tool Review Christmas Gifts – They actually found a real Batman style Batarang so some good stuff on their list. Of course they cover all the bases here as well.

HomeFixated Top 25 Holiday Gifts – Some very unique ideas on the list, we may be purchasing some of those Jack Clamps they look like they could be very handy.

Tool-Rank Christmas Gift Guide – Grouped by price range there are some very nice ideas in the under $25, under $60 and $100 up.

A Concord Carpenter 10 Contractor Gifts – Aimed more toward the professionals, here are some of their personal recommendations from on the job experience.

Home Construction & Improvement Gift Guide & Toolbox Buzz – They have a very well laid out PDF version for their 2012 guide we would highly recommend checking out.

Tools in Action Hot Holiday Tool Gifts – Some unique items on here that utilize the latest technology in power tools, gimmicks or useful innovations only time will tell but certainly all going to be hot sellers this season.

Tool Skool Holiday Tool Gift Guide – Nice list with many inexpensive items that would make ideal stocking stuffer gifts including some unique iPhone items we had never seen before.

Toolguyd Maker & Hobbyist Tool Gift Guide – We like that they really got specific here and made a list custom tailored to this group. Some very unique hand tools and make essentials. Everyone needs some Sugru in their toolbox.

ToolStop UK Top 10 Christmas Gifts – For our UK readers we certainly don’t want to forget you and while I don’t think the Dragon Saws are available across the pond it looks like you do have Pink Makita drill/drivers!

Hopefully you will find some good gift ideas for others or yourself on one of these lists.



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