Bosch 3.0amp Toolless Multi-X Oscillating Tools MX30E Series


Practice makes perfect they say, and I think Bosch has finally got it right with the new MX30EC-21 ($199, Ohio Power Tool) & MX30EK-33 ($246, Ohio Power Tool) kits. Only 3 short years after the Fein oscillating tool patent ran out they finally have a product that without question can go toe to toe. The new units get a nice jump in power from 2.5amp to 3.0amp and retain the Constant Response circuitry which maintains speed under load. The unit size stays the same, keeps the ball-joint cord swivel and of course uses the OIS blade system which is growing in popularity among many brands.


The big change is obviously in the toolless blade changing system which does not use a separate piece to hold the blades on like the Fein quick change system. The Bosch toolless system uses a simple clamp which is released and stays open until the clamp is tightened down. This makes it much easier to use than units like the Porter Cable PC250MTK which requires a good deal of force to hold the clamp open while the accessories are changed. The Bosch MX30E tools will be available sometime in the next week or two so keep an eye out.


The Bosch 2.5amp without the toolless system MX25EK-33 ($159, Ohio Power Tool) is currently on sale as you might imagine and really is a terrific deal at $90 less. If you can live without the toolless blade change that .5amps is really not going to make much difference in 90% of applications.


The 2.5amp version does feature many of the same features and includes 33 OIS accessories and hard plastic case. To see all the OIS Accessories visit Ohio Power Tool website and if you have any questions give the guys a call at 800-242-4424. Also check out this video from the guys across the pond at ToolStop with the European version GOP 300 SCE.




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  1. Elis Mari says:

    Husband finally used this tool on a project. Worked great, but used all the blades that came with the tool. Finding reasonably priced replacement blades is a bit of a challenge.

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