Bosch PB120 12V Radio Giveaway Photo Contest at Ohio Power Tool

bosch pb120

Ohio Power Tool is giving away one of the newly released Bosch PB120 12V Compact radios to a lucky individual on their Facebook page. Unlike previous competitions, there is more to winning this one than simple luck-of-the-draw. To enter the contest, you have to submit a photo of a job you are working on that would be better with some music. You can then vote for the photo submissions, and the one with the most votes wins a new radio! Only one photo submission per person, and only one vote per person per day, but you can absolutely share your photo on your own Facebook page and try to get your friends to go there and vote for you! The picture below is a good example.


Of course, you could also just buy yourself one of the PB120 radios from Ohio Power Tool for just under $100. This versatile little guy can operate off of  your existing 12V lithium-ion Bosch batteries or as a corded unit. It is also small enough to fit inside half of a Bosch L-Boxx-1. The pros at Ohio Power Tool are proud to call themselves Bosch System Specialists, and can help you out with any questions you might have about Bosch or anything else in the power tool world. Give them a call at (800) 242-4424.

You can also enter this contest at Tool Skool for a Dewalt TSTAK organizer set while you are entering contests.



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  1. manuel a delgado says:

    Would love to win
    If not Thank you for the chance
    Nice item for a giveaway

  2. Martijn says:

    Please correct : the AAA batteries are only for the radio-presets and time memory.

    • Jake B says:

      After a short fact finding mission I have determined you are 100% correct. Consider me corrected.

      • Martijn says:

        In my quest for a serious radio I also investigated this one, nice but too small for large areas/ rooms so I ended up with buying the 360 deluxe, serious sound, usb, sd, remote control, charger, IP54 waterproof. Since my work is Bosch related I got a nice discount, 4 free 18V 3Ah and a 6A charger… MP3 player is a bit poor: no filenames / ID3-tags, no folder search, only 999 tracks, only shuffles first 250 tracks, always start with track 1….

  3. Martijn says:

    Even more impressive:

    And the small one will have a brother later this year which will accept 14.4 and 18V Li-ion batteries, with a bit more sound…

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