Bosch CORE Brushless Rotary Hammer RHH181-01

rhh181 core brushless rotary hammer

It always seems like Bosch is a little late to the party when it comes to new tool design. After seeing brushless motors from the likes of Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Makita, as well as all the brands that have released 4.0 Ah batteries, it seems only fitting that Bosch would have tools with these innovations as well. The Bosch RHH181-01 Cordless Rotary Hammer is the first tool in the Bosch line to boast these features, as well as having a few notable improvements on the older model RHH180.

rhh181 core brushless rotary hammer

The most easily recognizable new feature (aside from the new motor and battery) is the inclusion of a chipping mode. This makes it possible to use the tool with smaller SDS chisels as well as more conventional masonry bits. The tool also features improved anti-vibration technology, and I have to say that after using the tool for a little while it is very smooth. Barely any of the tool’s vibration makes it back to the operator in both chipping and hammer drilling modes.


While chipping mode and improved anti-vibration is certainly nice, the reason why this is a great update on the previous version is the inclusion of the CORE brushless motor and the Coolpack batteries. You can read about all the reasons the Coolpack batteries are great by themselves here, but when working in tandem with the “smart” CORE brushless motor heat in both the motor and the battery are kept at a minimum, prolonging the life and charge of the battery. On a single battery charge I was able to drill over 60 ½” x 2” holes into poured concrete, which is far and away better than any other cordless tool we’ve tried to do something similar with.

rhh181 core brushless rotary hammer

The Bosch RHH181-01 CORE Brushless SDS Rotary Hammer is currently available at Ohio Power Tool. For more information about it, you can call one of the pros at Ohio Power Tool toll-free at (800) 242-4424 or you can watch this video by Tool Skool below.



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  1. Emery Reeves says:

    This development brings up quite a few questions, with one ringing louder in our ears than the others. Which brand will be the brushless cordless tool champ in 2013?

  2. Chris says:

    What are the size holes you drilled?

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