Bosch DH1020VS Shows Improvement Over Its Predecessor


Bosch is seeking to improve upon their 12-year-old 11316EVS ($799, Ohio Power Tool) Demolition Hammer with their new and improved DH1020VC ($899, Ohio Power Tool). The new hammer is all around more powerful and features a new vibration control feature to make it easier to use. Even though it is a bit heaver, the DH120VC also has an in-line design that balances its weight better and makes it easier to use both horizontally and vertically. Check out the video courtesy of

The DH1020VC SDS-Max Demo Hammer and the 11316EVS Demo Hammer are both available at Ohio Power Tool, and if you have any questions about these or any other Bosch tools, you can call a pro at (800) 242-4424. For more information about the DH120VC you can read the full press release below.

Bosch Demolishes the Competition with Hardest-Hitting Demolition Hammer

Best-in-Class Impact Energy Delivers Maximum Productivity

Mt. Prospect, March 12, 2013 – Bosch Power Tools is breaking the mold with its hardest hitting demolition hammer yet – the new Bosch DH1020VC 25 lb. SDS-max ® Demolition Hammer. The new model features a better than ever in-line design, Bosch vibration control technology and best-in-class impact energy to maximize efficiency and productivity during demolition work. Whether chiseling windows, removing sturdy floor tiles or working on large pipes, the DH1020VC helps professionals break through concrete, stone, granite, brick and more.

The longer in-line design of the DH1020VC provides improved weight distribution during both horizontal and vertical demo applications. As part of the Bosch brand’s vibration control technology, an extended air cushion in the hammer mechanism and de-coupled main handle reduce vibrations in 2 locations inside the tool. Producing  17 ft.-lbs of impact energy, (based on EPTA standardized guidelines) this hammer is the hardest hitting in its class delivering up to 40 percent more impact energy and more than 80 percent higher chiseling removal rate than key competitors.
A 12-position Vario-lock™ allows users to rotate and lock the chisel into 12 different working positions to fine the optimal working angle, while a variable speed dial reduces the impact rate and impact energy when controlled chiseling is required, enhancing productivity and comfort during use. Constant Response™ electronics offer users soft start functionality, overload protection and maintain constant motor speed under varying loads.

A Service Minder™ light indicates the need for the carbon brushes to be changed with approximately 8 hours of brush life remaining. The hammer’s tool-free bit change features automatic bit locking, dust protection and maximum impact energy transfer.



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