Bosch L-Boxx-3 Giveaway at Ohio Power Tool

Bosch L-Boxx-3 Giveaway

The folks at Ohio Power Tool are not typically the type to ignore things written on Post-It notes, so when this little guy turned up this morning attached to a Bosch L-Boxx-3 it was no surprise that there was a Sweepstakes giveaway on Ohio Power Tool’s Facebook page before lunchtime.To enter the sweepstakes, you have to “Like” Ohio Power Tool on Facebook and fill out a short contest form here. The contest will last until Friday, February 8th, with the winner being notified the following Monday. You can check out our original post on Bosch Click & Go storage here.

Remember that you can still buy all of your Bosch Click & Go storage boxes and accessories at Ohio Power Tool, and if you have any questions about Bosch or any other power tool, you can call a pro at (800) 242-4424.




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