Bosch L-Rack Brings New Options to L-Boxx Storage System

Bosch L-Rack Click-n-Go

Launching this month is the Bosch L-Rack ($139, Ohio Power Tool) which offers 3 drawers multi-configuration storage unit to compliment the already popular Bosch L-Boxx System. We had no idea this system would become as popular as it has but Bosch has done a very smart thing by adding the L-Boxx to many of their most popular tools. Because the system is so modular it is very easy to add 1 piece at a time and not have to invest in a huge conversion at any one time.  

Bosch L-Shelf

While the L-Rack is pretty pricy and may scare some off there are also a few addition less pricy new L-Rack options like the L-Rack-S ($27, Ohio Power Tool) which is a single shelf addition that can be added onto any existing L-Boxx, of course then you would still need either an open drawer LST72-OD ($11), closing drawer i-Boxx-72 ($29) or organizer drawer i-Boxx72-10 ($49). The more economical and frankly better buy in our mind would be the L-Boxx-3D ($59) with 2 of the open drawer LST72-OD but that is what is great everyone can have their own configuration.

Anyway you look at it there are some really nice storage solutions in this system and depending on where you start you can certainly keep it within a budget or go crazy. There are whole van/truck systems now incorporating these Boxxes so sky is the limit really. If you have any questions directly related to the Bosch L-Boxx or L-Rack System give the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 a call and they should be able to help you out.



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