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Skilsaw SouthPaw Circular Saw, Ned Flanders Approved!!

Skilsaw Sidewinder Southpaw

The US population is made up of by roughly 13% left-handers but blade left saws are not exclusively just for them. Skilsaw was made popular because of the incredibly tough and powerful worm-drive saws which are all predominantly blade left designs. Many righties love the Worm-drive design as well, personally I am a lefty and do prefer the left handed saw configuration. The new Skilsaw Sidewinder Southpaw SPT67M8 ($129) is an all magnesium 15amp direct drive circular saw with all the premium features you’d expect from a high end corded circular saw.


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Holidays for the Pros 2017 Coptool Gift Guide

Holiday for the pros 2017

Every holiday season it seems like the big boxes put serious pressure on all the name brand Power Tool guys to make the cheapest possible cordless tool kits and accessory bundles to hit their price points. They’ll pack them with older SKUs or lower amp batteries or throw in stuff that doesn’t always make sense all in an effort to show a “better deal” often targeting consumers that might not know the difference. We thought we’d take a different approach to find deals that make sense for PROFESSIONALS who know their stuff, to find the best deals on the latest and greatest stuff at all price levels. Use Coupon Code = GIFTGUIDE at Ohio Power Tool to receive Free Shipping on any of these specific items!! (more…)

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Skilsaw MeduSaw 7” WormDrive Concrete Saw SPT79-00

Medusaw Concrete Cutting

With Bosch selling the Skil brand to Chervon (Parent tool manufacturer behind EGO, Flex and many others) we were somewhat concerned as the SKILSAW brand has done a great job recently of separating itself out and re-branding towards the professionals again. There have been a handful of new tools built off it’s WormDrive technology including the WormDrive 10” Table Saw ($379), Outlaw 8” Metal Saw ($319) and SawSquatch 10-1/4” Saw ($399). It looks like a couple of things will be continuing, first the focus on new professional tools built off their trademark WormDrive platform and second the ridiculous names for every new saw will continue on as well! Launching January 2017 is the MeduSaw 7” Concrete Saw SPT79-00 ($399) it uses the WormDrive motor, also has built-in skate, guide, water hookup and dust collection.


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SKILSAW 10″ Portable Worm Drive Table Saw SPT70WT-22

Worm drive table saw

We have been a fan of SKILSAW separating itself off from the SKIL brand and focusing on new saw products for pros. The worm drive saw has been a top choice for years and years and nice to see more products build around the tried and true technology. The biggest (really only) complaint we’ve ever heard about the worm drive is it can be too large and powerful for what people want to do using a 7-1/4” circular saw. New products utilizing the powerful motor like the Sawsquatch 10-1/4” Circular Saw SPT70WT-22 ($399) or the Outlaw 8” Worm Drive Metal Saw SPT78MMC-22 ($319) make a lot of sense. The new SKILSAW 10” Worm Drive Table Saw SPT70WM-22 ($379) is another great example of how this increased power as well as other inherent features of the gearing make this a very smart addition.


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SKILSAW New Metal Saws & Worm Drive Table Saw

Worm Drive Metal Saw

The SKIL brand has a heritage of making quality tools and at the center of that has always been circular saws. In recent years the SKIL brand has struggled to send a clear message to consumers with pro quality circular saws but also getting into consumer grade cordless and other tools really not intended for pro use. The SKILSAW brand breaking away from the rest of SKIL Tools along with the launch of some new pretty sweet saws like the 10-1/4” Sawsquatch ($449) and partnership with Freud Diablo blades (Both Bosch Brands) has helped bring the SKILSAW name back into the conversation for professional users. (more…)

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The New SKILSAW to Get Back to Professional Circular Saw Roots


Over the past couple decades we’ve seen many iconic tool brands fall to entry level DIY tools at discount & big box stores. For professionals who depend on their tools and have spent their career building loyalty to their favorite tool brands this can be a real disappointment to say the least. The SKILSAW brand has seen some ups and downs since inventing the circular saw in 1924 but under new leadership from president Roger Amrol, they are looking to again make the SKILSAW brand a leader in the sawing category for professional tradesmen.


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Skil Mag77

There are few power tools that create as much of a divide in user preference as the worm drive circular saw. With a large motor and added gearing these saws are without question the most powerful type of circular saw you can get. Of course that extra hardware also makes the worm drive several lbs heavier than a standard direct drive circular saw. Some framers and rough carpenters actually prefer the added weight to help make the cut or at least are so used to the weight and balance it’s become their preference. The new MAG77 SKILSAW SHD77M-02 ($199) aims to close the gap by reducing the weight by a full 3 lbs from their previous SHD77 model all without sacrificing any of the power you may expect from a worm drive. (more…)

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Skil Quick Select 360 Pocket Driver


I got my hands on a Skil Quick Select 360 ($49, Amazon) Pocket Driver , and I have to say that it is a nifty little tool. It is basically the Skil 4 volt pocket driver (that also can double as a wine opener) that comes complete with a 12 bit carousel fully integrated into the tool. You can see all the different screw heads that this thing can turn in the pictures below. (more…)

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Skil iXO Vivo 2354-10 Wine Opener Giveaway

It is that time of year again when we are reminded that it is better to give than receive, so CopTool is giving one lucky person their very own Skil iXO Vivo power screwdriver with wine opening attachments 2354-10 ($48, Amazon). You can click this link to take you to the entry form for the contest (you will have to “like” on Facebook to enter) and fill out the form for your chance to win. You can also find the contest at the “Sweepstakes” tab on the Facebook In my totally unbiased opinion the Facebook posts some pretty entertaining stuff, so they are worth a like anyway and the opportunity to win something is just icing on the cake.


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Skil iXO Vivo Drill / Wine Opener 2354-10 Review

Skil iXO

Some days testing tools and accessories can be tough work, other days it’s pretty easy… yesterday was one of those days. We had the difficult task of hands on demoing of the new Skil iXO Wine Opening Tool 2354-10 ($66, Amazon). This is a 4V lithium screwdriver complete with a set of ¼” hex bits as well as the wine tools for cutting the wrap, uncorking and a wine stopper. (more…)

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