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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18ga Cordless Finish Nailer 2740-21CT

M18 FUEL Nailer

When we first heard Milwaukee was getting back into the nailer businesses, both with M18 Cordless Nailers and Air Framing Nailers we were a little nervous, could they be going away from their core user focus?  On one hand they don’t even sell nails but on the other they have lead the way in many cordless innovations. We got our hands on the M18 FUEL Finish Nailer 2740-21CT ($379) recently and actually used this in a full kitchen renovation project (several post series coming very soon on that).


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JET 60 & 80 Gallon Air Compressors

Jet Shop Compressors

Following their newly designed JET air tools that were released last year, JET now offers the option to power them with their own industrial grade compressors. Assembled in the USA, JET has their sights on maintenance shops, automotive repair, medical, aerospace, marine, and agricultural sites to compete with Ingersol, Snap-On, CP and others. Designed under strict standards and inspection requirements, JET compressors are ASME certified and made for long lasting performance. With a starting price of only $799 and solid performance we have seen with their new Jet air tools these guys could become a serious player in air compressors.


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Ingersoll Rand Ultra-Compact Impact Wrenches 35MAX & 15QMAX


While the trend to have impact wrenches with more and more torque certainly continues as we’ve seen in our recent ½” Air Impact Shoot Out. That being said there are also many professional out there willing to take a little less power for a smaller more compact tools. After all what good is more power if you can’t fit the tool into the work space. IR already has some great impacts for very tight spaces with the Hammerhead 3/8” 2015MAX and ½” 2025MAX ($249, each) however those top out at 180 ft.lbs. so can’t replace your everyday impacts. These new IR Compact Impacts 3/8” 15QMAX and ½” 35MAX ($139, each) look to be the best of both worlds with compact design but solid power up to 450 ft.lbs. which will handle a wide range of common applications.


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Makita 1 Gallon Compact Air Compressor AC001

Makita AC001

When you’re in the market for an air compressor there are many sizes and options to choose from. Makita has continued to expand their offering and the Makita compact 1 Gallon AC001 ($179) is the latest edition. With only a 1 gallon tank this unit isn’t going to your best option for a general purpose air compressor but its compact lightweight design (23.1 lbs) makes it an ideal option for a single user doing trim / finish carpentry. The image on a website doesn’t do it justice because it looks similar in size to other portable twin tank and pancake compressors. That is not the case, for frequent in and out use on jobs this compact unit is going to be much easier to manage along with all the other tools/supplies you’ll need.   (more…)

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Campbell Hausfeld Introduces Versatile Air Inflation Kits


Harrison, OH – Now car and bike tire inflation is easier than ever. The leading manufacturer and marketer of air powered tools and compressors, Campbell Hausfeld, is introducing four new compressor kits that will supply all the tools needed for a wide range of inflation projects. These compressors also can be used for fastening projects, such as installing trim and crown molding.

Appreciate the convenience, ease of use, compact design, versatility, style and easy storage that these products offer for the proper inflation of a large variety of items. Inflating tires for mountain bikes, SUVs, trailers, golf carts and ATVs can all be perfected using an air inflation kit.


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Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors – Quick Ship Special

If you are in the market for a new 5 to 13HP Air Compressor in the next few months you may be in luck. At Ohio Power Tool there are several models of compressors on “Quick Ship” special. This means the items ship within 72 hours (not including Sunday), in addition it will include a free Start-Up Kit, Free Tool of your choice and as Free Shipping, which is standard on all Air Compressors from Ohio Power Tool.


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Chicago Pneumatic New 2010 Catalog & New Look

Since 1901 Chicago Pneumatic has been delivering quality air tools for automotive, industrial and construction applications. New this year is a lot of exciting new products in addition to a full line overhaul, well at least the appearance. Many of their tools are getting a fresh coat of red as part of their “new look”. Some of their most popular tools will remain unchanged and become the “Classic” line. Here is a link to the Full 2010 Chicago Pneumatic Industrial & Vehicle Service Catalog which will show all the tools as they will be moving forward.


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Ingersoll Rand Twin Tank Air Compressors: P1IU-A9 vs DD2T2

The Ingersoll Rand DD2T2 has been a very popular twin tank portable air compressor for years. It was recently upgraded/replaced by the P1IU-A9 ($312 w/Free Shipping, Ohio Power Tool) which produces about equal numbers to the previous model, 4.3cfm, for the same price. The design of the new unit is a little more user friendly with controls and two connections (previous model only had 1) on the front of the unit. The air filter is also more efficient and easier to service, right on the front of the unit. The overall dimensions changed slightly from 21”x17”x15” to 18.5”x18.5”x17” which isn’t a big deal unless you plan to install the unit in an existing enclosure.


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Ingersoll Rand New 4.5″ Air Grinder 3445MAX

New to the Ingersoll Rand Max family is the 3445MAX ($227, Ohio Power Tool) 4.5” air grinder. The Max family of tools indicates the top of the line in terms of Power & Comfort (power/weight). It looks as though IR is really expanding the Max line to include not only impact wrenches, but also ratchets and now grinders. Checkout the video below for full stats on the new 3445MAX.


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Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Ass. (STAFDA) 2009 Show Review

The STAFDA trade show is traditionally where manufacturers come together and solicit current distributors to carry their products thus increasing their overall reach. This show does not have as many product launches as the larger and more end user focused show like the or but there were some cool new products that were launched or at least that were available to touch and feel for the first time. Many of the larger vendors also had private meetings to unveil future plans and products however those products weren’t ready to launch.

Some of the highlights (more to come):

The Senco Fusion was one of the bigger product launches of the show. They didn’t have any marketing material ready and currently nothing on their website but they did have several working models of the 15 gauge and 18 gauge finishing nailers which I got to try out. These should be available sometime in the first quarter 2010 with other finishers on the way shortly afterwards. The framing nailer they said was in the works but we would not see it anytime soon.        

The Milwaukee 2790-20 JobSite Radio for M12, M18, V18, V28 & NiCds was also at the show along with all the new Milwaukee Test & Measure tools. I have probably already had too many posts on these items already but it was nice to get chance to see them in action and answer a few questions like how can the radio take every kind of battery? Answer 3 different battery slots so probably not going to see any other universal tools coming.


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