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Dewalt 20V Adds Crimping, Cutting & Pressing

Dewalt Crimpers

It used to be that trades were very loyal to certain trade specific tools electricians used GreenLee for knockouts and crimpers, plumbers used Ridgid threading and pipe tools, general tools whomever did it best like Skil Circular Saw, Bosch SDS Hammer, Milwaukee Sawzall and Dewalt Drill. The big move to cordless however changes everything because now it makes much more sense to stick to a single battery platform, and that platform is king. If you’ve got a dozen Dewalt 20V batteries and in the market for a press tool, chances are good you may consider the Dewalt over Ridgid ProPress.

Coming in June Dewalt will be adding 5 new tools to target professionals in various trades. For electricians Died Crimper DCE300, Dieless Crimper DCE350 and Cable Cutter DCE150, capacity up to 750 MCM Cu/1000 MCM Al. For Plumbing & Mechanical trades a Press Tool DCE200 to tackle 1/2” – 4” pipe. For various trades a Threaded Rod Cutter DCS350 which can do up to ½” steel and 3/8” stainless.

This seems like a somewhat scattered shot approach to building up the platform but these are the most popular power tools for various trades. For more info on these new tools the official Dewalt press release is below and expect more detailed info to follow in June on each tools specs, price and performance.   (more…)

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Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 7.8K 2258-21, $499

M12 Thermal Imagers

Thermal Imaging Camera have come a long way from the $20,000+ units the military used in the 1980’s to this new 7,854 Pixel (102×77) camera 2258-21 for under $500. Thermal imaging cameras can really change the way we do so many job in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, remodeling, engine repair, roofing and so many more. Up until now the cost of a camera has just been so far out of reach (even $2-5K just a few years ago) that is was very hard to justify. Drop that down to a price you don’t need to take a loan out for and it’ll easily pay for itself in time and problem savings within the first few months.


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Milwaukee Ductwork Sawzall Blades 48-00-1630

ductwork sawzall blade

Milwaukee has introduced a specially designed Sawzall blade specifically designed for the frustrations involved in ductwork take-offs. The Milwaukee Ductwork Sawzall Blade 48-00-1630 features a uniquely shaped point that suits them for jabbing into and through sheet metal. A specifically designed tooth/grit that provides long life and accurate cuts in ductwork, and a small length for tight radius cuts and optimal control over where the other end of your blade is ending up. (more…)

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TPI Hotpod Inline Duct Heating System

It is a widely believed fact that different people have different temperature preferences. That is why most modern vehicles have dual-zone comfort control for the driver and the passenger. Unfortunately, this has not been developed for home furnaces, which leaves me with the options of watching my wife wear layers in the house from late fall to early spring or grumbling as I pay through the nose for heating that I was more comfortable without. I have never been a fan of the searing-hot toe-stubbing, fire hazard qualities of space heaters, and a happy wife makes for a happy life, so I am seriously considering trying out a Hotpod (6″ starts at $256, Ohio Power Tool) by TPI heaters. (more…)

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2 Days with a Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imaging Camera 2260-21


We recently had a few days with this thermal imaging camera and learned a fair amount about its functionality and our own home in the process. We originally got to see the unit at Milwaukee’s headquarters (see original post here). Given a little more time with it the Milwaukee M12 2260-21 ($2500, Ohio Power Tool) really is an amazing piece of technology you need to get your hands on.


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iPhone of HVAC – Nest Thermostat

We fall into the category of people guilty of not using our programmable thermostats correctly. It was set correctly at one point but at season changes we found it actually being a little wasteful and easier to just set it manually. The Nest is a brand new thermostat that will learn your patterns make you more comfortable and save you money. If you read this Wired article it is actually going to save the world.


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New Pin Anchor Nail-In Drive System from DEWALT


We have been seeing a recent trend, which we are really happy about, of finding new ways to improve how concrete fasteners are installed. Not only does this make the job easier on the installers it actually makes the installation more to spec in most cases. This could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars if an inspector decided they didn’t like the way a job was done. While DEWALT is launching this installation tool for Pin Anchors in concrete; Bosch has also introduced a Stop Bit for installing Drop-In Anchors. Two completely different applications but we are happy the big companies are using their R&D muscle to improve these applications. The more the merrier is our thought when it comes to improved methods, reducing expense and saving time.


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Milwaukee M28 Cordless Tools Are Here… And with a Bang

Over the past few months the industries first lithium-ion tool line, Milwaukee V28, got an overhaul to the Milwaukee M28. Many of the industry leading tools remained the same however all the battery systems now features the latest and greatest M technology to increase each tools power, runtime and prolong the battery life.

The nice guys at Ohio Power Tool were not happy to just let everyone know they had all the new tools in-stock however they also felt compelled to give a ton of stuff away. So until the end of the month or until supplies run out (most likely the second) Ohio Power Tool is giving away a M28 Battery 48-11-2830 ($159, Ohio Power Tool) with every 3 Tool ($599) & 4 Tool ($719) Combo Kit. Also with any individual tool kit (not including bare tools) they are giving away a one of the brand new M28 LED Flashlights 49-24-0187 ($59, Ohio Power Tool). This even includes the brand new hammer drill 0726-22 which features 750 in-lbs torque!


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New Milwaukee Sawzall Blades for Flush Cut & Rough-In

When we received this latest Milwaukee press release (see below) we were surprised nobody had made a similar flush cut reciprocating blade before. Last May we helped out on a local Habitat Blitz Build and personally cut all the doorway plates from the pre-made walls. We of course used the blade upside-down in the Sawzall to get it as close to level with the floor as possible but still required a little finesse to not hit the blade against the concrete more than necessary. This blade will make the job much easier and faster. It’s just odd that it has not been thought of before. The new blades also feature “The Fang” and “Nail Guard”, check out our recent post to see the videos on those new features. These will both be available shortly on the page for Sawzall Blades at Ohio Power Tool.



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Hands-on Video of the Milwaukee M12 ProPEX Tool 2432-22

Check out this new video on the Milwaukee M12 ProPEX 2432-22 ($399, Ohio Power Tool) which our Milwaukee contacts promise will be out very shortly! Don’t worry we will hold their feet over hot coals if it doesn’t happen soon! For more details checkout our original post on both the Milwaukee M12 & M18 ProPEX Tools.

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