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New Milwaukee Hand Tools Coming in April

Yesterday Milwaukee Tool announced several new hand tools to be available very shortly. There are some new features that make these more than just shelf filler items. There is a new 11 in 1 screw driver with ECX bits, a new jab/rasping saw and 2 new utility knives coming next month.

Eliminating the need for users to carry multiple drivers, the 11 in 1 Screwdriver comes complete with 9 fastening functions including #1 Phillips, #2 Phillips, 1/4” slotted, 3/16” slotted, #1 ECX™,  #2 ECX™,  and 1/4”, 5/16” and 3/8” nut drivers. In addition, an integrated wire stripper and wire bending hole allow the user to strip and/or bend up to 12 gauge wire before fastening to electrical boxes.

“No other jab saw on the market integrates the cutting and rasping functions needed to expand holes,” says Tim Albrecht, Group Product Manager- Hand Tools for Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. “We are constantly looking for ways to make applications easier and increase productivity. The less time wasted switching from tool to tool, the more productive the user will be.”

To combat the likelihood of the blade bending or breaking, the new Milwaukee® Rasping Jab Saw features the most durable 6” Plaster/Drywall blade available on the market. The saw also features rubber over mold to increase comfort and prevent hand slippage.


Designed to activate the blade 3X faster than a 2-handed opening, the Fastback™ Utility Knife features a one handed blade opening for easy activation. In addition, a tool free blade change allows for fast and efficient adjustments, while a thin body design makes it easy for a user to store the knife in their pocket. An integrated gut hook and wire stripper also increase utility by allowing the user to make cuts without exposing the blade and eliminates the need to look for another tool to accomplish the task at hand.

Activated by a side sliding mechanism rather than a cumbersome top button, the Sliding Utility Knife also features a tool free blade change and wire stripper for increased efficiency. Complete with rubber over mold to increase comfort and reduce hand slippage, the new tool also includes on board blade storage to avoid looking for blades on the job and is designed to fit in a tool pouch for added convenience.

Expect more new hand tools from Milwaukee and they all feature a Lifetime warranty. Designed specifically for the professional tradesman market these new hand tools promise innovation and best in class performance. More news to come as these products are available.


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Milwaukee M12 Free 2 Beam Plumb Laser 2320-20

As we mentioned yesterday Bosch has a 12V free tool promotion, so it’s only fair to mention Milwaukee also has a 12V free tool give away this month for the 2 beam plumb laser 2320-20. See the full Mail-in Rebate PDF, good until the end of May. You can get up to 5 free lasers on one order so stock up now. The deal is good on almost all the Milwaukee M12 Tools, shop  


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New Product from Pumper Show – SeeSnake to Laptop LT1000


This past week was the Pumper Show down in Louisville, KY and was very curious about the show so we took a drive down early on Saturday. Set up like other trade shows but there was an emphasis on end user selling for many of the vendors we talked to with show special pricing and some products even stacked up in booths. As far as the pumper products went we really had no interest although have to say I was really impressed with the Blacktie setup, classiest port-a-johns ever possibly.

Ridgid had a good sized booth and lots of interactive displays and challengers for using some of their machines. The big emphasis from Ridgid was on “going digital” with their new RidgidConnect service. It is very clear in this could be a great business tool for many plumbers, inspectors, etc. The best new product from the show was the final piece of this digital puzzle. The SeeSnake to Laptop connection system and software introduced as part of the SeeSnake LT1000. This platform sites on top of the SeeSnake Reels (fits mini & full size) and connects directly to a laptop or microExplorer ($690, Ohio Power Tool). The Ridgid LT1000 ($1756, Ohio Power Tool) also has a full waterproof touch pad to control recording and keep your gloved hands off the laptop keyboard. Software is included for full viewing of most laptops, exact specs for laptop requirements coming soon. The LT1000 will run off battery or AC power and even includes new reel feet stabilizers to keep the reel in place.

The Ridgid LT1000 will be available in a few months; more information and pre-sale will be available on in the Ridgid SeeSnake section as we get closer to the launch date. The LT1000 should cost around $2000 and will include a 60 free trial to Ridgid Connect which with a wireless internet card would mean inspection could go from reel to office to customer in a matter of minutes.         


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New Milwaukee Sawzalls 6509-31 & 6519-31

Milwaukee takes great pride in the fact that they invented the Sawzall recip saw almost 60 years ago. They really don’t like it when anyone else makes a competitive saw so naturally they are constantly updating and coming out with different versions to be more powerful, durable, lighter, cheaper, faster or some combination thereof. The two new models are both 12 amp models where the 6509-31 has a ¾” stroke and 6519-31 has the 1-1/8” stroke. These should replace the current 6509-22 11 amp models and be similar in price, maybe $120-130 range. The new saws feature a gear protecting clutch to extend the life of saw, counter weight to decrease vibration and claims a 2x faster cut time (not sure what that is comparing). We haven’t gotten an exact date on the release but it should be soon. It will be interesting to see how these perform vs the larger Sawzalls. More info and pricing will be available soon, in the mean time checkout all the Milwaukee Tools on Ohio Power Tool. Full Milwaukee press Release below.


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Milwaukee M12 Cordless No-Hub Driver 2455-22

Milwaukee posted on their website an interesting new tool. It is a new Milwaukee M12 screwdriver that has 3 torque settings: 60 in-lbs, 80 in-lbs & drill. The main purpose of the new drill/driver is to install no-hub couplings most accurately to their specifications. The M12 2455-22 ($299, Ohio Power Tool) is the first if its kind in the industry and designed to install 300 clamps per charge and only needs recalibrated every 25,000 clamps. Every no-hub coupling give a specific torque setting threshold and there are manual tools on the market but nothing cordless in a package this compact. Obviously this won’t be a tool for everyone with such a specific application but it does reinforce the idea Milwaukee is making tools for professionals even in their 12 volt tools.

The 2455-22 should be in-stock in the very near future. The Milwaukee M12 Tool line now has over 20 models available, check them out on Ohio Power Tool and feel free to email if you have any questions about Milwaukee Tools. Read the full press release below.     


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Rotozip Variable Speed Spiral Saw RZ2000 Kit

It is pretty safe to say Rotozip has gone well beyond a handy tool for cutting out drywall at this point. The inventor of the spiral saw is still the best option for quick cutting in drywall but now the tools come standard with attachments to use the XWheel & ZipWheel saw blades. This changes the whole functionality of these tools and opens the gates to a wide range of cutting in metal, tile, masonry, stone, wood, grout removal and other materials. While these new Rotozip Accessories have been out over a year now, some of the trades they are best intended are just now adopting them.

The RZ2000 Spiral Saw Kit ($167 Ohio Power Tool) is the latest kit to come out and includes an even better saw attachment head with a handle. The saw is more powerful at 6.0amp, variable speed (15,000-30,000RPM), ideal for the growing range of applications. The kit also has a variety of saw blades and rotary bits all packed into a nice new case.

Checkout all the different options for Rotozip Spiral Saws and Accessories as well as the very popular Tile Dock ($69 Ohio Power Tool). You can see the Tile Dock and Diamond bit in the video below. Rotozip is a part of Bosch Tool so you know the quality is excellent, it also means the cordless Rotozip works with the Bosch 18v litheon batteries. If you have any questions about Rotozip tools email   


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Dremel Multi-Max Project Videos

The Dremel Multi-Max was the most popular power tool of 2009, which is truly an amazing fact. The oscillating tool category is one of the fastest growing and it has become a staple in most tool cabinets, Pro or DIYer. Dremel has some new accessories recently launched with more coming out later this year. If you still aren’t sure all the different applications for the Multi-Max, here are several videos that should cover most of the current accessories.

Multi-Max Videos:
Cutting an Electrical Outlet in Drywall
Removing Broken Floor Tile
Fixing a Stuck Door
Removing Glued Down Carpet
Flush Cutting Copper Pipe
Removing Grout
Flush Cutting PVC Pipe
Removing Old Caulk
Flush Cutting to Install Flooring
Removing Vinyl Flooring
Flush Cutting Wood Dowels
Repairing Grout Around a Bathtub
Install New Door Casing
Restoring Old Windows
Installing a Floor Vent
Sanding Wood Furniture  


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Armor Apparel – Your New Favorite Work Pants

*** 3/10/11 – Note changed their name to ARMED WORKWEAR, after apparent issues with copyrights and Under Armor

Armor Professional Work Wear makes work pants (mostly for painters) that have additional pockets for knee pads. Sounds like a simple gimmick that you might think, big deal, at first glance. I was lucky enough to demo a pair and was very impressed. The construction of the pants was very solid, material was a heavy weight but still comfortable. The knee pads are flexible squares that simply slide in and out of the knee pockets so it’s very easy to take them out for wearing them around the house and then put them in when it’s time to work. Not to say they are a problem to leave in because you really don’t notice the knee pads just walking around.

The knee pads will not replace a true knee pad for those laying flooring or other such work but for just doing projects around the house or general construction work you wouldn’t believe how they change the way you work. Our shop has concrete floors but when you are wearing these it changes the way you work by allowing you to get down under projects like second nature. I also showed them to a cable installer and he thought they were the greatest invention since sliced bread because in addition to added support, these would help keep his knees from getting muddy/wet outside.

The background story on these pants in also pretty interesting one. It is all about professional painters but I think they are ideal for anyone who has a favorite pair of work pants, which I would bet is everyone who reads Cost is $35 (white) & $40 (tan) per pair. Here is a YouTube on these:


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Ridgid Launches a New Online Service at

Ridgid has been busy at work upgrading their SeeSnake video inspection equipment to smaller, lighter, less expensive, more user friendly and digitally formatted equipment. All the new products now work with either DVD or SD cards, both of which can now be easily uploaded onto a laptop and sent to a new website from the jobsite or anywhere. This new web service will then index the videos and other files which can be sent to customers, shared amoung co-workers and kept safe for years to come.    

I just watched the Web Cast for the launch of RIDGIDConnect given by Jay Gatz, VP of Strategic Planning and there were some statistics I found interesting in their research. Of those currently using video inspections equipment 60% are already recording digitally on DVD or other media, 51% currently use laptops on the jobsite, 65% said they needed to save the recordings for a year or more and 40% said they needed to share the recordings with other people. It looks like pricing for the service will run between $49 – $129/month which could be worth it for many reasons. Obviously if some 40% are still recording inspections onto VHS this service will not be for everyone but seems like it would be the next logical step in improving efficiency. Checkout the full Ridgid Press Release Below the video:


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Ridgid SeeSnake New 100’ microREEL vs 30’ microDRAIN

Its official today Ridgid has available the new 100’ microREELs which are the big brothers of the SeeSnake microDRAINs (30’). With the addition of the new line comes many different options to configure both systems so to keep things strait the microDRAIN also picks up model number D30, while the microREEL can also be referred to as the L100.

The microDRAIN now also has an optional 512Hz Sonde for locating the camera head, these models will be designated D30S. The case can be configured for use with microEXPLORER or traditional SeeSnake Monitors. There is also an option to simply purchase the Drum Only with either the D30 or D30S configuration, which will work with any of the microREELs. The microDRAIN camera head is still slightly smaller and more flexible so a better option for P-Traps and smaller lines with tight turns. (Popular models 32663, 34233, 33103, 34618)

The microREEL comes standard with a 512Hz Sonde but does have an option for a reel counter; these models are designated as L100C. Similar to the microDRAIN you can get a case that will work with the Explorer or traditional SeeSnake Monitors. The microREEL will also switch between microREEL drums and microDRAIN drums in a matter of seconds so the unit is extremely versatile. (Popular models 35133, 35183, 35143, 35188)

Ohio Power Tool has many of these new models in-stock and can answer specific questions on specifications and pricing. Call 800-242-4424 or email your questions to Complete systems can run between $2,000-$4,000 which is significantly less than a system in the past and can pay for themselves fairly quickly. If you are interested in more info on the microREEL, checkout the short video below:


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