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Ridgid ProPress 200B In-Line ProPress 43428

Ridgid ProPress

The trend over the past several years has been moving more and more towards pressing copper pipe rather than traditional sweating methods. These connections are more secure and there is less room for error/leaks that will cause trouble down the road. We don’t have any exact figures to go on but our feeling from talking with plumbers daily is that this is a growing trend, but there is certainly a large portion of the tradesmen population that has yet to commit the investment needed to get a press tool and continue to sweat pipes. We recently announced 2 new Milwaukee Press Tools to hit the market, which must mean Milwaukee sees an opportunity for growth here. The new Milwaukee models feature a similar inline design which offers some advantage over the traditional gun type tools. Ridgid, now looking to be one-upped, is striking back with their own compact Strait Line design tool ProPress 200B ($1837, Ohio Power Tool). (more…)

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Milwaukee M12 & M18 Press Tools Deal – 2473-22 / 2673-22

The new Milwaukee cordless M12 & M18 copper press tools are just hitting store shelves now. Milwaukee has added a nice Mail-In Rebate promotion to help build a little excitement as well as help sell the whole copper pipe solution. The Milwaukee M12 Press Tool 2473-22 ($1799, Ohio Power Tool) and 2673-22 ($3099, Ohio Power Tool) or any of the copper pressing tools for that matter are serious investments, their thought is to automate the entire process it looks like. (more…)

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Milwaukee M12 Inspection Camera 2314-21 – Toilet Specialist


There are now dozens of small handheld inspection cameras on the market with any number of options and price ranges. What is becoming more obvious is that as there are more units available each needs to find its specialty. The Ridgid CA-300, for instance connects to reels from 30-100’ and replaces larger camera at a fraction of the investment. Other cameras with tiny heads are finding useful application looking into motor blocks for automotive applications. The Milwaukee M12 Camera 2314-21 ($240, Ohio Power Tool) has found a happy place as the toilet specialist.


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Ridgid Plumbing Spring Fling 2012 Promotion is Here

The Ridgid brand of professional plumbing equipment is the clear industry leader with some of the most well built and innovative products available. Unfortunately this also means they do not run many promotions for their products with the exception of the once per year Spring Fling promotion where you can pick up a few extras with your purchase. The promo is a mail-in rebate and can include additional cables with Drain Cleaners, a free year to RidgidConnect or a NaviTrack Transmitter (valued at $915) with full SeeSnake Camera System.


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2 Days with a Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imaging Camera 2260-21


We recently had a few days with this thermal imaging camera and learned a fair amount about its functionality and our own home in the process. We originally got to see the unit at Milwaukee’s headquarters (see original post here). Given a little more time with it the Milwaukee M12 2260-21 ($2500, Ohio Power Tool) really is an amazing piece of technology you need to get your hands on.


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Ridgid Manual/Hydraulic Pipe Benders – Easy & Precise

If you are looking for a very precise way to bend up to 3” steel and stainless steel pipe these new manual pump, hydraulic benders may be interesting for you as they bend and measure at the same time. The manual pump also makes these units competitively priced and provide excellent control. The model HB382 ($1019, Ohio Power Tool) can handle up to 2” pipe and weights about 160 lbs. The model HB383 ($1790, Ohio Power Tool) will handle up to 3” but hits the scales at nearly 400 lbs making it a little tougher to just throw in the back of the truck. Read more information on these units for the official Ridgid press release below.


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Would You like Your 12V Hackzall in Red or Blue?

Yes we did cover this a few weeks ago in a post announcing the new Bosch PS60-2A reciprocating saw. But thought we would share a few pictures now that both items are actually on the shelf so you could see just how close the Bosch is to the Milwaukee 2420-21 ($129, Ohio Power Tool). Please don’t get us wrong we really think both of these tools are awesome for their respective 12V lines, we just personally got a big kick out of the similarity.


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Ridgid SeeSnake MicroExplorer to be Replaced by Ridgid CA-300

The Ridgid SeeSnake Explorer has been one of the most successful handheld inspection camera. It was one of the first handheld units to record onto a SD card and it offered digital self leveling which was accurate and very handy. When the units launched originally they seemed to be very well priced just below $700 however as technology progressed many of the competitors were able to launch similar products that also had recording function but for several hundred less.


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New Bosch Compact Cordless Band Saw BSH180-01

A while back we had a chance to test the Bosch 18V cordless band saw BSH180-01 ($398, Ohio Power Tool) against some of the competition and found it to be a very nice tool. For a long time Milwaukee was the standard but now there are several other players in the field making for some stiff competition.


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Ridgid SeeSnake CS10 – Thumb Drive Video Inspection Recording

It seems like the technology keeps changing when it comes to Ridgid SeeSnake Monitors and recording equipment. For a long time VHS was king, well after DVDs were the standard for movie watching. Eventually it all switched over to DVD but now there are several more recording options. The Explorer with microREEL uses SD cards, LT1000 saves direct to a laptop and now the new SeeSnake 12” Monitor CS10 ($3868, Ohio Power Tool) can record directly onto USB thumb drives.


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