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Ridgid Manual/Hydraulic Pipe Benders – Easy & Precise

If you are looking for a very precise way to bend up to 3” steel and stainless steel pipe these new manual pump, hydraulic benders may be interesting for you as they bend and measure at the same time. The manual pump also makes these units competitively priced and provide excellent control. The model HB382 ($1019, Ohio Power Tool) can handle up to 2” pipe and weights about 160 lbs. The model HB383 ($1790, Ohio Power Tool) will handle up to 3” but hits the scales at nearly 400 lbs making it a little tougher to just throw in the back of the truck. Read more information on these units for the official Ridgid press release below.


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Would You like Your 12V Hackzall in Red or Blue?

Yes we did cover this a few weeks ago in a post announcing the new Bosch PS60-2A reciprocating saw. But thought we would share a few pictures now that both items are actually on the shelf so you could see just how close the Bosch is to the Milwaukee 2420-21 ($129, Ohio Power Tool). Please don’t get us wrong we really think both of these tools are awesome for their respective 12V lines, we just personally got a big kick out of the similarity.


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Ridgid SeeSnake MicroExplorer to be Replaced by Ridgid CA-300

The Ridgid SeeSnake Explorer has been one of the most successful handheld inspection camera. It was one of the first handheld units to record onto a SD card and it offered digital self leveling which was accurate and very handy. When the units launched originally they seemed to be very well priced just below $700 however as technology progressed many of the competitors were able to launch similar products that also had recording function but for several hundred less.


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New Bosch Compact Cordless Band Saw BSH180-01

A while back we had a chance to test the Bosch 18V cordless band saw BSH180-01 ($398, Ohio Power Tool) against some of the competition and found it to be a very nice tool. For a long time Milwaukee was the standard but now there are several other players in the field making for some stiff competition.


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Ridgid SeeSnake CS10 – Thumb Drive Video Inspection Recording

It seems like the technology keeps changing when it comes to Ridgid SeeSnake Monitors and recording equipment. For a long time VHS was king, well after DVDs were the standard for movie watching. Eventually it all switched over to DVD but now there are several more recording options. The Explorer with microREEL uses SD cards, LT1000 saves direct to a laptop and now the new SeeSnake 12” Monitor CS10 ($3868, Ohio Power Tool) can record directly onto USB thumb drives.


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Viega Challenge: Ridgid ProPress Tool vs Sweating Copper Pipes

Viega manufactures copper and stainless steel fittings for use in a wide variety of plumbing applications. The Viega products are unique as they require no flux or soldering, safer with no open flame, much quicker to install and less chance for failure. This is because the connections are made by pressing (7200 lbs pressure) the metals together to form a secure seal. Since Viega is a fittings manufacturer they partnered with Ridgid to produce the ProPress Tools needed for the system. For the rest of this year Viega & Ridgid will be touring the country with the Viega Challenge to test plumbers speed to see if they can sweat copper pipe faster than the ProPress can make a seal. Tee shirts, cash cards and Ridgid ProPress tools can all be won but if you can’t make it out, you can also register online. Visit the website for more details on prizes, dates and how to win! 

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Recording Video to Laptop with a Ridgid SeeSnake Micro

We are now on the third generation of the Ridgid SeeSnake Micro ($224, Ohio Power Tool) and one question remains very prevalent for all 3 generations; “can I record video onto my laptop”. Yes, you can however first you should probably ask yourself how often you will need to be capturing video. If you plan to capture video every time you use the camera it would definitely be advantageous to use one of the handheld recording devices with a built in SD card like the Ridgid Micro Explorer ($697, Ohio Power Tool) that you can simply transfer over later. If you think it might just be every once in a while the SeeSnake Micro may work very well for you.


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New Ridgid Water Jetting Machine KJ-3100 with 16HP

Recently announced Ridgid has come out with their largest drain cleaning water jetter yet. The KJ-3100 ($5669, Ohio Power Tool) can handle up to 10” lines at 5.5 gallons-per-minute. This is slightly larger than the existing KJ-3000 which is rated to handle up to 8” lines at 4.5 gallons-per-minute. Both units are powered by Honda gas engines but the new KJ-3100 gets a bump up to 16hp from 13hp that is on the KJ-3100. It seemed like an obvious next step as people were looking for more power, but the units remain relatively easy to maneuver through doorways and load on a truck which is key. Check out the recently uploaded instructional video below to learn more on operating these machines. (Actually video for KJ-2200 & KJ-3000 but much of the operation remains the same for the KJ-3100)


If you have any questions on Ridgid jetter or any other Ridgid drain cleaning equipment the professionals at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Read more in the official Ridgid press release below.


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New CA-100 Ridgid Micro SeeSnake 36738 – 3rd Generation

That is right the very popular Ridgid Micro is now in its 3rd generation for production. The new SeeSnake Micro CA-100 ($224, Ohio Power Tool) has a new design with several upgrades from the previous version, not to mention a slightly lower price. It seems like only yesterday the first Micro hit the shelves to unbelievable instant popularity. Previous bore scoops were hundreds or thousands of dollars more. This unit made it easy for everyone to own one of these handy tools.


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Milwaukee M28 Cordless Tools Are Here… And with a Bang

Over the past few months the industries first lithium-ion tool line, Milwaukee V28, got an overhaul to the Milwaukee M28. Many of the industry leading tools remained the same however all the battery systems now features the latest and greatest M technology to increase each tools power, runtime and prolong the battery life.

The nice guys at Ohio Power Tool were not happy to just let everyone know they had all the new tools in-stock however they also felt compelled to give a ton of stuff away. So until the end of the month or until supplies run out (most likely the second) Ohio Power Tool is giving away a M28 Battery 48-11-2830 ($159, Ohio Power Tool) with every 3 Tool ($599) & 4 Tool ($719) Combo Kit. Also with any individual tool kit (not including bare tools) they are giving away a one of the brand new M28 LED Flashlights 49-24-0187 ($59, Ohio Power Tool). This even includes the brand new hammer drill 0726-22 which features 750 in-lbs torque!


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