Dewalt Large Angle Grinders with E-Clutch DWE4597

Dewalt Large Angle Grinder

Another exciting new product announced at this year’s World of Concrete show was the new Dewalt large angle grinder DWE4597. Of course the new grinder is lighter (by almost 1 lb) and more powerful (by almost 1HP) than its predecessor, the Dewalt D28494S ($163, Amazon). The biggest differentiation for us, however, comes from the new E-Clutch. At the show they set up a terrific demo that really highlighted how this feature worked by using a pneumatic clamp to stop the blade while running at full speed and engaging the E-Clutch while in use. It was all very well protected, as this could be a pretty dangerous scenario if things went wrong, but it does a great job letting users feel how well the E-Clutch actually works.

Dewalt E-Clutch Grinder

On first glance it seemed like a nice safety feature but some may question if it’s really worth paying a little extra. For some applications, this would certainly be a no-brainer. A good example would be when using dry diamond core bits. The E-Clutch could be very useful in this situation as they are very prone to bind up. Most likely, it will be a feature you’ll never think about until it kicks on some time and you’ll think; “Wow, I’m glad that didn’t just jerk my wrist off.” For more info on the new Dewalt grinder check out the full Dewalt press release below.

TOWSON, Md. – DEWALT announces the launch of its new line of high performance Large Angle Grinders. The new range of Large Angle Grinders is ideal for users that include structural steel fabricators, metal fabricators, mechanical, concrete repair, oil and gas, and road and bridge contractors who perform professional applications such as grinding and beveling steel, weld cleaning, concrete surface preparation, and cutting concrete, pipe and steel plate.

Performance, durability and long life were key in the development of this new line. “The new high performance range will reset the standard for large angle grinders,” says Sean Kelly, product manager, DEWALT. “The focus for this line is on delivering the best in class combination of durability, performance, ergonomics, and user protection.” DEWALT’s patented Dust Ejection SystemTM protects the motor from damaging debris that can abrade the motor and brushes. This feature provides two times more motor life and brush life. *

The Large Angle Grinders also include three features that are included within DEWALT’s Perform & Protect criteria for control and vibration: the E-Clutch® feature, which protects the user from pinch events and stalls by reducing the impulse by 75% versus the same unit without this feature; the Power Loss ResetTM feature that protects the user from accidental restarts if power is lost and then restored while the trigger is in the on position; and an anti-vibration system that includes an anti-vibration side handle, anti-vibration trigger handle, and tightly built construction that provides lower vibration levels than DEWALT’s leading competitor*. For pipeline contractors, the PipelineTM  Large Angle Grinder (DWE4559CN) includes a special gripping surface that allows the user to comfortably grip the head of the grinder, and can be used instead of the side handle in that application only.

This new range of Large Angle Grinders maximizes horsepower and minimizes weight. The new DWE4597, as one example from the range, delivers 4.9 horsepower yet only weights 12.3 lbs. When compared to its predecessor (D28494S), it’s nearly a full pound lighter yet almost a full horsepower more powerful.



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