Cleaver DIY Workshop Storage Solutions for your Tools

We are always looking for better ways to organize our tools and accessories to make them there when you need them. A couple of our friends have recently posted some clever solutions you can most likely build from scrap material you have in your shop right now.

Drill Storage

Quick Drill Slot Storage

When you need a drill/driver it seems like it can’t be close enough. Ours is often sitting very close on the work bench however that’s not a great place for it as it’s very easy to knock off the table or often in the way. This solution is very nice because it keeps it off your work surface but still very close at hand. I like the holster feel although I might waist too much time trying to improve my quick draw skills. Get the full How To on

Clamp Storage

Clamp Storage Solution

Again you can never have you holding clamps to close nor can you never have too many of them. Rob from goes through a very detailed How To on building this unit HERE. The video below is also very helpful to see how he does each step.

Hope you find these helpful and feel free to share any additional DIY Storage Solutions in the comments below.



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  1. Sean says:

    I like this storage so much ^^ brilliant!

    The Bosch L-Boxx is also one of the most brilliant design.

  2. Michael says:

    The PVC setup is awesome. I’m adding some garage storage this weekend and that’ll be on the list of add-ons for sure. Very clever.

  3. George says:

    Recycle old garden hose by slitting open a length and using it as a blade cover for sharp saws and other bladed tools.

  4. Jessica  says:

    I think this power tools would work better if there is an air compressor !

  5. This is a really clever (and neat) idea to store tools – thanks for sharing! I think it will give me some additional space instead of stacking the toolboxes in one corner.

  6. agrtadecido de sus videos, realmente muy utiles para poder intentar hacernos para nuestro pequeño taller.

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