EGO Power Plus 56V Cordless String Trimmer ST1201 Review

EGO String Trimmer ST1201

For years we’ve been waiting for a battery powered string trimmer that had the power of even a mid-level gas trimmer. If they can make a cordless 1” rotary hammer that can breakup concrete why can’t someone put a little gusto on a cordless string trimmer. Well the wait is over, a company whom we’ve just become familiar with, EGO Power Plus has launched the first ever 56V cordless outdoor power tools. Check out our short video below to see this trimmer take out a thick patch of vegetation in under a minute.

The EGO Power Plus team really channeled their inner Tim Taylor here and went for more power. They are in fact claiming 40% more power than their closest 40V competition which seems very possible from our testing. So far we’ve charged the battery only once and actually used it now 3 times (in addition to the video) for roughly 10-15 minute sessions of normal yard work. Their website claims up to a 45 minute runtime which we thought might have been for the 4.0Ah battery BA2240 (comes with a 2.0Ah battery BA1120) but it looks like this runtime stat is in fact for the included 2.0Ah battery.

56V cordless battery

This EGO line of products looks to be exclusively sold through Home Depot (can’t miss the display right when you walk-in) and the EGO Power Plus website is linked directly to for tool and accessory sales. This unit with battery & charger is $199 which is a little high for a trimmer but for trimmer alone (no battery & charger) the price is only $99 which is very reasonable. From our use even if you had multiple tools in the line up you wouldn’t need more than 1 or 2 batteries.

56V string trimmer

In use we really like the feel of this very long reach trimmer, as a tall guy this is still comfortable to use which other trimmers don’t give you nearly the length. It is also very well balanced unit putting the battery weight behind the handle, by your elbow. The front handle grip you attached along the shaft wherever feels right to you. The trimmer has a large 12” cutting path with a powerful 6000 RPM duel string (2mm line) head. A bump cap can be tapped against the ground to add additional line length quickly while working.

EGO String Trimmer 56V

For years we’ve seen outdoor power equipment try to come up with battery solutions to replace gas tools but they have always seemed either way under powered or exorbitantly priced. Our thought is we may have finally hit the turning point where cordless power will become exponentially more common for home owners. This EGO string trimmer for us is now the standard we would measure any other cordless (or gas) trimmer against. It’s really not hard to imagine a few years down the road kids thinking how odd it is that a neighbor would be using a gas trimmer or even a gas push mower for that matter. See the official EGO video below.



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  1. Aaron says:

    Just picked one of these up yesterday and made sure it had a full charge before using it. I have some heavy growth in certain parts of my yard and the Ryobi trimmer I purchased originally did NOT have enough power and would only last about 15mins max. My yard is quite large and 2 charges with the Ryobi wouldn’t even be enough to finish.

    Just fired up the Ego today and went straight to the heavy stuff. *MINDBLOWN*!!!

    This thing is a beast and TOTALLY worth the higher price over the Ryobi.

    One of the first things I noticed after picking this up was the weight balance. It has a large heavy battery but you wouldn’t know it when you’re using it. Next was the noise level. It is the quietest weed trimmer I have ever used. Lastly, instead of losing power when moving into thicker growth, it almost seemed to ramp up its power to cut through.

    As I said before, TOTALLY worth the money and I look forward to picking up other tools in the lineup to compliment it!!!

  2. John says:

    Why does my new ego 56 volt trimmer lose power about 5 seconds after every start up . I noticed that every time I start the trimmer it runs on high for 5 seconds and then goes to reduced power. Why does this happen not impressed?

    • ann says:

      I had the exact same problem. I cant get mine to work right and back it goes. Im not impressed

      • Dick Grune says:

        They say 5 year warranty in the machine and 3 years on the battery. I had to take a riding mower back to a retailer because it was bad. Weed trimmer to a warranty repair shop the first season… I am going to get one and if it doesn’t work right away back it will go for replacement but if it breaks next year in for repair it goes… Every season the weed whacker has to go in for service. Even a few that wont run after fixing them for a few weeks. It will start for them… I guess I can not pull enough anymore.

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  4. Karen Rogal says:

    I used my 56V trimmer for the first time today. It worked really well on all types of weeds. Got about 60 min. of use out of the battery, which is more than enough for one day. The battery also charges really quickly too.

  5. Roger Wing says:

    First time use resulted in failure to advance cord. I gave it 8 rewinds and new cord and tried everything I could think of but it still will not advance. Also the speed is very weak and the speed slow. A real $200.00 piece of junk. The lure of 56 volts caught me even though I knew better. Advancing the string with a bump works with all others so it shouldn’t be that hard.

    • John says:

      Mine advances when it’s running on high power then give it a good tap. I also changed the string to the standard one instead of the one that they come with .Just use up the string that it comes with then remove the empty spool and wind up standard string .Cheaper that the Ego replacement

      • byrd davis says:

        The reason for improper line advance is that the line has been overlapped when wound. Take your time and make sure the line doesn’t overlap. Since I made this discovery years ago I NEVER have a problem with my trimmers.

  6. Patricia Malone says:

    I bought one of these trimmers a couple of days ago.

    The first thing I noticed is that the box had been opened and resealed. Returned by another customer maybe?

    Installing the handle proved a real challenge. To do that you have to remove the bottom of the clamp, which is held by four Phillips screws . Unfortunately getting those screws out became a chore. I don’t know who installed those screws but not even a strong man with a good screwdriver could get the last one to turn. It could have been epoxied in place for all I know. Getting the clamp open required me to drill out the last screw. The handle is in place with three screws.

    I have only used it one time and at first it cut weeds and grass like a champ. But after a minute or so it lost power, ran slowly and wouldn’t cut like it should.

    Having drilled out the handle I don’t want to return it to HD but if it acts that way consistently will have to do so.

  7. Kevin says:

    I purchased the 56 volt Ego weed trimmer,its ok but not nearly as good as a gas powered trimmer. It suddenly loses power during use and doesnt feed the string very well. It will stay charged throughout the time I need to finish my lawn and the battery charges quickly. Again,it does ok but not what I expected from a 56 volt battery. I dont think I would purchase another one..going back to gas power!

  8. John says:

    Where may I purchase a EGO St 1201 ?

  9. frank says:

    Battery is the weakest feature of the system. It may last as little as 20 minutes under normal light use. Forces the customer to purchase at least 2 batteries.

  10. frank says:

    No, no will not purchase another one.

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