Win 1 Hilti PD-S Laser Range Meter, Tool Bag and other Hilti Swag!

Welcome to this week’s Coptool Power Tool Giveaway!

This week’s winner will get one Hilti PD-S Laser Range Meter, Tool Bag and other Hilti Swag from HILTI North America!

So how do I win?

Good question! Starting this week, to avoid contest entering robots (We really want a fan to get these tools) we are changing things up. For this week, here’s how you enter:

  1. Head over to this week’s episode on either YouTube or Facebook.
    1. Our Youtube Video
    2. Our Facebook Video
  2. Leave a comment, Where do you think we should travel next with the show!
  3. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel or Follow us on Facebook

That’s it! We will choose a winner from all of the comments.


But I love Coptool and I want to do more!

Aww, that’s a great buddy! We love you too. ThereĀ IS more you can do for us. We can only run these contests if we keep growing. So here are a few things that you can do to help us. It won’t enhance your chances of winning, but it will mean a lot to us personally.

  1. Visit our Facebook post here, comment and SHARE IT! šŸ™‚
  2. Head over to Instagram and Heart and comment on our photo!
  3. Visit our website and read an article or two. (You’re already here)
  4. Visit Hilti’s website and learn more about their awesome tools!
  5. VisitĀ HiltiĀ on Facebook, and thank them publically for sponsoring Coptool! (This would be huge)


The Rules


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