Greenlee says goodbye to UT2, Hello to G3 Tugger

greenlee puller g3

The Greenlee UT2 Ultra Tugger cable puller is riding off into the sunset, and will be discontinued within a year. It is set to be replaced by the new G3 Tugger, which will boast 20% faster cable pulls and a 25% stronger continuous pulling load. The G3 will be able to pull at 1200 lbs. continuously and 2000 lbs. intermittently, making it a versatile puller for a variety of cable pulling applications.

greenlee g3 puller

The big selling point for the G3 is the fact that it remains totally assembled, which will greatly reduce the amount of set up time that will take place on the jobsite. The whole thing has zero loose pieces. Not only does it require more “positioning” than “assembly” on the jobsite, but the pins that hold it locked in place do not even come all the way out, making it impossible to lose them. The puller is also boasting a new adjustable clamp for different sizes of conduit, a safer right angle sheave, and a more dependable customized motor with integrated circuit breaker. Check out the video below:

The Greenlee G3 Tugger will be in stock at Ohio Power Tool as soon as it is available. They also carry a wider variety of electrician tools,  from crimpers to punches to conduit benders. If you have a question about these tools or anything else, you can always give them a call at (800) 242-4424.



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