High Torque Impact Wrenches – Milwaukee M18 2763-22 vs Ingersoll Rand IQv20 W7150-K2

IR vs Milwaukee

Probably the most anticipated Milwaukee M18 FUEL brushless tool to launch this year was the 2763-22 ($429, Ohio Power Tool) ½” high torque impact wrench with the friction ring. This friction ring model is really geared at the automotive market vs the 2762-22 ($429, Ohio Power Tool) which is pretty much the same but uses the detent pin (sockets cannot fall off 100’ in the air) and is geared more at steel erection and construction. If the Milwaukee ½” impact is going to play in the automotive world it is going to go right up against the reigning champ in that space which is the Ingersoll Rand IQv20 ½” Impact W7150-K2 ($513, Ohio Power Tool). We took the two head to head and this is what we’ve found.

On Paper Comparison Ingersoll vs Milwaukee

High Torque Numbers

On paper you can pretty quickly see some of the differences. One factor not on the chart above is that the new Milwaukee is a brushless motor so you should expect longer runtime per charge and less maintenance down the road. Couple this with their new higher amperage 4.0 Ah battery and you should expect the best possible battery life. We would imagine IR will also launch a 4.0 Ah battery for IQv20 soon, as their new IQv12 tool utilize a 2.0 Ah battery but not sure when this might happen. Unfortunately we did not test the battery life runtime on these tools so we cannot speak to what this might look like.

LED Light

Milwaukee did add some nice features to their tool including a LED light as well as a 2 model switch which gives a low speed/torque option that tops out at only 100 ft lbs. Since both these tool have very nice variable speed triggers it does make some sense this other option would be a very low torque setting. That being said this is a very large heavy tool we would not want to use regularly for these low torque applications, especially if there’s a compact impact wrench handy.

W7150 vs 2763-22

In talking about tool weight certainly both of these tools would be shopping in the husky section. We were somewhat surprised to see the Milwaukee come in a little bulkier and heavier at 7.4 lbs. This is .6 lbs more than the Ingersoll Rand but they are pretty equal in overall length. The IR features a slight tilt in the body, you can see in the picture above, which some guys like and others prefer the strait 90 degree of the Milwaukee but that will come down to personal preference.

Platforms IR IQv20 vs Milwaukee M18

Both of these tool platforms do support a wide range of other complimentary tools. The Milwaukee M18 is obviously the much larger platform but for just in the automotive category the IQv features more specific tools like the ½” ratchet kit R3150-K1 ($303, Ohio Power Tool) or if you wanted the W7150 impact with a 2” extended anvil you could go with the W7250-K2 ($504, Ohio Power Tool) basically the same tool. The folks at Milwaukee however have really been leading the way in terms of technology on the brushless front as well as battery technology so it’s a tough call. They have also built the M12 charger into all the new M18 chargers which opens up even more compatibility with items like the M12 Ratchets 3/8” 2457-21 ($149) or ¼” 2456-21 ($159). Just as with the tools themselves there are many positives and negatives to each line and it will again very much come down to personal preference and brand loyalties.

The Big Question is which is More Powerful?

Skidmore Model M

Before we jump right in, here is just a little more info on how we got our numbers. We used the Skidmore, Model M which measures torque in bolt tension. From there numbers you can make conversions using the table below (from skidmore website) with different results depending on bolt size and “factor” multiplier. There is also a small variation each time we do the test based on the tool output because the needle bounces while testing. We are not going to challenge the manufacturer ft lbs results here, we’re not mathematicians nor can we really even explain bolt tension conversion to ft lbs, we basically just wanted to see which one moved the needle father. The Skidmore unit is calibrated regularly and a terrific tool for comparison testing.

Bolt Tension to Ft Lbs Torque

Both tools continuously hit between 35,000 to just over 45,000 bolt tension over several tests. Power output for all intensive field purposes, we would say they are about the same. Even though the IR stats say 780 ft lbs and the Milwaukee says 700 ft lbs we did not see this difference reflected on the Skidmore. Also both have claim nut busting torque of 1100 ft lbs for removing bolts which we couldn’t test as easily however both were very good at releasing the tensioned put on by the other tool. Here is a quick video showing one of those tests on both units.

For questions on any of the Ingersoll Rand Tools or Milwaukee Tools of course the expert staff at Ohio Power Tool, 800-242-4424 should be your first call. These guys are the local area warranty repairs and service center for both these leading brands and they know their stuff. They also sell both product lines at the respective Manufacturer’s Minimum Allowable Advertised Prices so you can buy with confidence.



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  1. Johnny F-Bomb says:

    Thanks guys. Great test! I’ve been waiting for this tool fight for some time now. Looks like Team Red has the power, better price and better warranty as well.

  2. david le says:

    i own both these impact guns; IR w7150 and the m18 fuel brushless 2763.

    power for power, forward torque appears just about identical. but against high tension frozen crank pulleys, the w7150 will knock it loose by a couple impacts quicker. the IR also spins up much faster. instantly at full trigger whereas the m18 is delayed, kinda like a soft start feature.

    BUT, the issue i had with my w7150 was the unit failed after 7 months of use. warranty takes 2-3 weeks until the unit is returned. the replacement parts are not stocked anywhere period, it is a special order per warranty only. since the gun is new, all of them will still be under warranty obviously. but, i didn’t have a back up tool and the time out actually cost me more in the down time.

    truth told, doesn’t matter if it’s brushed or brushless. i’ve owned the snap on ct6850 from new till now, a brushed motor; and retired it for the IR. it worked as powerful as the day i got it. thats well over 3 years of heavy use. i run these guns from full charge to near empty daily working on suspension. the IR is still my favorite but i’m a bit weary of the trigger failing again.

    • Jake B says:

      Ohio Power Tool currently has one anvil kit for a W7150 in stock, as (so far) that has been the part that fails on them most consistently. The FUEL impacts have not been on the market for long enough for us to really get a gauge of how they break and where. It should also be noted that while it may take a while for the Ingersoll tool to go through the warranty process, that is because if the tool fails in the 1st year you are getting it swapped out for a new tool directly form Ingersoll Rand as part of their 1-2-3 warranty. Milwaukee will often swap you out tool directly at an authorized service center, but they will only do it for the first thirty days, afterwards they will just be fixing your old tool.

      The “soft start” on the Milwaukee is probably just your “Redlink Intelligence” at work — the electronics in the tool are gauging how much power is required and delivering the proper power from the battery (or at least that is the way that I understand it) — part of the reason why the FUEL tools boast a longer run time.

      Either way, both tools are definitely way powerful, and I wouldn’t say that either really has an issue when it comes to durability.

  3. Chris D. says:

    Hello guys. Great review. Just changes out a shock as part of a suspension upgrade. The car had some rusted bolts that required me attach a PVC pipe at the end of my racher to break. I decided that day I want a nice impact.

    I heard the IR is not extremely comfortable unless you have smaller hands. My hands aren’t huge but they are on the larger than average size (I’m 6’2″). How do both wrenches compare in this aspect? Also I was curious as the which has less vibration? Last question, they have a noticeably different angle from grip to working end of the wrench. The Milwaukee is kind of 90 degrees from your hand and the IR is a little more open or above 90. Which do you find more convenient in an automotive setting and/or general use from your testing.

    Thank you and sorry for all the questions. I hope you guys don’t mind answering.

    • Chris D. says:

      And also is the IR also brushless?

    • Chris D. says:

      One more, I guess I should have collected my thoughts first. I am just torn between the 2 and trying to figure out which. One has a flashlight but the the other is .6 lb lighter. Which is less loud?

    • david le says:

      I have now warrantied my IR w7150 for the 3rd time now within the year. the part that fails is the whole internal trigger assembly. recently fried from attempting to break loose a lug bolt on a bmw 135i. sadly, neither impacts was able to break it loose both had a shot at 10 straight seconds. first attempt by w7150; fried the trigger assembly running it for 10 seconds? , and i barely got the tool back from warranty only a month ago!! what it fries is the circuitry that puts the unit back into fwd when i put to fwd. so each fail leaves me with a reverse only mode. m18 2763 also could not break it. i had to use a 24″ breaker bar 1/2″ to turn the 17mm lug bolt sadly. i wish i had recorded it and uploaded on youtube for every to see both impacts fail on a 17mm lug.

      IR is more comfy to hold in terms of weight and angle. the fwd/rev switches are easer to push. it is brushed, but the brushes will last longer than you’ll keep the gun so i don’t concern for brushless vs brushed.

      m18 2763 you can definitely feel the weight increase. that same weight increase absorbs more of the impact vibration; which is very little to concern about. i dislike the fwd/rev switch. it’s very sunk in so it’s hard to push if you have gloves on. it’s sunken lower in than the handle surface.

      • Andy says:

        I bought the Milwaukee Impact for my company and I actually do have quite the problem with the vibration of this huge impact. The way we have to use it, you are holding the impact kind of side ways, and from the amount of vibration you get from this impact it shakes the battery like crazy, which wears out the housing on the bottom that holds the battery in place.
        So I had to send the Impact back for warranty after 3 month already because it would not hold the battery in place anymore and loos connection all the time. My guys started taping the battery to the housing, but when I found out about it I send it back to Milwaukee.
        They did not want to give me warranty for it at first, because they said this would be normal wear and not covered under warranty. They did replace the housing after talking to them about it, but now I have it back for 1 month and I started to notice the same thing again, and I might have to send it back again in 2-3 month.

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  5. RP says:

    53,000 lb of clamp load = about 450 ft/lb of torque using a clean, lubricated bolt.
    Much above 450 ft/lb of constant torque will likely break off a 1/2″ drive tool.

    While these cordless impact tools are impressive, there are basic material science limitations and physics involved with all 1/2″ drive tools which makes me very skeptical of their actual constant torque capabilities.

    It was not too long ago when air compressors were caught advertising much higher HP and capabilities than they actually produced. Much the same could be going on here.

    Watch this video:

  6. Mr Jafas says:

    I contacted Ingersoll Rand, and no response was met with my query, I even raised it to an escalated inquiry and still no response. Whereas Milwaukee, replied. No point buying a gun without good Customer service!

  7. Rick says:

    I was glad to see this comparasion as I am in the market for a new impact!! I had the ingersoll W360 and had nothing but troubles with the junk batteries!! 2 out of 3 batteries did not even make it through 3 charges before complete failure. Ingersoll told me they do not support the W360 batteries so I would need to look at a their new W7150 impact! Here goes another $500.00 out of my pocket. I was glad to see Milwaukee got a plug for good customer service so this made my decision easy!! Customer support is very important to me so Milwaukee will get my money!

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  14. Doc says:

    When the guy said that the w7150 couldn’t break a 17mm bolt, hopfully he did not use an extension, that will make it less torque. If I need to remove something like a rusted bolt, I will take my 3/4″ tool with a cheater bar instead of using my impact wrench possibly causing damage.

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