Hitachi Multi-Volt 36V Tools in 18V Battery Package

Hitachi MultiVolt

Well it looks like Hitachi (which yes is now the same company as Metabo) has launched a Multi-Volt platform very similar to the Dewalt FlexVolt which can pull more power when needed but then still work with all the 18V tools. The big difference here is it is in a traditional 18V package with 2 row of cells not 3 rows like you would see with FlexVolt or Milwaukee 9.0Ah. Certainly an Multi-Volt 2 battery system for 72V would also be possible. Very interesting so far we just have this video in Japanese to tease us…



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  1. Shyrel says:

    Cool! So much power! Job done!

  2. Jason thomas says:

    Sounds like some bullshit to me. 36v my ass

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