Husky Pro 22″ Rolling Tote Tool Storage

To say the Husky 22” Rolling Tote ($129, Home Depot) is big is an understatement, this bag is massive. The 22” bag is part of the Husky Pro Grade line of tool bags, which are constructed from heavy duty, double walled nylon and feature higher quality stitching and zippers as well over their red-colored counter-parts. The Husky Pro Grade line is distinguishable by mostly black colored bags with red trim, while the home owner grade Husky bags are mostly red.

This bag features a well-reinforced bottom and back side, as well as a tough extendable handle that can withstand the weight of its huge storage capacity. It also has three roller wheels on the bottom side for easer mobility and reinforcement.

It measures in at 22” x 12” x 15” (LWH) and boasts a 150 lb capacity. It is constructed of 1680-denier water-resistant nylon, and also features a waterproof zipper and cover flap over the main compartment to keep things nice and dry.

The inside compartment of this bag is huge, big enough to fit a few cordless tools, batteries and a single-bay charger, and has enough pockets for many smaller hand tools. There is also one larger pocket on the inside that could fit a laptop. At the very top are two smaller mesh pockets that would be perfect for maybe some pens, notepads, safety or eye glasses, or small parts, one pocket on each side.

Opposite the laptop pocket are 32 hand tool pockets that are good for keeping smaller tools accessible and also keeps them from sliding to the bottom of the bag. There are also two tape measure clips a little bit higher on the side to keep those at hand too. These features can be pretty handy with a bag this large, as it would be easy for things to get cluttered pretty fast.

The bag all together has 38 pockets, inside and out.  On the outside front you’ll find four tall pockets with a zipper bag in the middle, and on the sides are three slightly smaller ones that have carrying straps over top of them. None of these outside pockets have top closures, which may be an issue for those who may be travelling with the bag or in places where it might get shaken up or overturned. They are pretty tight though, so as long as they are filled right there really isn’t much of an issue here.


It doesn’t have a hard top, but it’s built well enough that it could handle some weight. I don’t know if I would sit on it but a few smaller tool bags could definitely be stacked on top and rolled along with the bag. Some might say the 3 roller wheels are a little small for how big the bag is. It’s definitely not made for off-roading, but will handle well on fairly smooth surfaces with no problem at all.

Husky 22" Roller Bag

This bag can get to be very heavy when it’s full. It isn’t too bad to roll around when full, but lifting in and out of a truck and moving up stairs can be a huge pain. It really just comes down to what’s in it, since the bag itself isn’t actually that heavy, it just has a lot of room. The two padded top straps do a pretty good job when the bag isn’t loaded, and the side straps are decent too.

All in all, the 22” roller bag would be a great solution for those who carry 2-3 bags to work, as it has enough room and pockets to make up for a couple bags. It is very well made with a tough shell and waterproofing, and the pockets are very convenient. The only downsides I can see are the weight issue when its full, and it being so large that it would be hard to keep organized. I’m sure I am not alone when I say that mine wouldn’t exactly look as neat as the display picture (at least not for very long), but it would be pretty easy to sort out with fewer items in it.



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