Ingersoll Rand IQv20 Cordless Grease Gun LUB5130

IQv20 LUB5130-K1
The Ingersoll Rand IQv line of tools just recently expanded greatly with the IQv12 Series launch at SEMA so we were not expecting to see anything else for some time. News of the IQv20 Grease Gun LUB5130-K1 ($349) came as a very nice surprise and a very logical next step for the IR 20 volt platform. For those on the IQv20 platform already there is also the LUB5130 ($219) as a bare tool.

We were a little surprised to see the Max Working Pressure come in at 6250 psi, which is below industry standard Lincoln 18V grease guns at 7500psi 1844 ($249) & LCD Display 1864 ($419). Also well below the Milwaukee Cordless units at 8000psi for M12 2446-21XC ($199) and 10,000psi for M18 2646-21CT ($269). While the higher psi down look good on a stat sheet we had never heard any complaints about the Lincolns not having enough power before Milwaukee came on the scene so for most applications this might not matter at all. One important feature we do not see on the LUB5130 however is a 2 speed option that would allow high flow of 9 or 10 oz/minute at low pressure. The Ingersoll rate has a flow rate of 2.6 oz at full pressure which is slightly lower than the Lincolns and Milwaukee in high pressure.

IQv Grease Gun

Overall we are very happy to see this product added to the IQv lineup and overall it should be a welcome addition for many folks who’ve already purchased on the wildly popular ½” impacts W7150-K1 ($424) or any of the others in the lineup. If you should have any questions on Ingersoll Rand products please contact the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to help you out! See more on the LUB5130 in the IR press release below.

LUB5130-K1 Grease Gun

Ingersoll Rand – The IQV20 Series family just got a little bigger with the addition of the new 20-volt cordless grease gun. Powered by advanced battery technology from Ingersoll Rand, the cordless LUB5130 makes it easy for operators to grease fittings in the shop and in the field.

Used on older automobiles and agricultural, construction and road equipment, the LUB5130 comes with a standard 30” hose to maneuver tight spaces. The patent-pending inline battery-mount design improves the versatility of the LUB5130 and makes it easier to access hard-to-reach areas. The LUB5130 has three grease-loading options: bulk, cartridge and manual, so users can refill quickly, helping increase jobsite productivity.

The grease gun has an LED indicator and electronic shutoff valve to prevent the motor from overheating, which maximizes its durability. These features also prevent pressure backfill to protect the battery and motor. In addition, the LUB5130 has an impact- and chemical-resistant housing case to withstand drops up to 3 feet.

Measuring 19” from tip to tail and weighing 7.1 pounds, the LUB5130 is designed with an ergonomic handle and soft touch over-molded grip to help reduce tool vibration and prevent operator fatigue. The LUB5130 comes with an optional shoulder strap hook to provide additional support, which enables users to work more comfortably for extended periods of time.

The IQV20 Series intelligent battery management system provides power-level and flow-rate control from the battery to the switch to the motor. The battery delivers a high charge capacity and low internal impedance for maximum power and extended runtime. Most tools on the IQV20 Series platform — which currently includes the W7150 ½” Impactool™, W5130 3/8” Impactool, R3000 Series ratchets, D5140 drill/driver and L5110 LED task light — share batteries and chargers.



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