Jet VOLT Variable Speed Chain Hoists 1/4 – 10 HP

Jet Volt Hoist Variable Speed

We were recently able to see firsthand the new Jet VOLT Variable Speed Chain Hoists and how the new controls operate. These units provide faster speeds when traveling long distances but offer much more control when precision is needed. Instead of users repetitively bump firing the hoists on and off for find adjustments the speed control is much easier on the unit extending the life of the hoist and rigging, not to mention much safer. The Jet video below and key information we got off the Jet website below that will provide a lot of additional information on these products. If you have any questions on the any Hoists, Slings & Rigging or are looking for different sizes give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424.


Already an established innovation leader in manual hoists, JET is changing the way electric hoists operate by bringing True Variable Speed Technology to the market. Years of development and testing have enabled JET to bring an electric hoist to the market that will change the way you get the work done.


The VOLT Series is the first electric hoist to feature Full-Range Speed Control. This technology brings true variable speed functionality to the hoist, which for the first time lets the operator control the speed of the hoist throughout the entire lift.

For quicker speeds on longer lifts, or for slower, more precise speeds in tight spots on more controlled lifts, the VOLT not only handles any job, but handles it with control and precision you won’t find in any other hoist.


Powered by a Hitachi inverter, the Full-Range Speed Control technology allows for smooth, seamless, and continuous speed changes throughout the lift. With other electric hoists in the marketplace, to even come close to control like this, the operator was forced to bump-fire the hoist by quickly toggling back and forth between the up and down buttons on the pendant.

Having full speed control allows the operator to lift and lower faster when he needs the speed, but be able to slow down the speed down to a creep when he needs the control. With the VOLT’s Full-Range Speed Control, the speed is now entirely in the hands of the user and can be adjusted as needed based on the application.


JET hoists are engineered to meet strict tolerances and are constructed with quality materials to ensure they last.


The H4 Duty Rating means the VOLT is engineered for demanding duty cycles and the toughest applications.


The heavy-duty DC electromagnetic brake is designed for durability and longer life. The DC brake is an industry-proven safety feature that secures the load even if power is interrupted to the hoist.


Protects the motor from overheating in low voltage situations, protecting your investment.


Standard across the VOLT line, Overload Protection prevents the operator from being able to lift more than the rated capacity of the hoist, protecting both the user and the equipment.


An established innovation leader, JET brings TRUE variable speed technology to the market for the first time.


Patent-pending, the Full-Range Speed Control technology means seamless speed changes and total control at your fingertips.


When precision matters, you want a hoist that gives you the maneuverability to accurately control the placement of a load. Proprietary software technology controlled by the Hitachi inverter ensures smooth, continuous control with soft starts and stops throughout the lift.


JET hoists comply with OSHA, ANSI and ASME standards and include a test certificate.



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