M18 FUEL Bandsaw is the Next Milwaukee Brushless Tool

M18 FUEL Portaband

As soon as Milwaukee released their FUEL line of 18V bushless tools, they vaulted themselves into position as one of the front runners for “best bushless tools on the market.” Their existing M18 and M12 lines of cordless tools had already been widely adopted, robust, and diverse, so there is always speculation as to which tool will be the next to make the jump to FUEL brushless motor. We’ve seen circular saws, high torque impact wrenches, M12 FUEL Hackzalls, and now, the latest announcement to the M18 FUEL lineup, the M18 FUEL Cordless Deep Cut Bandsaw 2729-21 ($479).


The new cordless bandsaw comes with all the claims that we are used to hearing when a FUEL tool is released – basically that you will be looking at a cordless tool that will rival and/or exceed the performance of its corded counterparts. I have personally spoken to a variety of end users that have said the same thing about previous FUEL tools, so these are not necessarily outlandish claims. What can be said with absolute certainty is it will outperform any existing cordless bandsaws and probably compete with most corded bandsaw on the market as well.

18 volt brushless portable band saw

The cordless bandsaw will have a lot of the features that have made the Milwaukee 6123-20 deep cut corded bandsaw such a popular tool, such as the jobsite armor, gear protecting clutch, and sealed drive. It will have a 5” x 5” cut capacity, and feature a newly designed, tool-free, locking, adjustable shoe that can adjust from an extended shoe to no shoe quickly and easily.

The M18 FUEL Bandsaw is available now, and will also come in a kit that includes two of the 4.0 batteries as kit 2729-22 ($578). For anyone that is already invested in the M18 line up there will also be a bare tool option available 2729-20. If you are looking for any of Milwaukee M18 products or have a question you’d like answered feel free to call the pros at Ohio Power Tool, 800-242-4424.



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  1. There are two common styles of Le Trong Linh band saws, the three wheel and the two wheel. After this it is mainly a matter of size. Three wheel band saws give you a greater throat depth than a two wheel having the same blade length but they have other problems, which take away from any cutting advantage.

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