Milwaukee 9.0Ah MADNESS

M18 High Demand 9.0Ah

For November & December there are some very aggressive Milwaukee Deals designed specifically to put M18 9.0Ah batteries into your hands. The 48-11-1890 sells for $200, it’ll probably stay that price all next year and we think it’s well worth it but you’d be crazy to buy one. Only a few years ago Milwaukee was a small fry in the cordless game, they got aggressive to become top potato these days but competition is now heating up with many others. Milwaukee solution, 9.0Ah batteries for EVERYONE!!!

M18 FUEL Miter Saw

One great way into a couple larger batteries is the M18 FUEL miter saw 2734-21HD ($599), which will come with 1 battery normally but for the next couple months or until they all sell out you’ll get 2x of the 9.0Ah monsters. Weight obviously plays no part in how this tool functions so it’s a great partner for the bigger batteries but honestly this saw will work for hours on even a 5.0Ah.

World first cordless SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer M18 2717-22HD ($799… $699) for the rest of the year the price on this new kit with 2x 9.0Ah batteries dropped $100! Or if you’re just needing the SDS-Plus they make a kit with larger batteries and dropped that a $100 as well 2712-22HD ($599… $499) which is only $99 more than just the batteries.

If you are curious if the M18 FUEL SDS-MAX will work all day we recently were out with a crew installing parking blocks in a huge parking lot and this thing did not stop working! It was averaging 15 parking blocks per charge (30 holes at 5/8”) it certainly did drain the battery pretty quick so having a couple 9.0Ah and even a 5.0Ah or two on hand was pretty key. The guys liked that way better than the alternative of dragging around a generator and bunch of cords all day.


Perhaps you’ve been holding out for the M18 Hole Hawg or M18 Super Hawg, you guessed it they now come with two 9.0Ah batteries and yes the price is $100 off until the end of the year. M18 FUEL HOLE HAWG 2708-22HD ($549… $449) and M18 SUPER HAWG 2711-22HD ($649… $549).

Milwaukee M18 FUEL DEALS

If you were going to pick up a M18 9.0 Starter Kit ($249) which includes the new battery & RapidCharger as well to charge that monster battery in only 45 minutes. Until the end year again when you buy the starter kit you can get it with a choice of a w/Free M18 FUEL Sawzall or w/Free M18 FUEL 7-1/4” Circular Saw. Either of those tools will cost over $200 on their own so again pretty nice way in the door.

For all the rest of the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Tools and Kits you’ll still be able to pick up a FREE 5.0Ah battery or FREE M18 FUEL Sawzall which are still some great options. If you have any questions Milwaukee Cordless Deals give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to help you find the right tool for the job.



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  1. John G says:

    I picked up the two 9.0 my tool dealer had left a few weeks ago and…. I’m very impressed! Yes there are huge gains in run time a good double the holes with our SDS plus 2715-22 in heavy drilling. But the real bonus is power gains the 9.0 produces more power then the 5.0 and it doesn’t drop off till your at one bar left on the indicator where as our 5.0s are starting to slow down in the 3 bar range just before it switches to 2 bars. 1 bar on the 9.0 is similar to 2-3 on the 5.0. Also the no load speed is higher with a 9.0 vs a 5.0 the big SDS is a battery hog and obviously Milwaukee had the batt pushed to there limit. On our 7 1/4″ saws 2731-20 they don’t stall as soon and the start under more load but the power gains are very small the gains here are simply because the voltage does drop as son so you have full power till the battery is dead vs a 5.0 you can tell it’s loosing power in the 2 bar range.
    On a tool such as a saw or a SDS there is not much of a difference in feel for a run around saw working in the trusses you might opt for the 5.0 for a lighter saw but I highly doubt it.
    Now all we need is more tools to use the potential of the 9.0….. Table saw with the option to run one OR two batt for extended run time. A more powerful circular saw. But first a framing nailer!!!! Oh a side note on the yellow camp switching to the flex volt 6.0 batt on the dewalt framing nailer speeds up the cycle time considerably. It doesn’t drive the nails in better just faster repeat nails.
    If you’re wondering if bigger batteries help GET MOVING buy a couple!!!!! High drain tools they rock!!! We have 25+ 5.0 on the crew with the 9.0 we could definitely run less but one bat very easily lasts a day unless your cutting lifts of lumber to length.

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