Milwaukee Cordless LEDs Are Lights Out

LED Worklights

As far as lighting goes, it certainly appears that LED lights are the way of the future. Never one to be left behind, Milwaukee Tool has currently offers an adapter that changes their old cordless incandescent lights over to LEDs, as well as a cordless stick light that runs on the M12 platform and a worklight that runs off of their M18 platform that is quickly becoming wildly popular.

The M12 sticklight provides a versatile solution for people that need to illuminate small work areas. Sold as a bare tool, the light has over 4 hours of runtime off of a single charge. It comes complete with a multi position hook for hands-free use, and even has an optional magnet accessory that can fit on the end.

M12 LED Light 2351-20

The M18 Floodlight is quickly becoming a must have, probably due to the extreme benefits and LED solution has over similar halogen products not only in cost of ownership but also in the increased safety that the LED offers when the difference in heat output is considered. The M18 floodlight is also available as a bare tool, and it is powered by the M18 batteries we have come to know and love.

Milwaukee 2361-20

Both of these lights are available for purchase at Ohio Power Tool, and if you are looking for them or any of the other new Milwaukee tools that are hitting the market over the next few months, be sure to call a pro at (800) 242-4424 if you have any questions.



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