Milwaukee Expands Hand Tools with a Lot of Screwdrivers

Milwaukee Insulated Screwdrivers

In May of this year Milwaukee is planning to expand their hand tool line with several new types of drivers for a variety of applications. These hand tools continue to support their commitment to stay focused on professional trades and offer unique features to help electricians, plumbers and facility maintenance professionals.  Here is a look at a few of the unique tools and features.

Hollow Shaft Nut Driver Set

Milwaukee Nut Setters

This set of 4 Nut Drivers 48-22-2404 ($24, Ohio Power Tool) has several unique features including the 3” hollow shaft that can easily go over threaded rod and long bolts. These nut drivers also feature a unique 12 point head that allows them to adapt to Hex, Square, 12 point, 8 point and spline fasteners as well as grab rusted or stripped nuts. One final feature that we really liked with these new nut drivers is the wrench ready shaft that can be used to add force to knock stubborn bolts loose. All in all these are some very handy tools for dealing with a variety of tough situations.

Milwaukee Nut Drivers

Insulated Screwdriver Sets

Milwaukee Insulated Screwdriver

These are the first insulated hand tools from Milwaukee and will launch in 3 driver set options: 3 piece 48-22-2203 ($24), 4 piece 48-22-2204 ($59) & 10 piece 48-22-2210 ($179). These are the only UL Classified insulated drivers on the market and feature two layers of colored insulation to visually indicate when need replacement. The popularity of insulated screw drivers continues to gain in favor with many safety departments and we don’t imagine this trend with slow anytime in the near future.

10 in 1 Screwdriver Tools

Milwaukee Screwdriver

In the original launch of the Milwaukee hand tool we saw an 11 in 1 screwdriver which featured several bit tips, some basic nut driver sizes and even a wire stripper. While it was a pretty nice general purpose driver the new Milwaukee Screwdrivers get a lot more specialized including a HEX SAE, HEX Metric, Square drive, TORX, general purpose as well as two ratchet options. See all the new 10 in 1 options in Milwaukee Hand Tools.

Demolition Screwdriver Set

Milwaukee Demo Screwdrivers

We’ve all used our screwdrivers for prying things apart at one time or another but if this is a daily occurrence you should really invest in some tougher screwdrivers that are up for the job. This set of 2 striking drivers 48-22-2002 ($19) have metal ends, forged steel shanks and hardened bit tips for extra long life.



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