Is Milwaukee Getting into Dentist Tools?

Mechanics Pick Tools

It certainly looks like Milwaukee Tools might be going into dentistry but good mechanics have been using hooks & picks probably as long as dentists and look nearly identical. The above set is from the repair department at Ohio Power Tool and are one of their most frequently used tools. There is one big issue that they told us which causes them all to fail, pullout. The metal part is held in by cheap glue or a crimp and after a little use they fall apart. The above set has already been recrimped several times.   

Milwaukee Picks & Hooks

The new Milwaukee 4 Piece Set 48-22-9215 ($16) comes out in mid-late June and includes a basic storage tray. In talking with the repair techs the price would be good if they don’t fall apart and looks as though they have with a metal core that gets wider and makes it near impossible to tear out. These tools feature chrome-plated metal for corrosion and abrasion resistance. The handles offer a comfort grip for increased control and durability.

Milwaukee Hook Set

Likely you haven’t spent much time thinking about your pick tools, other than if they have failed you, very likely you won’t spend much more time on it period, nor should you. These are one of those simple tools you shouldn’t have to think about, they should just work right and it looks like Milwaukee has fixed the biggest issue, now just get them here.



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  1. Joel says:

    I actually had a set of those do the exact same thing so I ended up getting a set from king chrome which I’ve been happy with.

    But because I’m a Milwaukee fan I will definitely give them another chance since there only $16 a set.

    Do you know the exact date they plan on putting these in store?


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