Milwaukee M18 Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun 2646-21CT

milwaukee m18 cordless grease gun 2646-21CT

Milwaukee put out a press release today announcing their new M18 2-Speed Cordless Grease Gun. This particular tool looks to be continuing Milwaukee’s intent of expanding their M18 line with specialty tools geared at performing specific tasks. This particular tool would be aimed at those who use grease guns regularly, such as people in the agricultural or heavy machinery industry. Aside from the flexible hose and all of the great things that come with being a part of the M18 line, the tool features an on-board LED light, which will probably be pretty handy for whomever finds themselves using it.

The press release makes no mention of a release date, and is apparently not anywhere else on the internet right now, so you heard it here first, folks. Look for a pre-sale listing with the other M18 Tools on Ohio Power Tool sometime in the next couple of months, with a possible release in Q2 or Q3 of 2013. You can read the press release in its entirety below, and you can always call a pro at Ohio Power Tool with any of your Milwaukee Tool questions at (800) 242-4424.

MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Tool Corporation continues to expand the fastest growing 18V platform in the industry with the introduction of the new M18™ Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun. Delivering maximum performance and unmatched precision, the new Grease Gun delivers up to 10,000 PSI operating pressure and features a new to world pre-set grease counter to dispense exact amounts of grease.

“Many industries, including agriculture and manufacturing, rely on heavy machinery with hundreds of grease fittings that must be maintained daily to ensure efficiency,” says Mike Monteleone, Associate Product Manager for Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation.  “Delivering unmatched power, speed and productivity, the M18™ 2-Speed Grease Gun empowers machinery operators to handle anything from routine maintenance to challenging greasing applications in the field, rather than bringing heavy machinery into the shop for maintenance.”

Other unique features include an on-board LED light, a lock-on/lock-off trigger, and a plunger rod with markings to gauge how much grease is left in the barrel.  The tool’s stand up design and shoulder strap capability offer user convenience, while limiting fatigue and the 48” flexible hose offers greater accessibility when greasing hard to reach fittings. The new tool is also compatible with a clear barrel accessory if it is preferred by the user.

In addition, the Grease Gun is the only tool in its class with a system of compatible tools offering the user greater utility in drilling, fastening, cutting, and lighting.  The M18™ Cordless Platform continues to be the fastest growing LITHIUM-ION system with over 40 tools to date. Milwaukee® is committed to the ongoing development of this platform and will continue to provide innovative solutions that offer industry leading reliability, performance and ergonomics.

Specifications (2646-21CT)
Max Pressure – up to 10,000 PSI (L), up to 5,000 PSI (H)
Max Flowrate – 3.5 oz./min (L), 10 oz./min (H)
Weight: 8.5 lbs
Size: 9.5” H x 15” L
48” Flexible Hose (10,000 PSI Rating)
Includes 2646-20 grease gun, 48” Flex Hose w/ Spring Guard, High Pressure Grease Coupler, Shoulder Strap, (1) M18™ Compact RED LITHIUM™ Battery, 30 minute charger, and carrying case



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