Milwaukee M18 Fuel vs M18 Red Lithium Technology

Earlier this week we attended the STAFDA tool trade show but before we ever stepped foot on the show floor we saw many signs announcing Milwaukee M18 Fuel. Our curiosity was immediate sparked and eager to learn more about what it was. Could M18 Fuel be replacing Red Lithium which was the big buzz just one year before? When we got to the Milwaukee section of the show it was no more revealing, there was a huge M18 Fuel sign and a curtained off room only select customers and media folks were allowed to go into.

Wow was this strategy effective in getting all the other tool brands fired up on what was behind the curtain. By this time we had already gotten the full press release and the M18 Fuel website was live so it was not like this was really privileged information anymore but it didn’t matter. Our hats off, when it comes to making a splash the Red Team really knows how to do it right. 

Sooo What is M18 Fuel?

In a word, Brushless. Although that does not tell the full story because the M18 Fuel line also makes several advances in hardware and electronics (called REDLINK PLUS) to better regulate power output which in turn conserves battery life but also allows for more power output than current tools when needed. The smaller brushless motor (called POWERSTATE) will also last longer and provide more power output from less energy. Add the battery improvements the Red Lithium brought to the M18 line last year and you get the full package that makes up the M18 Fuel tools.

The initial launch will be just in drills and hammer drills but we expect new impacts to follow soon after. These Fuel units will not replace the current models immediately because the new tools will be coming in a noticeable price difference. The new brushless technology is still more costly but like with any technological improvements price will come down and eventually replace the brush motors all together.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel – Marketing Hype or Future of Tools

We really think the technology going into the POWERSTATE brushless motors and REDLINK PLUS power delivery intelligence are going to make these tools the next evolution in cordless drills. In actually using the new tools they are smaller and lighter than the current compact tools but still deliver more power than the full size much heavier versions, it was very impressive. We are not exactly sure how small, powerful and long lasting cordless tools will eventually be but our guess is these engineers aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

Coming early next year, one of the firsts tool shops you will find the new M18 Fuel will of course be Ohio Power Tool, check back soon for Pre-Sale ordering.



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