Milwaukee M12 & M18 Press Tools Deal – 2473-22 / 2673-22

The new Milwaukee cordless M12 & M18 copper press tools are just hitting store shelves now. Milwaukee has added a nice Mail-In Rebate promotion to help build a little excitement as well as help sell the whole copper pipe solution. The Milwaukee M12 Press Tool 2473-22 ($1799, Ohio Power Tool) and 2673-22 ($3099, Ohio Power Tool) or any of the copper pressing tools for that matter are serious investments, their thought is to automate the entire process it looks like.

We already looked at the features of these new Milwaukee Pressing Tools in a previous post and it looks like Milwaukee is really trying to create the complete system. They have broken down all the time spent on a job and tried to find a solution (tool or accessory) to maximize all of the time spent cutting, fitting, installing, reworking, etc.

The Mail-In Rebate Deal helps drive the point home by providing the M12 Copper Tube Cutter & M12 Battery ($150 Value) for FREE! By simplifying all the steps in the process at once the time savings can be significant and will ensure a uniform accurate job every time. If you are interested in the M18 Press Tool and wondering why there is not charger with the M12 tools you just walked right into the Milwaukee trap, as this M18 Tool comes with the new duel M12/M18 charger ($54, Ohio Power Tool) like you find with the M18 FUEL tools and will soon see with all the M18 tools.



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  1. How much time do we need to recharge the battery?

    • Jake B says:

      It honestly depends on the battery and the charger. For example, an 18V 48-11-1820 takes 45 minutes to charge in the dual charge 18 & 12V Charger but the 18V 48-11-1840 with the higher Ah takes 90 minutes.

  2. Lyman Stutzman says:

    Dear Milwaukee,
    I am a plumbing contractor in Arlington, Va. In July 2014 I purchased the M12 copper press tool, and thoroughly enjoy this wonderful method of installing copper pipes quickly! My supply dealer (Chris Wescott, Aitcheson company, 703-548-7600) told me about the Mikwaukee promotional this summer, which we followed up in September 2014 as required. We filled out the form with Chris and asked for an M12 press cutter and a tool bag. I have asked Chris several times about this order, but nothing has arrived. We were wondering what happened, and why nothing has come about with your promotional tools. Thanks for your time, Lyman Stutzman, Master’s Service, LLC, plumbing

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