Milwaukee RedLithium USB Lights & Battery System

Milwaukee RedLithiumUSB

Just hitting the streets recently Milwaukee has 3 new LED personal light solutions using the new REDLITHIUM USB battery platform. We saw these light first at the New Product Symposium (#NPS17) and they have been in very high demand for pre-sales. The 3 options include a 475 lumen Hard Hat Light 2111-21 ($59), 445 Lumen Rover Flood Light 2112-21 ($59) and a waterproof 700 lumen flashlight 2110-21 ($69). These are just the first of what we are guessing will be many new tools for the REDLITHIUM USB platform.

In addition to the LED lights of course you can but the USB battery 48-11-2130 ($19), just the charger 48-59-2002 ($25) or battery/charger kit 48-59-2003 ($39). While it would be nice to have a backup battery for the light clearly the Red team is building this new platform here to really open up more possibilities that M12 pack is just too large for. There was actually an “M4” cordless system for a little while which only ever had 1 tool, a screwdriver, of course this SKU seems like a logical addition to the RedLithium USB platform. Some other items that come to mind would be voltage/testing meters, temp guns, line lasers, distance finders, 2way radios, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones and pretty much anything that might use AA or AAA batteries.

Milwaukee LED Flashlights

Speaking of AAA alkaline battery lights, Milwaukee also launched those too… Pen Light 100 lumen 2105 ($19) and Headlamp 300 lumen 2106 ($39) which line up very similarly to many other brand lights such as Rayovac or Maxxeon. The pen light does have a rubberized grip on the end to hold in your teeth which is smart. We were pretty curious why it was so much thicker than other pen lights so we cut in half with a Band Saw, not sure what we were expecting to find but turns out it is just a thick piece of aluminum.

Milwaukee Pen Light 2105

Overall we really like the RedLithium USB system, solid lights and great way to build out many more new rechargeable battery solution. These all should be available and in-stock now!



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