Milwaukee Step Bits Optimized for Cordless Drilling

Milwaukee Step Bit

Step bits have been around since before my time and at first glance the new Milwaukee Step Bits look pretty similar to others in the marketplace. Looks can be deceiving in this case because these new bits do have some advanced features which are hard to appreciate. For starters the Rapid Strike tip is more pronounced to start the hole clean and avoid any walking. The bits also have a black oxide coating to prolong bit life and a duel flute for faster speed but you can find similar features on other bits.

The main difference of the new Milwaukee bits is also the hardest to see. The competition bits are designed for low RPM speeds which going back several years most metal drilling was done with a corded drill at lower RPMs. Today a much higher percentage of drilling is done with cordless drills that spin at much higher RPMs and are just as powerful if not more so than drills of the past. With these new bits Milwaukee has been able to create a bit that can handle the higher speeds and do so with “Jam-Free Performance” which in our testing is very accurate.

Milwaukee has also provided a clear numbering system for all their sizes which is key for making sure you get the right bit when you reorder. We wish Irwin, GreenLee, Lenox, Bosch and the others could all agree on what a #9 or #11 step bit is but it doesn’t look like we are all going to be that lucky.

For any questions on any of the Milwaukee Tool products give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424. For more info on the Milwaukee Step Bits check out the full Milwaukee press release below.

Step Bit Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Tool Corporation continues to provide productivity-enhancing solutions for the professional with the introduction of a new line of Step Bits. Designed to deliver Jam-Free Performance, the new products are the first Step Drill Bits on the market that are optimized for cordless drills in high speed.

“Until now, users have been forced to choose between step bits that provide control at the cost of speed, or step bits that deliver fast cuts, but sacrifice control and hole quality. The competition’s bits were specifically designed for corded drills with low RPM and high torque, and therefore perform poorly in cordless tools with high RPM and lower torque,” says Brian Dieck, Group Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool Corporation. “Seeing this on the jobsite, it was imperative that we deliver a solution for cordless drills in high speed – the preferred method and reality for most professionals in the field today.”

Working closely with users, Milwaukee® has researched and designed the new step bit line around high speed. Optimizing multiple variables through a proprietary design process, Milwaukee® was able to deliver a solution that will provide maximum speed, control, accuracy and life when used with cordless drills in high speed.

To begin, Milwaukee® recognized that many step bits failed at the tip, leading to premature failure.  With the development of a new design called the Rapid Strike™ Tip, the Milwaukee step bits prevent bit walking and deliver fast, accurate starts that generate less heat. Coupled with a dual flute step geometry engineered with a performance focus, these step bits deliver up to 2X faster hole times, provide up to 4X longer life and boast up to 50% more holes per battery charge than the competition.

In addition, the new Step Bits include a black oxide coating for enhanced durability, hole quality and bit life.  For user convenience and accuracy, each bit also has laser-engraved reference marks you can see while drilling. The 3-flat Secure-Grip™ shank ensures a solid connection with the drill chuck.

Made in the USA, the new Milwaukee® Step Bits will offer the most complete range of sizes with 11 different step bits and 3 kit variations.  Ranging from 1/2″ to 1-3/8”, each bit demonstrates Milwaukee’s continued commitment to delivering innovative accessory solutions to save time and increase productivity on the jobsite.

Available Now:
48-89-9201 – #1 Step Drill Bit, 1/8″ – 1/2″ by 1/32″
48-89-9204 – #4 Step Drill Bit, 3/16″ – 7/8″ by 1/16″
48-89-9209 – #9 Step Drill Bit, 7/8″ & 1-1/8″
48-89-9202 – #2 Step Drill Bit, 3/16″ – 1/2″ by 1/16″
48-89-9203 – #3 Step Drill Bit, 1/4″ – 3/4″ by 1/16″
48-89-9205 – #5 Step Drill Bit, 1/4″ – 1-3/8″ by 1/8″
48-89-9206 – #6 Step Drill Bit, 3/8″ & 1/2″ by 1/16″
48-89-9207 – #7 Step Drill Bit, 7/8″ Single Hole
48-89-9208 – #8 Step Drill Bit, 1/2″ – 1″ by 1/16″
48-89-9211 – #11 Step Drill Bit, 7/8″ – 1-7/32″
48-89-9212 – #12 Step Drill Bit, 7/8″ – 1-3/8″
48-89-9221 – Step Drill Bit 3-Piece Set
48-89-9223 – Step Drill Bit 4-Piece Set
48-89-9224 – Step Drill Bit 6-Piece Set



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