Milwaukee Tool Framing Hammers Spring 2017

Milwaukee Framing Hammers

We have been waiting for many years for the Milwaukee Framing Hammers, ever since they acquired the premium Stiletto Hammer line it seemed like a logical way to expand their offering. Launching in April there will be 5 new hammers: two 17oz hammers 48-22-9016 milled face $39, 48-22-9017 smooth face $39, as well as two 22oz hammers 48-22-9022 milled face $35, 48-22-9023 smooth face $35 and final a poly/fiberglass 19oz hammer smooth face $29. There is a lot of technology that went into these hammers for great balance, vibration reduction, durable construction, nail setting magnet and of course trying to reduce the weight as much as possible.

Framing Hammers from Milwaukee

This is one of the first times we have seen the Milwaukee branded Red Tools not be the premium option to one of the acquisitions but with Stiletto already such a well know name it would be hard to justify. These new Milwaukee Hammers will compete very well with Estwing, Vaughan, Dewalt and others and most likely help the Stiletto name remain on top. That being said we would fully expect to see the Milwaukee hammer lineup grow more into the premium space.

Fiberglass Framing Hammer

Check back soon to pre-order these hammers – Milwaukee Tools



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  1. Adam Smith says:

    Looks very good works nice, but a wooden handle version will make it just awesome and versatile

  2. These seem to be great. The price is reasonable i guess. Looks like it has some good reviews too. Can’t wait to get these for myself. Cheers

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