Milwaukee Tool New Sawzall Blades with Actual Fangs

Possible the most secretive of all the new tools and accessories we learned about at the Milwaukee Media Event was their new Sawzall Blades. Even the sample they sent us had our name printed on it as a “special edition”; either because they think our ego is huge or they don’t want us selling it to the highest bidder. These are not even new models simply improvements on their existing wood blades including several standard and The Ax products. These new blades will be working their way into inventory starting November 1st. So why the secrecy? Obviously Milwaukee Tool prides themselves on the Sawzall, along with the blades, as they are the inventors. These guys are not messing around when it comes to the Sawzall. Two guaranteed ways to really get a Milwaukee Rep excited put a Lenox or Bosch Blade on a Milwaukee Sawzall or call another manufacturers reciprocating saw a “Sawzall”.

So what is going to make you search out these new blades the next time you are looking for some wood reciprocating blades? There are 2 new features on these blades the Nail Guard & Fang Tip you might find interesting.

Nail Guard is a small bump you can see on the back side of the tooth, you won’t even notice it unless you are looking but what it does is keeps a nail from getting down into the gulley before the tooth. This prevents the tooth from getting knocked off and ensures a longer life to the blade.

Fang Tip is the second feature and not only the coolest sounding but actually the coolest new feature we’ve seen added to a reciprocating blade maybe ever. The Fang Tip allows you to easily plunge cut strait into wood sheets. This will be very handy for subfloor removal and various other tasks and unlike other blades far less likely to snag and bend the blade.

You can tell these blades apart by the red tips not on the current models. Ohio Power Tool will most likely be one of the first to stock the new blades. If you are excited to try them out check back in November on their Sawzall Blades page, the picture will get updated to the picture you see at the top as inventor switches over.         

From the Milwaukee Press ReleaseMILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation introduces innovative new wood cutting SAWZALL® Blades, in both standard and The Ax™ profiles, to deliver the fastest speed of cut, greatest durability against nail impacts, and the quickest plunge cut of any blade on the market. “Until now, users have been forced to choose between wood cutting blades that deliver fast cuts, but sacrifice durability, and very durable blades that cut relatively slowly,” says Erich Herman, Director of Product Management. “As a result of this frustration, Milwaukee is excited to offer this new-to-world solution that delivers both the fastest speed of cut and the most durable teeth without trade-off.”

To address speed, Milwaukee has researched and optimized multiple design variables through a proprietary design process. The most notable change has been the shift from a 6 TPI (teeth per inch) pattern to a faster, more aggressive 5 TPI pattern. To increase tooth durability, Milwaukee has developed the patent-pending Nail Guard™ tooth design to prevent nails from fracturing the blade’s teeth upon impact. The cutting edge of the new tooth form remains engaged with the nail, rather than allowing nails to drop into the gullets and cause teeth-fracturing impacts. The combined result is a blade that is tougher and cuts two times faster. Finally, Milwaukee has created a pair of unique, fang-like teeth and an extra large gullet to deliver the fastest plunge cut available in the industry. While ordinary designs bounce or skate along the work piece surface, this Fang Tip™ design bites into the wood on first contact to make the cut virtually effortless.

The launch of these new SAWZALL® Blades demonstrates Milwaukee Electric Tool’s continued commitment to delivering innovative accessory solutions to save time and increase productivity on the jobsite.



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