Milwaukee Tools 2017 Holidays for the PROs

Each year we work to cut through the holiday hype and find the tool deals for professional! There are plenty of promotions out there for $99 cordless drill kit, they have their place but there are also some great deals to be had for professional tools as well from the top brands, today we are just looking at Milwaukee Tools (other brands coming very soon)!

Milwaukee Holidays 2017

One of the Big Deals this season is for FREE Tools, 2 Tool FUEL Combo Kits (2897-22 or 2796-22) as well as the M18 FUEL Miter Saw 10” 2734-21HD and you get your choice of a Free FUEL Tool: M18 Grinder 2780-20, M18 Mid-Torque Impact 2861-20, M18 7-1/4” Circ Saw 2731-20, M18 9.0Ah Battery 48-11-1890,
M18 Rocket Light 2130-20 or a M18 Sawzall 2720-20 which is the most common choice at a $199 value.

For the larger M18 FUEL Combo Kits 4 Tool 2896-24 ($599) and 6 Tool 2896-26 ($999) they automatically get the Mid-Torque FUEL 2861-20 ($189 value) which would likely be the next logical choice to make it a 5 Tool or 7 Tool combo set.

Milwaukee M18 Battery

Almost all the other M18 FUEL Tool Kits get a FREE 5.0Ah battery 48-11-1850, there are 30+ options you can see FULL DEAL here including pretty much all the FUEL Impacts, Saws, Mud Mixers, Grinders, etc.


The M12 FUEL tools are strong as well, the one “$99 home center kit” deal we really do like is the M12 FUEL tools in the compact PACKOUT boxes 2453-21P Impact and 2404-21P Hammer Drill. For many trades these compact tools with a very nice storage solution like this make a ton of sense. The PACKOUT system has been widely popular with big back orders already, there is a huge promotion for a 3-Box PACKOUT starter kit for $199, which is the “Black Friday Deal” but will likely be harder to find than a Tickle-Me-Elmo circa 1998 at any price.

Milwaukee Plumbing Tools

Mail-In Rebate deals are also very strong for pros from Milwaukee for the rest of the year as well (SEE ALL HERE). Heavy on plumbing tools, whether you prefer the crimp PEX or expansion PEX tools there are some aggressive rebates on both as well as copper pressing tools. The 10T KnockOut Kit for electricians and for anyone interested in tool tracking the TICK 50 Packs have dropped $200 to $799 and Mail-In for a FREE iPAD!

M12 Heated Gear Deal

Another nice Mail-in rebate which could be for anyone is for the Heated Gear, M12 Heated Jackets or M12 Heated Hoodies doesn’t matter if they are Kits or Bare you get your choice of a FREE M12 Battery or one Milwaukee Knit Hats 502B ($17). All the Milwaukee Heated Gear is in pretty tight supply this season with popular size stock outs in September on some SKUs.

Cordless Soldering iron

Of course all the new Milwaukee products are launching now are already in very high demand but don’t necessarily have any special deals RedLithiumUSB Lighting, M18 Drain Cleaning, M12 Soldering Gun, M18 FUEL Hackzall, Staplers, Heat Guns, Coolers and the hits just keep on coming!

With top online Milwaukee Deals like Ohio Power Tool shipping is FREE on most cordless and accessories additionally if you get over $1000 there are financing options through QuickSpark so you can get the tools now to be able to do your job. Of course if you have any questions at all give them a call at 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to help you find the right tool for the job.



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    send me more deals on tools

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    Looking for M,18 ,,,,3/8 drive impact.

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