New Bosch Nailer from Across the Pond – Bosch GSK18VLI


When it comes to Bosch, the tools that you see in Europe are often a sign of things to come for the tools that will be available in the US. Right now, there is a new finishing nailer by Bosch that completely forgoes any kind of gas or compression and is completely powered by Bosch 4.0 Ah Cool Pack batteries. Our friends across the pond are speculating that this Bosch GSK18VLI could be the beginning of the end for the gas nailer.

Regardless of the future of the gas nailer, this tool is pretty impressive. It is compatible with Paslode and Dewalt 20 ° nails. The tools drive 1.6 mm Brad nails that are from 1-1/4” – 2-1/2” long. It can fire up to three nails per second, and comes with a precision nail depth control and a tool-free jam clearing head (I loved when the British guy in the video described nail jams and their removal as “fiddly”). Unfortunately, there is really no telling when this tool might be made available in the US but I personally hope they will be here sooner rather than later.

Ohio Power Tool has plenty of 18V Bosch Tools to keep you satiated in the meantime. If you have a question about one, you can either check out their website or call a pro at (800) 242-4424.

As always, a big shout-out to our friends in the UK at Toolstop for the scoop and the photos.



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  1. brian says:

    Great post, thank you!

  2. Geir Olsen says:

    but why was this discontinued? And are there roumers of a new version?

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