New CA-100 Ridgid Micro SeeSnake 36738 – 3rd Generation

That is right the very popular Ridgid Micro is now in its 3rd generation for production. The new SeeSnake Micro CA-100 ($224, Ohio Power Tool) has a new design with several upgrades from the previous version, not to mention a slightly lower price. It seems like only yesterday the first Micro hit the shelves to unbelievable instant popularity. Previous bore scoops were hundreds or thousands of dollars more. This unit made it easy for everyone to own one of these handy tools.

The new Micro CA-100 model has many similarities to the previous generation including 320×240 resolution, RCA video out, AA battery power, 3 tool attachments and hard plastic case. The improvements include larger 3.5” screen, rotating image and improved 4 light imaging head. The new 3’ imagining head is actually almost the same one from the Ridgid MicroExplorer (just no digital self-leveling); see pictures and testing of that head in our Milwaukee AV vs Ridgid Explorer review.

The downside of the new unit is there are no 9.5mm models so if you need the smaller diameter head you will need to purchase this CA-100 unit which comes with a 17mm head, then also buy the 9.5mm replacement head ($102, Ohio Power Tool). Also there plans for an even smaller 6mm head to come in the next few months. If you have any other questions feel free to call the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424.  



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