No Priming and Auto Shutoff with M18 Fluid Transfer Pump 2771

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The Milwaukee cordless fluid transfer pump 2771-21 ($271) seeks to provide a cordless solution for jobs that require water transfer.

Milwaukee has always considered plumbers to be one of their “core trades,” so it never comes as a surprise when they make a tool targeted directly to plumbers. The Milwaukee M18 fluid transfer pump seeks to remove the hassle of lugging extension cords into tight basement¬†jobs or locating power when electricity is out or outlets are hard to come by.

The M18 Fluid transfer pump is self-priming, and automatically shuts off when it is pumping dry. This adds to the user friendly nature of the tool, and means that other jobs can be done while the transfer pump is working. The targeted use of the tool is emptying hot water heaters, but i’m sure enterprising folks will find creative and unexpected uses for something like this.

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This tool won’t be released until October 2016, so Milwaukee hasn’t even announced what its part number will be, but optimistically it will be able to transfer water without any solids at a rate of 7.5 gallons per minute, and be able to run for 24 minutes and transfer 180 gallons of water on a single 3.0 Ah battery charge. The tool has a battery storage compartment to protect the battery from wet conditions that can accommodate even the large 9.0 Ah batteries. Available as a bare tool 2771-20 ($179)

Ohio Power Tool will have these available for pre-order as soon as Milwaukee has a price and a part number, so stay tuned for these and any other great M18 tools old and new.



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  1. Flensmonteur says:

    Amazing tool !! M18 Fluid transfer pump is highly efficient and effective water transfer with automatic switches.

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