Top Deals: Bosch 36 Volt Litheon Tools


As the new Bosch 18V Litheon tools hit the shelves over the next few weeks the prices of the Bosch 36V Litheon will be going back to normal. Some of the tools have already gone back such as the CPK41-36 4 tool kit at $781.00 or the Bosch Hammer Drill 18636-01 at $404. If you are still looking to get your hands on the best 36V tools for really cheap no fear there are still a few deals out there.

CPK42-36 – 4 Tool Combo Kit with free 3rd Fat Pack Battery – $549

18363-02 – Bosch Hammer Drill with 2 Fat Pack Batteries – $199

A Bosch 36V Hammer Drill for $199, are you kidding? This is defiantly a contender for the best drill on the market, as far a heavy duty drills go. Each battery alone sells for $148. This is the final push to get people hooked on the 36V system once October hits this drill will be $450 again and you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting one.

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Tanaka Power Augers

Tanaka makes several of the most powerful and lightweight gas motors which they use to power a wide range of products. Two of their more popular models are the Power Augers, available in one or two man configurations. Both the TIA-350S (one man) and TEA-500 (two man) use the same attachments which range from 2” to 12” auger earth bits, pengo clay bits and ice bits. The TIA-350S is the perfect tool for installing fence posts, setting footers, planting trees or ice fishing. The TEA-500 is made for the larger jobs including utility work and construction.  


  • 32 cc, 1.6 h.p. Tanaka two-stroke engine
  • S-Start system reduces the amount of pull-force required by 40 percent
  • 33.2 output torque (ft lbs.)
  • 17.6 lbs – empty


  • 50 cc, 2.5 h.p. Tanaka two-stroke engine
  • 33:1 gear reduction
  • 55.2 output torque (ft lbs.)
  • Dual safety throttles
  • 37.5 lbs – empty

Checkout the video below to see the Tanaka Power Augers in action. Ohio Power Tool stocks a wide range of the Tanaka gas powered drills & augers as well as all the accessories needed. If you have any questions about the Power Augers give the pros a call at 800-242-4424.

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Bosch 18V Lithium Ion Combo Kit – CLPK40-180


Recently we have had some questions about the release of the Bosch 18V Litheon Drills and when the saws and other tools would be available. The answer is they will be available at the same time as the Drills in early October… sort of. The 4 tool combo kit with the hammer drill 17618, circular saw CCS180, reciprocating saw CRS180 and flashlight CFL180 will be here in October. The individual units will however not be available for sale until sometime later, probably next year. Below is the basic info on each tool:  

Hammer Drill 17618

  • High torque mode produces over 650 in.-lbs.
  • High speed mode produces 2,050 RPM, up to 30,750 BPM
  • Durashield™ Housing & unibody powertrain provide optimum reinforcement to withstand real world conditions
  • Bosch Litheon™ Batteries – State-of-art Lithium-ion battery technology coupled with Bosch’s proprietary ECP (Electronic Cell Protection) system guarantees the optimal performance of tool and batteries even for tough work conditions.
  • Bosch Litheon™ Batteries – Designed for maximum cyclelife, minimum self-discharge and no memory effect
  • 1/2" Metal Chuck for increased durability
  • High Strength Metal Collar enhances tool durability and protection when dropped on the chuck
  • Newly Designed Powertrain and Gears increases tool life and durability
  • LED Light is great for dark or enclosed areas
  • Ergonomic two-tone soft grip handle – For extended comfort and control
  • 25 Position Clutch
  • Variable speed trigger for complete control

6-1/2” Circular Saw CCS180

  • 6 1/2" Saw Blade can completely cut through 2x material even at full depth of cut
  • Exclusive anti-snag lower guard for easing into the work piece
  • Easy to read depth of cut gauge maximizes cutting performance
  • 50 degree bevel gives you a wider range of applications
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum foot and upper guard for enhanced durability on the toughest jobsites
  • Spindle Lock allows for faster and easier blade change
  • No Load RPM: 3,900

Reciprocating Saw CRS180

  • Compact size makes it easier to get into tight spaces
  • Lightweight tool equals less fatigue
  • 2-speed allows you to adjust to the material your up against
  • Lock-Jaw™ blade holder is the easiest blade change system
  • 1 1/8" stroke allows for more material to be removed per stroke
  • Variable Speed Trigger helps you ease into the material without an kickback
  • No Load RPM: 0-2,400/0-2,700

Flashlight CFL180

  • Easy to fit into tight spaces with this compact flashlight
  • Handle has 2 screw holes for mounting/positioning light from above – Easy to position to light your work space
  • The wide angle beam allows you to cover more area
  • Litheon technology enables up to 4 hours of continuous run time
  • With 7 detents and 360° handle rotation you are able to place the light anywhere you want it
  • Tool-less bulb change

The CLPK40-180 4 tool combo kit is $549, priced exactly the same as the new Milwaukee M18 kit 2690-24 which also has a hammer drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw and flashlight. The tools are very evenly matched in performance and both tool systems feature the 2 different size batteries (both kits have 2 larger batteries). We will do an in-depth head to head once the tools come in but from the numbers it looks like the decision would be some what based on brand loyalty. You can pre-order the CLPK40-180 from Ohio Power Tool as well as any of the other new Bosch 14.4V or 18V Litheon Drills. 


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Power Tool Blogs & RSS Feeds

Obviously I am a big believer in getting my news through blogs. Daily I read dozens of blogs on Power Tools, Home Improvements, Cars, Computer Stuff, etc. The easiest way to keep up with everything you are interested in is to subscribe to RSS feeds and have the information sent directly to you through (or your reader of choice). However these pages get really crowded really fast so a few months ago I consolidated all the RSS feeds into a few single RSS feeds based on the general topics by using Yahoo Pipes. Through the Yahoo Pipes service you can take all the blogs and news sites related to one topic and consolidate them all into a single RSS feed, filtered how you see fit. So when you want to see what’s going on in car world you can just check out the feeds for Car Blogs. I did these for my own use however over the past few months these Pipes have been cloned 100+ times and run 100,000+ times. Apparently other people liked these consolidated feeds as well.

The Power Tool Blog Pipe features all the most popular blogs including:,,,, Tool Geek, & Ridgid Forum. It is filtered for just the good stuff, I love but I don’t need the updates for what’s on TV tonight. It might not make a lot of sense for us (as Ohio Power Tool) to promote the Tool King & Tool Barn blogs as they are the competition but in terms of good info we know we can’t provide it all and don’t have any delusions we are the only tool blog around.

My personal though is the more information people have the more they are likely to buy quality tools from knowledgeable companies and not cheap junk tools. More & more people are doing a little research online before buying anything and realize they can get better tools, cheaper online (or in the stores of companies which are competing online). I think, as a whole, companies that are providing customs with more information are collectively getting more and more business so we should try to provide as much info as possible.

Other collective RSS feeds you might be interested in:       
Home Improvement Blogs – Bob Villa, DIY network, many more
Green Building & Living – Treehugger, greenbean, dwell, autobloggreen, many more
Car Guy Blogs – Autoblog, Edmunds, Motor Trend, many more



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Milwaukee M18 Compact Combo Kits – In-Stock

Milwaukee has now shipped the 2691-22 M18 Compact Combo Kit ($299) which includes the compact drill 2601 and the ¼” hex impact 2650. The kit also comes with 2 compact batteries, hard case and the M18 charger. The new M18 impact is a real winner for Milwaukee, it has the most power, longest run time, while still being one of the lightest in its class. The M18 tools are the second generation Lithium Ion from Milwaukee Tool and improve upon what was already one of the most popular 18 volt lithium tool lines in the business with the V18 tools. We can be pretty confident at this point the rest of the M18 Tools and Combo kits will be shipping by the October 1st launch.  


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Bosch Glass & Tile Drill Bits

 Bosch has recently launched a line of Glass & Tile drill bits which range in size from 1/8” to 1”. These bits are ideal for bathroom installations, fastening mirrors, setting screws in tile, relief holes in glass, holding signage and much more. The new Bosch bits feature carbide tips for long life, reinforced heads to prevent cracking, precision ground tips which prevents bit walking and they are the only company to offer up to 1” size. The 8 piece drill bit set ($38) is a no brainer even if you only need 2 or 3 sizes. Of course you can get the set or any individual bit from    

 I though this might also be a great time to test the New Bosch PS30-2a 3/8” drill as these drills will ship within the next few days. The PS30 handled these glass and tile bits amazingly well as you can see in the above video. We also tested a ¾” Rapid Feed Spade bit and different size drill bits all with outstanding performance.   


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Milwaukee M12 vs. Bosch 12V Max

I’m sure most people are fully aware of the new compact tools being launched by both Milwaukee and Bosch, and possibly tired of hearing about them. Apparently I can’t shut about it but there is a lot happening all at once after what seems like a long drought of no new tools. Obviously these tools have a huge potential for gifts around the holidays so it’s no wonder they delayed the launch until October just in time to get the word out and all the products on the shelves for holiday shopping season.

Finally I think we have the full picture of what tools are available for each of these lines at least until first quarter 2009. At this point I think it’s probably more important to look at the full lines vs. simply comparing tool for tool as we did previously with Bosch Pocket Driver vs. Milwaukee Micro Driver. When it comes down to it most people are probably going to assume the drivers, impacts and flashlights will work fairly similar with both lines. These will probably not drive the buying decisions but the two lines do have some different tools available that are very unique.

Milwaukee M12
Micro Driver 2401-22 – $132
Impact 2450-22 – $179
Flashlight 29-24-0145 – $19
M-Spector 2310-21 – $239
Copper Tube Cutter 2471-22 – $219
Hackzall 2420-22 – $179

Bosch 12 Volt Max
Pocket Driver PS20-2A – $132
i-Driver PS10-2A – $155
Impactor PS40-2A – $183
Flash Light FL11 – $39
3/8” Drill PS30-2A – $159
Multi-X PS50-2A– $199

They match up fairly evenly with 6 tools each but some big differences in what they do. In just looking at the unique tools Milwaukee has the M-Spector, Pipe Cutter & Hackzall while Bosch has the i-Drive, 3/8” Drill & Multi-X. My first reaction is that the Bosch products have more broad appeal, if we are talking about the regular user or DIY guy I think these might make more sense. The Milwaukee products however are focused on professionals and do a good job of using the small size to create great new supplemental tools for someone who already has an 18 volt drill and other tools. The ace in the hole for Bosch is really the Multi-X PS50, there has been a lot of buzz about this one. The tool has so many uses and really can do jobs no other tool can. If you are already committed to the Milwaukee M12 line you can always pick up the Dremel Multi-Max for $99 which can tackle the same basic jobs but it has also got a cord.     

Milwaukee has some nice multiple tool kits which make a lot of sense as the tool only versions of most of these new tools will not be available until later (I am assuming after the end of the year) and how many batteries and chargers do you really need. Also I hate to discredit the Hackzall, I think this thing has a ton of use for everyone; it’s very powerful, incredibly easy to use, part jigsaw, part Rotozip, part Sawzall and very small. The 2490-22 kit with Micro Driver and Hackzall for $249 will be extremely popular for Pros and DIY guys alike.   

It’s a very tough call. I don’t think the decision would be that easy for anyone. For plumbers, HVAC, electricians and other tradesman I would have to give an advantage to the Milwaukee M12 line for some of their specialty tools. For everyone else I think it’s going to be hard to pass up the PS50 Multi-X tool. This thing is going to be all over those “Top 10 Gifts for a Guy” lists this holiday.


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Top Deals: Ridgid Seesnake Micro 25643

For the month of September at Ohio Power Tool you can get free shipping on all Ridgid seesnakes, locators, inspection equipment and transmitters. That includes pre-sales on the Ridgid Explorer, Seesnake Micro and all the accessories. In addition to free shipping, the Micro also includes a free 3’ extension 26658 which normally sell for around $50. The free extension deal is good until November 15th which is about the same time the second generation Micro will be released. The new Micro will get updated thumb controls and a different hard plastic case but it will also be slightly more expensive ($239 same price as Milwaukee M-Spector) honestly I would rather probably have the current model with a free 3’ extension. For professionals you might just want to step it up and get the Seesnake Explorer ($690) to have the ability to record images & video. Below is an image of the new Micro with the different controls, if you really want to wait pre-sales will be available shortly on

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Early Arrival on Milwaukee M12 Launch Kits

In very non-customary fashion some of the Milwaukee M12 tool kits have actually shipped well before the target October 1st launch date. After previous delays in receiving new products I think Milwaukee has final figured out the formula: under promise, over deliver. These two kits are the M12 launch specials and will only be available for a short time. Don’t be expecting these to be around after October anywhere.  


The M-Spector kit 2310-21P features the two tools currently available but for $269 that is about $100 less than their individual price. It includes a case which fits both tools together, 2 batteries, charger, M-Spector & Micro Driver.



The M12 Impact Kit 2490-23 features 2 new tools the impact & flashlight as well as the Micro Driver currently available. The individual impact and flashlight will still not be available until the official October 1st launch but you can get them early with this kit. Price on this kit is $199 at Ohio Power Tool.  


These two M12 Launch kit are available now but the other M12 tools and kits will not be available until October 1, and now I have a little more faith we will actually get them on time. The launch kits will again only be available for a very short time, my guess is these will all be gone very soon.






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Some Fein Lookin’ Tools – Bosch PS50 & Dremel Multi-Max

Now where have we seen tools that look like these before? It’s no secret that many companies have been waiting for the day they can legally bring products to market that can compete directly with the Fein MultiMaster. Fein has been unbelievably successful with these tools and if you have ever used one you will know exactly why. I even saw a MultiMaster Tool infomercial. Fein makes great professional quality tools however they are definitely on the pricier side which may keep these tools out of many people’s hands.

There are two new models that will compete directly with the Fein MultiMaster. Both Bosch & Dremel have new tools that will be significantly cheaper but do the same basic multi tool jobs. The Bosch will work with the existing cordless 12V max batteries while the Dremel Multi-Max will be a corded model.

Dremel Multi-Max vs. Fein MultiMaster

The Dremel Multi-Max will start at $99 vs. Fein MultiMaster Start at $245. Both are similar in size and have the same max oscillation per minute at 21,000 OPM. They both can use either brands attachments but the Dremel attachments will cost about half as much. Both feature quick change options. At 40% of the price I think the Dremel might be the choice for many people who have not picked up a Fein yet.

Bosch Multi-X PS50 vs. Fein MultiMaster ACCU Cordless

On Power rating the Fein is 9.6V vs. Bosch at 12V. On Speed the Fein has a Max 14,500 OPM vs. Bosch Max 20,000 OPM. On price the Fein Cordless in $481.50 and the Bosch PS50-2A is $179. The Bosch also works with a wide range of other great 12V Max tools, with more to come. The Bosch Accessories are about half the price of the Fein but work interchangably with Fein 636 model’s accessories. I think we may have a new player in the field when the PS50 is actually available.  

The target launch date for both tools is October 1st. The Bosch and Dremel models can be pre-ordered from Ohio Power Tool on a first orders in first order shipped basis. The guys at Tool Snob posted some preliminary details on the Dremel unit over a month ago to give you an ideal of how highly anticipated these tools have been. These models could easily be back ordered after the launch so get a pre-order in soon. Ohio Power Tool will stock a wide range of blades and sanding accessories from each brand after the launch on October 1st but each tool does come with several accessories. *Note the accessories are different for each tool.


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