How Do I See Past the Toilet Trap? …microDrain

Our hopes for the original Ridgid Seesnake Micro were crushed when we found out it couldn’t get past the traps. When we heard the 9.5mm head was coming there was again discussion it would be more flexible and it would do the job but again hopes and dream down the drain. Then news of the microExplorer… surely this would be the answer to our prayers but with all the great new features it still could not pass the trap test… until now.

Finally Ridgid has solved the problem once and for all. Coming this summer you can get your hands on a simple portable machine that will take you to the promise land on the other side of that trap. It is called the Ridgid microDrain and you can see the video of it in action below (Ohio Power Tool will have pre-ordering available several months before its release). It will work with the Ridgid microExplorer which means you can capture pictures and video onto your SD card. It also means you have another reason to pickup the Explorer now if you haven’t already got one. The new microDrain is basically a 30ft push cable on a light weight reel (8.6 lbs together) with a 22mm head, small enough for toilet traps and 1-1/4” lines. The Explorer attaches perfectly for a very compact nice package which will be very easy to carry around.    

Ridgid Micro Explorer

This makes me even more excited about the future investment Ridgid is putting into the Micro Explorer product. We still haven’t seen any updates about what is to come for the expansion slots but the hope is we could see thermal, infrared or other imaging technologies available which could greatly expand the functionality of these cameras. Obviously that means the Explorer is going to be around for several years to come in its current form so no excuses not to get one.     



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Home of the FREE Battery Deals

Ohio Power Tool has become the home of the Free Battery Deals. Some people do free shipping but that’s only good for a couple bucks, these free battery deals can save you up to $150. Nothing is more annoying or a bigger waist of time than running out of battery power. Make sure it never happens to you again! Here is the full list of all the free battery deals currently available at Ohio Power Tool:

Milwaukee M12 Tools – Mail-in Rebate (until 4/30/09)
M-Spector w/free MicroDriver – $249
M12 Micro Driver – $116
M12 Impact Driver – $179
M12 Copper Tube Cutter – $219
M12 Hackzall – $179

Bosch 12V Max Tools – Instant Rebate (While Supplies Last)
PS10 i-Driver – $139
PS20 Pocket Driver – $114
PS30 Drill/Driver – $147
PS40 Impactor – $159
PS50-2A Multi-X – $179
PS50-2B Multi-X – $199

Milwaukee V28 Tools: – Instant Rebate (While Supplies Last)
V28 4 Tool Combo Kit – $699
V28 3 Tool Combo Kit – $576
V28 Hammer Drill – $419
V28 Right Angle Drill – $389
V28 SDS Rotary Hammer – $728
V28 ½” Impact Wrench – 473
V28 Bandsaw – $451
V28 Sawzall – $419
V28 Circular Saw – $419
V28 Metal Circular Saw – $496
V28 Grinder – 348

Bosch 36V Litheon Tools – Instant Rebate (While Supplies Last)
4 Tool Combo Kit CPK42-36 – $549

If you are looking for 18V tools from Bosch or Milwaukee there are also special deals right now for them just not free batteries. Bosch 18V Tools have a trade-in deal which could save you up to $100. Milwaukee M18 Tools include a free Impact Drive tool, a $179 value, with some of the tools and combo kits.   


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Bosch 18V Lithium Ion Trade-In Deal – Up to $100 Off

Have you beaten up your old cordless tools to the point they are about to give out… or have they already quit working on you? No problem because until April 30th, 2009 at Ohio Power Tool you can get up to $100 for that old tool simply by purchasing a new Bosch 18V Litheon Tool.

This promotion includes 3 stand alone tools including the 18V Compact Drill/Driver ($179 w/ discount), 18V Brute Drill/Driver ($239 w/ discount) & 18V Brute Hammer Drill/Driver ($255 w/ discount)  

If you have you eye on the Bosch 18V 4 Tool combo kit CLPK40-180 with Hammer Drill/Driver, Reciprocating Saw, Circular Saw and Flashlight you can save $100 simply by sending in your oldest most beat up 18V tool.

The Bosch 18V Litheon tools are some of the most powerful, well built cordless tools on the market today. The Hammer Drill is rated at 650 ft/lbs torque, more powerful than most other 24, 28 or 36 volt cordless hammer drills. They are backed by the industry-leading ProVantage warranty, good for 3 years of tool protection & 2 years battery replacement.

The Trade-In tool must be received before the new tool can be shipped. The trade-in tool must also be an 18V professional tool. The Trade-In tool is not required to operate correctly and does not need to include a working battery although we encourage you to send them in so we can recycle them through proper channels.

If you have any questions about how to ship the tools, how to use the coupon codes, questions about the tools themselves or any other question you can imagine please simply give us a call at 800-242-4424 or email we are more than happy to help.


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Selecting a High Speed Diamond Saw Blade


In this post we are just going to look at selecting portable wet/dry cutting Diamond Saw Blades which would typically go on a handheld gas saw such as the SpeediCut Core Cut 12”, 14” or 16” saws. One would think this would be very simple right, possibly 3 or 4 options but you would be very wrong. In a 14” x .125 size alone we are looking at over 50 options so with the different sizes there are hundreds of possibilities. Why so many options… it comes down to money, after all we are talking about real diamonds.

Diamond Quality – Just like gemstone diamonds there are quality grades to cutting diamonds. High quality solid diamonds are more expensive than “flawed” diamonds with lots of carbon imbedded; they also cut better, longer. Diamond Quality is the main factor in pricing any diamond blade, without the diamonds these are basically just big pieces of sheet metal.

Segment Height – The metal in the segments are used for one basic thing to control the cut rate of the diamonds. The segment metals are far less expensive than the diamonds baked into them and really play little significance in the price; often the taller segments are used with lower grade blades. This seems counter intuitive because there are more diamonds in a larger segment, but often these are lower quality diamonds. Since the lower quality diamonds have more flaws they will not last as long and the metal needs to wear quicker exposing fresh diamonds to make more cuts.

Material Being Cut – It is very important to match the right blade with the right material if you have any intention of preserving the blade and getting the most value for your dollar. The basic rule of thumb is you want a harder blade for softer material and softer blade for harder material. This of course has everything to do with controlling the rate the diamonds are exposed. Asphalt is very soft, a hard segment will hold the diamonds in place and allow them to cut much longer. Cured reinforced concrete would be much harder and in ture use a soft metal for the blade, if an hard blade was used it would hold the diamonds in place too long and you would end up trying to cut with very dull diamonds. Good news is if you went back to asphalt or other soft material the blade would eventually recover provided you hadn’t pushed it and burnt the blade up. A hard concrete blade on the other hand will work like butter in asphalt because the soft segment in the soft material wears away quickly exposing new diamonds constantly. The bad news is the blade will be used up very quickly.

Blade Size & RPM – Each size saw spins at different speeds, 12” have the highest RPM while the 16” spin the slowest. The 14” saws spin at 5400 RPM for instance so all the 14” blades are made for that speed. The 12” blades are will work on the 14” saw because they are being used at a slower speed which may not be ideal but work just fine. Never however use a blade above its max RPM rating. The blades have a concaved shape and spinning them faster will cause them to heat up and potentially be very unsafe.       

Wet vs. Dry – All the dry high speed blades can be run wet or dry for most applications. With large surface area and intermittent cutting the saw blades are constantly exposed to plenty of air cooling the blade. If the same saw blade however were used in a walk behind saw, half buried in concrete for continuous use water would need to be applied or the blade would over heat.    

Hopefully this will help when you make your next diamond blade selection. Typically if you are working with a knowledgeable company, like Ohio Power Tool and have a general idea what you will be cutting they will be able to help you select the right blade at the right price. Everyone’s situation is different if these blades are going to be used by new employees with little training the inexpensive Star Blue blade with high segment and low quality diamonds will ensure limit risk due to improper use. For the professional with many years of experience cutting the same material a Heavy Duty Orange or Premium Black blade will be a better value in the long run, lasting longer and cutting faster.  

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And We Have A Winner… Irwin Vise-Grip Contest


Over the weekend in Las Vegas the winner of the Irwin “Tell Us Your VISE-GRIP Story” was announced. The winner was Dr. Bryan Fax a US Navy Surgeon. Read the full story below or visit the IRWIN Contest Site:

IRWIN Industrial Tools® Announces Emergency Battlefield Spine Surgery Tale as Winner of ‘Tell Us Your VISE-GRIP Story’ Promotion

U.S. Navy Surgeon Awarded Custom-Built IRWIN® VISE-GRIP® Chopper for Unique Story About One of America’s Favorite Tools

LAS VEGAS – (March 1, 2009) IRWIN Industrial Tools, a Newell Rubbermaid® company and maker of the most reliable and versatile locking tools, the IRWIN VISE-GRIP, announced today that Dr. Bryan Fox of Chesapeake, Va., was selected as the winner of the “Tell Us Your IRWIN VISE-GRIP Story” promotion. Dr. Fox, an orthopedic surgeon for the United States Navy, was honored for using an IRWIN VISE-GRIP to perform spinal surgery during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

A member of the U.S. Navy for more than 25 years, Dr. Fox found a unique use for his VISE-GRIP as a spine surgeon on the battlefield in the Middle East. In the heat of battle, Dr. Fox needed to perform emergency spinal surgery on a soldier who had a combination of screws and rods that had been implanted into his infected spine. Complicating the medical challenges at hand, Dr. Fox did not have access to the specialized tools necessary to deal with the soldier’s different spine implants. Dr. Fox did, however, have access to a pair of VISE-GRIP locking pliers. He sterilized his VISE-GRIP tools and used them to remove the rods and screws from the soldier’s infected spine, effectively saving his life.

As the winner of the “Tell Us Your Vise-Grip Story” promotion, Dr. Fox was awarded an IRWIN VISE-GRIP custom-branded chopper valued at $25,000 built by East Coast Custom Cycles.

Continue reading

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Bosch PS50 Multi-X Accessory Review & Free 3rd Battery Deal

The Bosch PS50-2A and Bosch PS50-2B have been available for several months now but for if you haven’t picked one up yet for a limited time these include a FREE 3RD Battery. The FREE battery is actually included with any of the Bosch 12V Max Tools and exclusively from Ohio Power Tool while supplies last. Certain applications of these multi-purpose tools are more battery intensive such as grout removal or sanding and the 3rd battery will definitely come in handy.

For those of you that are lucky enough to already own a Bosch Multi-X or are looking for some cheaper accessories for your Fein Multi-Master here is a list of all the available Accessories:

Wood Cutting Blades – Perfect for cutting molding, trim, sub floor, cabinets & more.
OSC38 – 3/8” Strait Cut – $7.69
OSC34 – ¾” Strait Cut – $8.39
OSC112 – 1-1/2” Strait Cut – $18.89

Bi-Metal Cutting Blades – Great for cutting wood, aluminum, copper, PVC, drywall & more.

OSC38F – 3/8” Strait Cut – $8.39
OSC34F – ¾” Strait Cut – $9.10
OSC312F – 3-1/2” Round Cut – $36.69

Grout Removal Blades – Replace a cracked tile very easily with this accessory. Simply cut out the grout around it and it becomes much easier to remove all at once.
OSC312RF – 3-1/2” RIFF Grit – $34.99

Wood & Paint Sanding Paper

There are a wide range of different sand paper grit options please visit the Bosch Multi-X Accessory page to select what you need. Each pack includes either 5 or 6 sheets and range from $2.09 – $2.40.


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Tool Testing with Engineers Without Borders


Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit humanitarian organization established to partner with developing communities worldwide in order to improve their quality of life. This partnership involves the implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while involving and training internationally responsible engineers and engineering students.

The Central Ohio Chapter of Engineers Without Borders is currently working on a project in San Pedro Puxtla, El Salvador where the goal is to build a road in the El Amel neighborhood. Currently the path where the road will go has some issues it is littered with large boulders, on a steep grade and is constantly flooded during the rainy season cutting off access to the rest of the city. A very basic road would improve the lives of these people tremendously.

The problem however is in this remote location it is pretty much impossible to get the large construction equipment to the construction site. Explosives are out of the questions with peoples homes as close as 6 feet away from some of these large boulders.

Working with Ohio Power Tool on the problem, the best option would be to drill holes in the rocks along a strait line and split the pieces off using several techniques depending on boulders size. Typically a pneumatic rock drill would be used for such an application but would require a large trailer type compressor which again would not be able to reach the job site, even if one could be found to rent in the surrounding area. A much better solution is the Atlas Copco Power Pack hydraulic unit which is more reliable, more powerful and significantly more compact. The unit is small enough to fit in the bed of any truck or SUV and the cart design makes it easy to maneuver around any obstacles. The Atlas Copco LHD 23 M rock drill works perfectly with the Ajax Carbide Drill Bits used in the testing.

Step one was to test the different tools and techniques on smaller rocks here in Columbus. The local Channel 10 CBS Station (see video) and Columbus Dispatch were both on hand for the testing. The next step will be to get all the equipment and people to El Salvador and remove all these boulders within one week’s time. If you are interested in supporting the project in any way please contact Amanda with EWB.

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New Milwaukee M18 Cordless 3/8” & ½” Impact Drivers

In addition to the new M18 Jig Saw & Grinders, Milwaukee very quietly introduced two other new M18 18 volt tools as well. Now available are the 2651-22 3/8” square drive ring type anvil which puts out 2000 in-lbs torque and the 2652-22 ½” square drive detent type anvil that puts out 2200 in-lbs torque. Both of these tools are similar to the ¼” hex impact in size, weight and price but they put out significantly more torque, typically need for these larger applications. All the M18 impact driver kits sell for $299 with 2 XC batteries on Ohio Power Tool. These new impacts can also work with the slim pack M18 batteries as well.

M18 Cordless ½” Impact Driver 2652-22
– 1/2" Detent Type Anvil
– Torque of 2200 in.-lbs.
– Fastest speed – 0-2200 RPM, 0-3200 impacts/minute
– Compact – 5-3/4" length, 4.1 lbs. weight w/ battery
– Milwaukee 4-Pole Frameless Motor-Maximum Efficiency and Run-time
– Powered by 18V lithium ion batteries
– Comes with: 2652 Impact Driver, (2) XC Batteries, Charger, Carrying Case

M18 Cordless 3/8” Impact Driver 2651-22
– 3/8" Ring Type Anvil
– Torque of 2000 in.-lbs.
– Fastest speed – 0-2200 RPM, 0-3200 impacts/minute
– Compact – 5-3/4" length, 4.1 lbs. weight w/ battery
– Milwaukee 4-Pole Frameless Motor-Maximum Efficiency and Run-time
– Powered by 18V lithium ion batteries
– Comes with: 2651 Impact Driver, (2) XC Batteries, Charger, Carrying Case


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Women in Bikini = Power Tools… In a Guys Brain

A recent CNN story makes it all legitimate with real doctors, university studies and everything. I think The Ridgid Tool Company did a similar study back in 1935 when they started their first pinup calendar with “scantily clad women” (the definition may have changed over the years) to showcase their tools. I would guess there probably were not any scientists, doctors or brain scans going on at the time but the concept that pretty girls might help sell product has been pretty well understood for a many years. I originally read about this article on Tool Crib post.

In related news if you would like a Free Ridgid Calendar simply purchase any item on Ohio Power Tool and email provide your order number and we will send you a free 2009-2010 calendar. We still have a few left. 


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Free Diamond Products 14” SpeediCut Gas Saws

If you are shopping around for 14” Diamond Saw Blades, now is the time to buy, while supplies last you can pick up a 14” SpeediCut Gas Saw for Free just by purchasing a few blades. If you purchase 10 Cut-All Multi-Purpose Blades 14” x .125 which sell for $334.10 each, then you get a Free 14” SpeediCut Jr Saw SC6514 (Sale Price $629.10) instantly. You could also purchase 15 of the Heavy Duty Orange Blades 14” x .125 which sell for $364.65 each and get a Free 14” SpeediCut SC7314 (Sale Price $1032.40) instantly. Either way both of these deals are instant rebates so the saw will be delivered with the blades in a few days. No mail-in rebates or any of that nonsense, just a high quality gas saw to your door for free.

If you have any questions about this deal, Diamond Products or any concrete sawing applications please feel free to contact Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email With some many different style blades and applications if you would need a different style blade or 16” saw or any other kind of substitution please contact us and Ohio Power Tool, there probably is a way to accommodate you.


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