EarlyBird 10% Off Sale

Simply use the coupon code "EARLYBIRD" anytime between now and midnight on November 26th at Ohio Power Tool and get an additional 10% off all Milwaukee and Bosch tools and accessories. This is on top of other sale prices and free tool offers currently in place for Milwaukee and Bosch.


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How Shady You Are, Big Box Stores


Most people are aware the new Dremel Multi-Max tool is out and that you can buy it online but why bother everyone is selling it for around $100 might as well go to the local big box store and pick it up there for about the same price right? Ah but if you read the fine print the 6300-01 model which everyone else on the planet is selling is not the same as the box’s 6300-02L (Wonder which store the L could indicate).

The regular 6300-01 kit is pretty lean on accessories in the first place, it comes with the MM610 Scraper, MM440 ¾” wood blade, MM450 3” round wood & drywall blade, MM11 sanding pad with several kinds of sand paper. This is just enough to get started and do a few projects. The 6300-02L looks identical in almost everyway to the 6300-01 except the different model number in the lower left corner. What’s the difference? The difference is the 6300-02L in missing the MM450 3” round blade, the most useful of the accessory in the original kit. The cost for this blade at a big box store $9.95 ($8.75 on OPT) that would make the kit 10% over everyone else price for the Multi-Max tool. I have no problem with the big box stores marking up their products and making bigger margins. They are convenient and you can go there for all sorts of junk and will pay a little more for things but don’t lie to us. This is misleading and just plain old fashion shady. The intent from the start was to misrepresent this product as the same as everyone else and most people have no idea just as the box stores planed. If I went into all our 6300-01 kits and stole the MM450 blade then sold them as normal people would call me a thief right.

This happens all the time at the big box stores and nobody really says anything. I couldn’t sleep at night if I mislead and ripped off my customers like this. However that is probably why we have a single location in Columbus, Ohio and the Big Boxes are scouting new store locations on the moon.


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New Milwaukee 4.5″ Grinders for Metalworking

Milwaukee has recently introduced 7 new 4.5" grinders aimed at the metalworking grinder market. These new grinders will compete directly with other top names currently dominating metalworking grinders such as Bosch, Makita and Metabo.

Some of the new features that will make Milwaukee competitive include: Debris Baffles, basically an engineered L-shape intake vents protect the motor and other components by deflecting debris particles out of the airflow before entering the grinder. Another feature is the Multi-Port Exhaust vents on all four sides of the gear case allow more hot air to escape preventing motor burn-up, others typically have only 2. Also Milwaukee uses a 25% Longer Lasting Epoxy Coating to increase tool life by preventing debris from damaging copper wires in the motor. 

Some of the connivance and safety features include: Tool Free Adjustable Guard allowing the user to quickly adjust the guard without the use of a tool. Burst Resistant Guard Positive detents lock the guard in place so if a wheel burst, the guard is more secure and less likely to rotate. Finally the Soft Grip 3-Position Side Handle provides optimal control for any application.  Top position is ideal for cutting.

The reason there are 7 models is because for each version there are locking and non-locking triggers, for compliance reasons. Ohio Power Tool sells all 7 models call 800-242-4424 if you need any help determining which would be right for you.

Models Include: 6122-30 10AMP Rat Tail w/Lock, 6122-31 10AMP Rat Tail no Lock, 6148-30 10AMP Paddle w/Lock, 6148-31 10AMP Paddle no Lock, 6148-33 10AMP Slide Trigger w/lock, 6140-30 7.5AMP Paddle w/Lock, 6140-33 7AMP Slide Trigger w/lock

See YouTube Videos: Debris Baffles & Milwaukee Rat Tail Grinder


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New Rental Tools & Equipment

Everyone is aware of the tough economic times we are currently in and there is no need to beat on that dead horse. We are all hoping things will get better and doing what we can to get by. On a positive note I did just filled the gas tank up for $1.69/gallon.


Like everything else new tool and equipment sales are down and most companies are running tight, trying to make do with what they have. When it is time to invest in new tools obviously we all still need professional grade tools but perhaps are doing a little more price shopping to find the best deals. Ohio Power Tool is doing what we can to help our customers in anyway possible. We sell new tools and try to get the best price out there we can. We are not the biggest so we limit the number of brands we carry which allows us to get the very best pricing on those lines we do stock and pass the savings on to the customers.


Ohio Power Tool also Repairs Tools and equipment in-house because sometimes tools don’t actually need replaced they just need a new switch and some other part to get them working again. Another service Ohio Power Tool offers customers is rental tools and equipment which we are currently in the process of expanding our inventory. Some customer will rent while their equipment is being repaired, while other customers will rent for specific jobs or until it makes sense for their business to buy a new piece of equipment. Checkout the New Rental Pages to see some of what we offer from Seesnakes to core drills to full hydraulic systems. Outside of Ohio you can rent this equipment on a weekly or monthly basis and have it shipped directly to you.

The good news is there is still a lot of work out there that needs to be done and things are going to improve. Whether you need new tools, repairs on your old ones or just need to rent something for a specific job Ohio Power Tool can help. Most of our staff has 10-20 years in the business and can answer all your questions so call us 800-242-4424.


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Ridgid Seesnake Micro Explorer – Video

Earlier this week a few of us from Ohio Power Tool went to the STAFDA ( Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association) trade show in Denver, CO. We had a chance to talk with the guys from Ridgid Tool and get some video of the new Ridgid Seesnake Micro Explorer. It would be nice if they would actually ship these and then we could all get a first hand look at it but in the mean time hopefully this video will give you a little better idea of how the menus work and some of the new features.

We are accepting pre-orders for the Micro Explorers 30036 at Ohio Power Tool. I am confident these are going to be in any day now. Apparently there were some software errors that caused the most recent delay but the word on the street is these have been resolved and are shipping shortly.

More videos and info on the STAFDA show will be coming shortly.


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Cool Tools Holiday Blitz

What are you going to be watching on TV this thanksgiving holiday? Probably haven’t given it a thought yet right. How about a 4 day marathon of Cool Tools (November 27-30th 7am-11pm). Cool Tools gives you an insider’s look at the changing tools marketplace. From the newest innovations to improvements on old standbys, you’ll see design, development, demonstrations and testing of the coolest tools out there.

Avoid the lines at the store and all the hassle that goes along with fighting the crowds to try and save $5 on a gift for your sister. She wants a Bosch PS20 anyway, so you might as well sit back on the couch watching Cool Tools on the TV, shop along at OhioPowerTool.com from the laptop and enjoy the weekend with too many left over turkey sandwiches.  


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Dremel Multi-Max vs Bosch PS50 Multi-X – Part 2

We previously reviewed these two tools and even did some comparisons in a YouTube video. My initial though was that they would probably sell pretty evenly as each tool has its advantages. So far however the Dremel has proven to be the favorite of the two selling out almost as quick as they are coming in. The accessories have also been hard to keep in stock. This will be one of the hottest guy gifts for the 2008 holiday season, no question.

The Dremel Multi-Max 6300-01 is the cheaper of the two by almost half at $99. I think that might be the ideal price for most people to make an impulse purchase even if they know little about these oscillating tools.

The Bosch PS50 Multi-X to be fair has only released the less popular PS50-2A ($179) model and not the PS50-2B ($199) which has several more blades included. The price is higher obviously but the tool is cordless which make it much more convenient to use. On paper the PS50 is less powerful but in use these two tools seem very similar in performance, I could not really tell any difference when cutting wood or sanding. The battery life is good but could be a problem for some applications such as continuous use when sanding or grout removal.

Verdict: personally I like the PS50-2B the best however that is probably because I like the oscillating tools for their amazing cutting abilities. I have a several sanding tools already that will do a similar job but nothing that can make cuts like this. For detailed cutting jobs the cordless feature is huge, going up on a ladder and make a precision cut on crown molding I don’t want to worry about a cord in the way. If you are getting a tool to do a lot of grout removal however the Dremel Multi-Max may be the way to go. Battery life on the Bosch PS50 will last an hour or more when making occasional cuts but for grout removal you are looking at about 10 minutes of continuous use for that battery draining application. The 12V Max kits PS51-2A (Pocket Driver & Multi-X) and PS52-2A (Impactor & Multi-X) both include 4 batteries so there is little chance you will run out of power for any job but there will be some battery changing.


Obviously all the tools, kits and accessories are available at Ohio Power Tool and currently in-stock unless otherwise noted as a “PRE-SALE”. These are all selling quickly so get your orders in now. Who knows what is going to happen after Black Friday/Cyber Monday but some of these tools may selling out and go on back order until after the Holiday Season.


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New CoreCut SpeediCut Jr Concrete Saw from Diamond Products

The new SC6514 SpeediCut Jr. handheld gas saw is a great new product at an incredibly low price. The unit is powerful with a 4.8 HP “hemi” engine and a poly V-belt for maximum torque transfer. It is also versatile using 12” or 14” blades with 22mm or 1” arbor. These units are used to cut concrete, steel, masonry, stone, asphalt, wood and many other materials. Handling the SpeediCut Jr. is pretty easy thanks to the compact lightweight design at 22 lbs and enlarged protected trigger guard which allows the user to wear gloves. Emissions and noise concerns are a growing factor these days but with advanced exhaust features, digital ignition and fuel efficient gas tank this is one of the most efficient saws on the market.

Ohio Power Tool is currently selling the SpeediCut Jr. SC6514 for $629 which is a great price for such a versatile saw. The similar size Partner/Husqvarna saws are in the $900-1000 range. If you are looking to save some money this is defiantly a great saw. If you have any other questions about the CoreCut SpeediCut saws or any of our other Diamond Products please call 800-242-4424.   


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Free Bosch Tools with Accessory Orders over $250

Until the end of the year you can get free tools from Bosch simply by ordering the accessories you would need anyway. Each $250 increment gets you to the next level of free tools. With a $1000 order you can even get a 4 tool 18v Combo Kit. Yea, a grand is a lot to spend on new Bosch DareDevil Spade Bits or T308B super clean jigsaw blades which have been very popular items recently. However there are lots of accessories that will get you at least to the $250 free grinder pretty quickly. Many of the concrete products such as the SDS Max attachments and Brute hex point chisels add up pretty quickly with any quantity. The Bosch Speedwave Diamond Abrasive Saw Blades are another product which range in price from $59-$114 for the larger 9” blade. These blades work on a worm drive saw or grinders and they do a terrific job of cutting cinder blocks and other hard materials. Bosch batteries of every variety are also included in this offer so if you need to pick up a few extra batteries it can all add up pretty quick.

Ohio Power Tool carries a wide range of Bosch Tools and Accessories. If you have any questions about what Bosch accessories are right for you or if they will work on other models etc, feel free to give us a call 800-242-4424.

Download the PDF Mail-in rebate form here: Bosch Zone Tool Bonus


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Business First Fast 50 for 2008 – OHIO POWER TOOL


Ohio Power Tool was honored in October as one of the fastest growing companies in the central Ohio area. The Fast 50 Awards program highlights the 50 fastest growing emerging companies in the Central Ohio area. The 2008 program was the 13h Annual Fast 50 with an “In Motion” theme.

Nominees must be headquartered in the Central Ohio area, be privately held and have at least one million dollars in revenue per year with a three year operating history. After an initial nomination has been turned in, a more detailed qualification form is sent to the nominee requesting financials for three previous operating years.  This financial information is sent directly to the accounting firm retained by Business First.

RSM McGladrey has taken on the responsibility of tracking and evaluating the qualification forms and materials as they are returned. They present the fifty winners after all qualification forms have been returned and tabulated. Actual financial information is not disclosed. The information shared with Business First and program sponsors includes only company name, contact information and an average rate of growth.

 “The Columbus Business First Fast 50 represents some of the fastest-growing privately held companies across Central Ohio. These companies are creating eight out of 10 new jobs across our region today and thus are extremely important to our region’s economy,” says Don DePerro, president and publisher of Columbus Business First.  “Especially now, in times of an economic downturn, the strength and growth of these companies helps to keep our economy from an even faster downward spiral. There’s no bad news here – these companies are agile and moving forward every day.”

Williams Interior Designs, Inc.
People To My Site, LLC
Destinations by Design
Strategic Systems, Inc
Portfolio Creative Staffing
Mission Essential Personnel LLC
Astor and Black Custom Clothiers
ERP Analysts, Inc
Three Leaf Productions
The Sophic Group, Inc.
Shift Global
American Business Solutions Inc.
Asset Strategies Group
Company Wrench
Navigator Management Partners
Yashco Systems, Inc.
Capital City Group, Inc.
Fast Switch, Ltd.
Lancaster Pollard Mortgage Co
Royal Document Destruction
Capital Media Group
PharmaForce, Inc.
Teamwork Solutions, Inc.
The Joseph Group
Miles McClellan
Lasting Impressions Event Rentals
Executive Mailing Solutions, LLC
Lancaster Pollard & Co.
Centric Consulting LLC
Fugent, Inc.
Click4Care, Inc.
Professional Planning Consultants
Chute Gerdeman
Ohio Power Tool
ComResource, Inc.
ODW Logistics, Inc.
Relay Gear
Astute Solutions
Sequent, Inc.
CrimsonCup Coffee & Tea
Accel Inc.
New Product Innovations, Inc.
Progressive Medical
McKee Door Sales
Delta Energy, LLC


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