Ohio Power Tool – Construction Distribution Cover Story

If you would like to learn more about Ohio Power Tool as a company read the cover story from Construction Distribution for the December/January issue. The article highlights some of the reasons we are different as a company and why you may want to do business with Ohio Power Tool. The “We Need it Now” article is a look at a few of the local customers and their perspective on what Ohio Power Tool does for them.

Distributor Spotlight: Be quick, be efficient! The future is now.
By A.D. "Butch" Horn

‘We need it now!’
By A.D. "Butch" Horn


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Custom Building Hydraulic Pumps

At Ohio Power Tool you can get a wide variety of Power Team Hydraulic Pumps powered by hand, air, electric or gas pumps. Pumps can be configured with small reservoirs, large reservoirs, single acting, double acting, different types of valves, remote control switches and so many other features. You can find many different model configurations available in the Hydraulic Pumps section which should handle most needs and is likely to be in-stock.


However if you need a pump to do something specific that is not handled by one of the standard models available do not worry. Everyday we work with factory to custom configure hydraulic pumps for customers with very specific needs. Large or small pumps, 1 unit or hundreds typically we can get these pumps built by at the factory within a matter of weeks. These would all include full factory warranties and are similar in price to equivalent models.


If you have any questions about hydraulic pumps, rams, tools, hoses, couplers, specific jobs, configurations or anything else related to hydraulic systems give Ohio Power Tool a call at 800-242-4424 or email sales@ohiopowertool.com. Get pro help to custom configure the right pump and system for your needs.



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Ridgid SuperFreeze & Pipe Thawers

When it comes to pipe maintenance the easiest thing to do is obviously shut the entire system down and work at your leisure to fix any problems. Of course this not always an option. In some cases work needs to be done without shutting off the water supply. In these cases a very handy tool to have around is the Ridgid SuperFreeze. The SuperFreeze pipe freezer unit allows you to keep the water system operating while making repairs. The RIDGID SF-2500 is a mini-refrigeration unit that circulates self-contained refrigerant to its aluminum freeze heads. These heads form ice plug in as little as 5 minutes in copper tube up to 2 1/2" or steel pipe up to 2". The ice plugs remain frozen while the unit is on allowing ample time to repair any sprinkler head, valve, leaking pipe, etc. 
The Ridgid pipe thawers units KT-190 & KT-200 do just the opposite; they thaw pipes that may have frozen. Recently we’ve seen a bit of a spike in interest for these units with colder weather and ice storms shutting off power in some areas. Not a good combination for pipes full of water. Thawing Units provide continuous heating to quickly thaw 1/2" to 1 1/2" frozen metal pipes. With these lightweight, versatile units, there is no need to dig or tear apart walls. Simply attach the clamps to the metal pipe on each side of the frozen section and the pipe is thawed within minutes.  

Both of these types of units can be very handy for any contractors. For more information on these or any other Ridgid Plumbing Tools contact the experts at Ohio Power Tool (800-242-4424) and they will be happy to help you find the right tool for the job.  


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Workshop of the Future – Instructables

I have many regularly visited websites for tools, gadgets, projects and building stuff but one of my favorites has got to be Instructables. The basic idea of the site is it is a place where anyone can post a “How To” on building anything. It has a huge fan base of active uploaders for everything from fully working electric cars to simple cooking recipes.

Recently Craftsman sponsored a contest for the “Workshop of the Future” where the winner gets a $20,000 gift card from Sears to get all new tools for their workshop. Unfortunately the submission portion is over however the voting begins today, Jan 5th – Jan 11th. Help determine who should get the money from the 172 entries; there are some pretty good ideas here.    


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What’s New from STAFDA 2008? – Construction Distribution

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Construction Distribution Magazine and report on some of the new products that were featured at the STAFDA trade show. In total there were 6 of us “Roving Reporters” and it was interesting to see the different products that were mentioned in the article. I personally could have gone on forever with so many new products, if only I had the time and patience, there were easily 100 products which should have been mentioned.


Some of the products highlighted in the article are: Milwaukee M12 Cordless Tools, Spyder Scraper, Recipro Tools, Ridgid MicroExplorer, Malco TurboShear FC, Bosch Laser Levels, Dremel Multi-Max, CP Hydraulic Power Pack, Wright University Online Courses, Bosch Laser Range Finder, Concrete Destroyer from DiTeq Diamond, Joy Jaw saw guards, Grill-N-Chill tailgate BBQ, Gear Keeper Tethered products, Bosch PS50 Multi-X and portable CO2 tank from JacPac.  

Read the full article with pictures now on the Construction Distribution website, also the article will be in the December/January issue of the magazine which should be available this week or next.


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Around the World: Bosch Table Saw / Miter Saw Hybrid GTM12

How unfair… the Germans get all the cool toys before we do. I have no information on this as a US product yet and I’ve already seen everything from Bosch coming out for the first quarter. Hopefully we’ll see this gem at some point in 2009. I translated the stats below with BabelFish, which hopefully is pretty accurate. The blade is 12” (305mm) and at first glance it looks a little odd but the design is ingenious. The blade and motor can easily handle either job and with a few quick adjustments the tool transforms from miter saw to table saw.

Sorry to tempt you but for now you will have to be satisfied with the good old fashion separate Bosch Miter Saws & Table Saws available in the US. If these do come to the States trust me we’ll be right on top of it and let you know. With any luck it’ll make next years Christmas list.

Technical data
Cut capacity 0° 95 x 151 mm
Cut capacity 45° miter 95 x 90 mm
Miter attitude 48 ° L/48 ° R
Angle 47 ° L/2 ° R
Deep x length x height of 66 x 55 x 40 cm
Idling speed of 4,300 min-1
Saw blade diameter 305 mm (12″)
Saw blade drilling 30 mm
Weight without cable 22.0 kg

Original: http://www.bosch-pt.de/boptocs2-de/Handwerk-Industrie/Werkzeuge/DE/de/gw/Stationärgeräte/101303/GTM%2012/14217/index.htm

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Why Purchase Capital Equipment in 2008

Obviously I’m not an accountant and everyone’s situation is different but the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 provides significant tax advantages for capital equipment purchased before December 31, 2008. Equipment purchased before this deadline is eligible for up to 50% bonus depreciation, plus standard MACRS deductions that you would normally take.

1st Year Depreciation
Without Bonus
With Bonus
New Equipment cost
Less: 50% bonus
Less: Standard MACRS*
Total First Year Deduction

*5-year depreciation of 20% per year
This may benefit your company in 2008 if perhaps this was an overall good year but you are planning for a slowdown over the next year or two. There is still time to make a purchase and have the equipment by the end of the year if you know there is something your business needs.
Any specific questions on tools, air compressors, shop equipment or anything else you can always ask the pros at Ohio Power Tool but again talk to your accountant to see if this is something that would have tax benefits for your company.     

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Bosch Acquires Freud Power Tool Accessories

Bosch has been on a shopping spree in 2008 buying up laser brands and accessories companies all over the globe. Hopefully they will find a way to manage all these brands as many of the new brands will stay intact under the new ownership. Read the full Press Release below: 

· In the accessories business, Freud generated sales of 100 million euros in 2007

· Planned acquisition of the four Freud Group manufacturing sites in Italy, as well as of sales companies in North America, China, Italy, and the UK


· Freud power tool accessories business is an excellent regional and technological addition to Bosch portfolio

· Pozzo family will continue to be involved in the business following Bosch acquisition


Stuttgart – Bosch is to acquire the power tool accessories business of the Freud Group, headquartered in Milan, Italy. With this acquisition, Bosch is adding to its existing range of power tool accessories, especially high performance circular-saw blades and router bits. The acquisition is subject to approval by the authorities. The companies have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

The Freud Group is a global supplier of circular-saw blades, router bits, and cutters for enthusiast woodworkers, professional and industrial users. These products are mainly manufactured in four locations around the city of Udine in north eastern Italy. In this area of activity, the company employs some 580 associates worldwide, and generated sales of 100 million euros in 2007.


“Freud is an innovative supplier of high-quality circular-saw blades, routers, and cutters for professional users in trade and industry. The company is successful worldwide in these segments, especially in North America,” said Uwe Raschke, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH and president of the Power Tools division. “This makes Freud a perfect addition to our business, both technologically and regionally. As we further expand this business, we will build on the experience and extensive know-how of Freud associates and managers,” Raschke continued. “In our opinion, Bosch is the best possible partner for the Freud power tool accessories business, and will help it to continue its development worldwide and in particular in North America. Freud know-how and manufacturing competence will certainly strengthen the current Bosch position in this segment,” said Gino Pozzo, managing director of Freud SpA and son of the founder Gianpaolo Pozzo. Gianpaolo and Gino Pozzo will continue to accompany the development of Freud’s accessories business over the next three years as consultants. The family will be represented on various governing bodies and, together with Bosch, help to shape the company´s future.

Freud is Bosch’s fifth strategic acquisition this year to strengthen its Power Tools division. In January and July 2008, Bosch expanded its measuring-tools business by acquiring the Chinese specialist RoboToolz and the U.S. company CST/berger. A few weeks ago, Bosch also purchased parts of the garden irrigation business of L.R. Nelson Corporation, based in Peoria, USA, strengthening its range of garden irrigation products. In addition, it has acquired the majority shareholding in Sia Abrasives, a Swiss manufacturer of flexible abrasive systems.

With power tools, accessories, garden tools, and measuring technology, the Bosch Power Tools division generated sales of 3.1 billion euros in 2007. The division employs a global workforce of roughly 16,000 associates.






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Last Minute Online Shopping for Christmas Gifts?

Well if you get your order in by Friday 12/19, 2:00pm EST and you live within the brown region you should still get your packages by Tuesday with regular ground shipping (including Free Shipping on all Bosch Tools). If you live outside that area or wait any longer you will need to pay premium UPS rates. Then again if you are sending an awesome gift direct to someone far away they really shouldn’t mind if it gets there a little late right? Just blame us or UPS and you’ll be fine.


I personally would probably rather get a better gift and get it a few days late than know someone blew $50 having the gift overnighted. If you are placing an order and definitely need it there by a certain day you may be better calling Ohio Power Tool directly at 800-242-4424 and doing the order over the phone to make sure everything is correct and verify the item is in stock. Personally I have not bought a single gift yet so however bad you feel, know there are plenty of us much less prepared.


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Small Family Business of the Year Award

Over the past few years Ohio Power Tool has been growing at a nice rate while making it a priority to maintain the same level of product knowledge and customer service.  We were lucky enough to be honored earlier this year as one of the Fast 50 (50 fastest growing companies in Columbus). More recently we have been honored as the Small Family Business of the Year. The Conway Family Business Center classifies small business as less than 20 employees and we were nominated with several other great Columbus companies. The profile below was featured in Business First.

Ohio Power Tool Inc.
Address: 1042 Dublin Road, Columbus
Phone: 614-481-2111
Web site: ohiopowertool.com
Business description: Sales and repair of power tools and equipment
Top principal/officer: James D. Amstutz
No. of generations/Year founded: 2/1983
Family members working for business: James, Suzanne and Jay Amstutz
2007 revenue: Would not disclose 

What has been the depth of your succession planning? In the process of evaluating succession plan options since our son, Jay, has recently started working with us.

If you have developed a strategic plan, what has it meant to how the company operates? Excellent customer service, top-quality brands, and employee knowledge of product have always been part of our mission. Web site presence has been our strategy to stay competitive the past few years, and with our son Jay’s marketing background and Web site development experience, we have exceeded our goals.

What challenges does turmoil in the financial markets bring to your company in 2009? The current financial market has prompted us to be more discriminating in extending credit to our customers. We are also seeking better terms from our vendors and not taking on any debt. It will also provide opportunities to excel where other companies may struggle.

Describe the greatest challenge in working with family members and what you have learned from the experience: The greatest challenge is probably taking family members for granted. A lot is expected at the workplace with everyone helping where needed, which sometimes interferes with family life. Another aspect is spending too much time working and thinking about business during times that should be devoted to family only. We’ve been fortunate that we’ve been able to work together while respecting and recognizing our individual skills and talents that complement the work environment. My advice would be to define specific roles for the family members that they are happy with and respect those boundaries.

When family problems weave their way into the work place, how are they resolved? Our philosophy has been to discuss things at home and try to resolve things on a personal level, rather than involve the workplace.

Articulate the benefits of working with family members: The greatest benefit is that we are all seeking a common goal, which is to see the company succeed. We also offer each other support and encouragement during rough times, as well as require accountability with all our decisions.

Are you more or less optimistic about the coming year for your company? We had a record year in 2007, and as of October of this year, we have exceeded 2007 sales. Because of our marketing and Web site, we are reaching more customers and are optimistic that sales will continue to grow through 2009. Even though the economy may slow down, we are continuing to gain a market share of the tool industry.


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