Make: Fire Ball Shooter

If you want to have some fun at that Halloween party this weekend you might consider adding some special effects to your costume. Perhaps shooting flaming fire balls up to 10 feet across the room will spice up the party. Warning: We are not responsible if you catch the guy in the polyester gorilla suit on fire. Checkout the video below for step by step instructions and visit the Make Magazine YouTube page for all sorts of other fun videos.    

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Diamond Products CB500-HH Low Cost Hand Held Core Drill

The new Core Bore CB500-HH from Diamond Products is a hand held coring drill, capable of drilling up to 3” diameter holes in concrete and other material. This is not a revolutionary product idea however this new product is priced at $521.10 from Ohio Power Tool, which makes it much more economical for many companies consider purchasing.

How can the new CB500-HH cost so much less than the WEKA DK12 ($1597)? You are giving up some power and flexibility but for drilling small diameter holes it may be a better option. The CB500-HH can be mounted to a core rig such as the M-4 but even then it is not designed to handle more than 3” holes. The WEKA DK12, DK13 & DK16 all have a 3” drill capacity when used as hand held units but when mounted on an M-4 rig can handle up to 6” diameter drilling. The gear box for the CB500-HH is only two speeds (1100 & 2200 RPM) which is good enough for small diameter drilling while the other units all feature three speeds to handle larger jobs.

For those that never intend on using the coring drill for more than small holes this light weight, low-cost unit might be just the answer they are looking for. The unit also features a shoulder brace for added stability and feels like it was really designed for hand held use where the other units are a little beefier for mounted and large hole drilling.


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Milwaukee M12 Hackzall & Copper Cutter – Videos

Recently we had several manufacturers visit Ohio Power Tool as part of the annual Tent Sale & Tool Expo. As you might assume this was a very interactive event and everyone had an opportunity to test out many of the new tools. Luckily it was terrific weather and all the vendors could set up tables and tent in the front parking lot. Below are a few short video clips of the new Milwaukee M12 tools that were on hand.

The M12 Copper Tubing Cutter – 2471-22 ($219)

This is a very innovative product and easy to use. There is a switch next to the trigger which locks the open end so you can put the tube in place. Once the copper tube is in the tool flip the switch and pull the trigger. The tool does have a slight tendency to want to pull itself down but with a firm grip it makes a very clean cut.

The M12 Hackzall – 2420-22 ($179)   

The new Hackzall is a very cool new product for the Milwaukee M12 line. At first glance it looks simply like a Sawzall with a little less power but really it is much more. It can do a wide range of different job where you might use a jigsaw or Rotozip. At the same time it’s good for cutting wood, metal and PVC pipe as well. The video below is just one of the examples of a different type of application for the Hackzall where it is simulating cutting a hole for an electrical box in drywall.

Until the end of the year there is also an offer for a free M12 impact (tool only) with the purchase of selected other M12 tools. Both of these are included in the offer as well as the Micro Driver, Impact and M-Spector Camera.  


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New CP Rivet Busters with Power Control System “CPS”

The New line of Chicago Pneumatic Rivet Busters replaces the previous models of CP4181 Duler, Duser, Puler and Puser. Some of the key features of the new CP4608 & CP4611 models are listed below.

– Auto Stop System – reduces sleeve breakage & cylinder wear
– Solid Pin on Valve – eliminated valve misalignment
– 1/2" Pipe Thread inlet bushing – swivel can install into bushing
– Longer Piston – hit the steel but not the bridge. Retainer spring will break before cylinder.
– New Rubber Bumpers – 90 durometer rubber recommended
– Teasing Throttle – smooth performance & easy operation
– Florescent Band – an added safety feature for night crews and other applications
– CPS – Indicates when the bumper is worn out and needs replaced

Rivet Buster are extremely powerful tools able to hit as hard as a 60 lb. paving breaker but with half the weight. These tools are ideal for bridge work and meet the necessary requirements for bridge deck repair. These CP tools have many other uses as well from general demolition work or specialty applications such as removing underground storage tanks.

The new rivet busters come in 4 models CP4611D, CP4611P, CP4608D & CP4608P. All models use 45 CFM and weight is relatively the same, between 31-34 lbs. The main difference is handle setup and stroke length which you can determine in the model number itself. 4611=11” stroke, 4608=8” stroke, D=D-handle & P=Open Handle.


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Bosch DareDevil Spade Bits

We continued to be amazed at the incredible amount of product development coming from Bosch Accessories. These guys are systematically reinventing all the basic accessories we use everyday and coming out with some really cool new products.

Recently the Bosch Big Blue Team spent the day at Ohio Power Tool and one of the new products that really impressed a lot of people were the DareDevil Spade Bits. Most people don’t think about their spade bits that much and just buy whatever is cheapest at the local big box. The new Bosch spade bits however are almost like a different tool. The DareDevil bit pulls itself through wood without any effort at all which really makes repetitive drilling significantly easier especially at an angle or overhead.

The key to this performance is the patented design of the bit itself.  Many of the other wood drilling products come with a threaded tip for fast smooth feeding. A first for spades, Bosch has incorporated a full cone threaded tip, which has increased not only the speed of the bit, but also the ease of drilling. 

Another patented feature of the DareDevil is the contoured paddle.  This wave-like shape speeds up chip removal, adding to the speed of the bit.  The combination of these two features creates astonishing results.  In independent testing, the DareDevil was 2.4x faster and required 53% less force than the Irwin Blue Groove*. 

It doesn’t end there. While spade bits are not expected to produce anything beyond average hole quality, the DareDevil is not your average spade bit.  The patented spur and reamer design is unique in that it not only scores the wood for a clean entry hole, but also has angled cutting edges that ream the hole for reduced breakout, leaving a cleaner exit hole than any competitive bit.

Ohio Power Tool has the individual DareDevil Bits in-stock with full kits coming in the next few weeks. Watch the YouTube video below and see how much easier the DareDevil goes through wood than the Irwin Blue Groove, the most popular spade bit prior to the Bosch DareDevil launch.


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Ingersoll Rand Air Impact Wrenches – Free Socket Sets

Ingersoll Rand is one of the most popular brands of choice when it comes to Air Impact Wrenches. The IR tools are built to stand up to professional daily duty and if you depend on these tools everyday I would think it might be hard to look past the Ingersoll Rand tools for a second rate product off the back of a truck. Ohio Power Tool is making the decision easy to buy the best by offering extremely low prices in addition to giving a full socket set away with some of the most popular IR impact tools.

1” Impact 285B-6 – $449 – Free Socket Set: SK8C5T ($76)
¾” Impact 2141 – $419 – Free Socket Set: SK6H8 ($61)
½” Impact 2135TiMax – $249 – Free Socket Set: SK4H13 ($30)
3/8” Impact 2115TiMax – $219 – Free Socket Set: SK3H8 ($14)

19.2V IQv – ½” Impact W360-LSP – $359 – Free Socket Set: SK4H13 ($30)
14.4V IQv – 3/8” Impact IQV144K – 398 – Free Socket Set: SK3H8 ($14)   


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New Bosch Fiber Cement Saw Blades

Recently Bosch has introduced 2 new circular saw blades specifically designed for cutting fiber cement siding and backerboard. The CB704FC & CB706FC blades are specifically designed for cutting through this tough material and also to keep dust to a minimum. One of the most common problems working with fiber cement products is the large amount of dust produced when making cuts. To combat the problem other companies have actually produced saws with vacuum attachments. This is a good solution but pricy and you end up with more tools on the job.

The new Bosch Fiber Cement Blades are much more cost effective and do a significantly better job at reducing dust when compared to traditional blades. The new blades feature less contact points and deep gullets to divert the dust. You can see in the video below the dust in a well ventilated area is kept to a minimum.       

CB704FC – $50.40
4 Diamond Impregnated Carbide Teeth
Extra Long Life

CB706FC – $11.65
6 C4 Carbide Teeth
Long Life

“Professionals who cut single sheets have been looking for a cost-effective blade that can meet the rigorous demands of cutting these dense materials affordably and productively,” states Jon Howell, Product Manager, Bosch Power Tools and Accessories. “Almost everyone has a circular saw so users don’t have to buy any new equipment.”


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New Hougen HMD904 Mag Drills

Hougen was the first company to develop and patent the Magnetic Drill back in 1976. Since then there have been many improvements made to the original design but Hougen has remained a leader in the magnetic drill industry. The model HMD904 has been one of the most popular mag drills for many years because of its light weight design, significant power and durability. Not to long ago the HMD904S with swivel base was introduced which allowed for slight adjustments after the magnet had been activated.

Now you have two new options for the HMD904 which are the HMD904C ($899.95), which is the basic 904 model with the 16oz coolant tank and fittings. The second option is the Fabricators Kit HMD904K ($1,188) which includes the HMD904C, ½” Jacobs Chuck with adaptor and 12002 Rotabroach Cutter Kit. The fabricators kit provides the basic set up with several Rotabroach sizes to get started but with the chuck the mag drill can also use regular twist drill bits.

The 16 oz coolant tank is also available as an add-on option for existing HMD904 mag drills as HOU05548 (Hex Arbor) & HOU05087 (Spindle Arbor). Call Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 if you need as order any Hougen parts or accessories.


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Free 12V Max Bosch PS20-2A Pocket Driver

For a limited time at Ohio Power Tool you will receive a free PS20-2A ($119) with any Bosch purchase over $1000. Yes these are brand new 12V Max PS20 tools with increased power, not the 10.8V version. All the tools are brand new, not reconditioned and will ship with the order, no mail-in rebates. The PS20-2A kit includes the 12V Pocket Driver, charger, 2 lithium batteries & carrying case. This offer is good for all US and international customers.

The PS20-2A is an incredibly handy and popular tool which has found a huge following in many different industries. The first generation PS20 was a revolutionary product when it was released (see Milwaukee vs Bosch). The tool could do many of the jobs of other 14.4v & 18v tools had done but with half the size and weight. The new second generation 12V Max version features even more power and improved design. The Bosch 12V Max tools can also use the 10.8V batteries and chargers. With the recent addition of the PS30 3/8” Drill/Driver & PS50 Multi-X tool the 12V line of tools is now much more complete.

Get shopping for your new Bosch Tools


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Milwaukee M12 & M18 Tools – In-Stock Now!

The wait is over on almost all the Milwaukee M12 & M18 tools. M12 Hackzall, M12 Copper Cutter, M18 Hammer Drill w/Free impact, M18 Combo Kits and most everything else has arrived in the past few days at Ohio Power Tool. If you had a pre-order you may have already received your tools as some of the new stuff went out as early as last week. For those of you who didn’t order from Ohio Power Tool I’m sure you won’t have to wait that much longer for your new Milwaukee Tools.   



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