Milwaukee Season 6 Heated Gear Has Arrived!!

M12 Heated Gear 2015

Season 6 Milwaukee Heated Gear is here and brings some exciting new products to the lineup to improve on what has already the most popular heated gear line up. The biggest additions are the new RipStop items, which include the 3-in-1 jacket/hoodie combo and the RipStop vests. The grey hoodie gets a more stylish darker shade of gray (should hide wear a little better) and the women’s jacket also gets an upgrade for a better fit and hand warmers. These are all in-stock now and as we’ve seen each year prior we’d expect to see popular models and sizes sell out well before the holidays.

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Will Metabo LiHD Technology Bring us the First Construction Drones?

Metabo LiHD Tools

At the recent Metabo press event (in Europe) the new LiHD battery technology was launched which promises 67% more output with 87% runtime over their already cutting edge 5.2Ah battery technology (read our full blog post). With the new technology the promise to expand to larger tools such as a 9” cordless grinder coming within 6 months as a 36V (with a 18V x2 adaptor coming as well). Additionally later 2016 & beyond new cordless tools such as SDS-Max rotary hammer, cordless table saws, backpack vacuum and other larger tools should be arriving. When we saw the picture above however the most surprising glimpse into the “tools of the future” was Drone Work Lights. Continue reading

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Milwaukee M18 Planer Delivers Superior Depth Control 2623-21

M18 cordless planer

As Milwaukee Tool continues to expand its reach in the M18 cordless category tools like the cordless planer are going to be added to the mix. While a cordless planer is never going to be a big seller there are definitely some pros out that can’t wait for this one to launch in October. By going cordless this becomes a very handy tool for remodelers and carpenters especially when working in older homes. The M18 kit with 1 battery 2623-21 ($299) and bare tool 2623-20 ($199) should be available soon. Continue reading

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New Laser Etched Squares from Empire Level


If any tool company I know of is not afraid to innovate, it is Milwaukee Tool. Whether they are producing markers, different types of utility knife blades, or the latest and greatest bottle opener, Milwaukee is not afraid to put a new tool on the market. When Milwaukee acquired Empire Level last year, it was only a matter of time before new Empire products started hitting the shelves. Lo and behold, the new Empire laser-etched, high-visibility squares have been announced. Continue reading

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Columbus Idea Foundry, Continues Conquest for World Domination

Columbus Idea Foundry

If you’ve been a reader of Coptool for a couple years you might remember back in 2009 when we started talking about the Columbus Idea Foundry an interesting concept for a local community workspace (original CIF) which at the time was 2500 sq ft of industrial space that occasionally flooded and the landlord didn’t know what to do with. The place was a mess, equipment was all donated and definitely more of a club than a business. The idea however was very powerful and people wanted to be a part of it. Continue reading

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Bosch Tool Accessory Sale 20% OFF & Free Shipping

Bosch Accessoires

Tool accessories are often half the battle when it comes to getting top performance from your power tools. A very nice blade on an inexpensive table saw can often give you a better cut than a dull cheap blade on a top of the line saw. Bosch Tools has been one of the most innovative when it comes to high performance accessories with everything from Daredevil Spade & Auger Bits for wood drilling, Bulldog Full Head Carbide for drilling in concrete or any variety of categories from recip blades, router bits, OIS Oscillating Attachments, saw blades, impact bits, sanding, taps & dies just to name a few. Continue reading

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Makita New AVT 70lb Breaker Hammer HM1812 (& HM1812X3 with Cart)

Makita HM1812X3

At the World of Concrete earlier this year we got a first look at the new Makita AVT Breaker HM1812 (HM1812X3 $1899 with cart). The display setup ran this new break against a 70lb air breaker so users could see and feel the difference. Additionally Makita had what looked like a real unit with a portion cutout so you could actually see the internal counter weight.

The existing Makita Breaker AVT HM1810 (HM1810X3 $1599 with Cart) will stay in the lineup which includes many of the same features such as counter balancing and AVT Anit-Vibration Technology. The new model builds off a great unit and packs a little more punch, slightly lower vibration at a price tag that is still very reasonable. Below is highlighted a few differences and similarities of the HM1810 vs HM1812 as well as a look at the Hilti TE 3000-AVR which is another great hammer but almost double the price.   Continue reading

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Today’s Biggest Tool Question, What is Milwaukee ONE-KEY?

Milwaukee One-Key Bluetooth

****UPDATE 3/17/2016 – Latest Update to ONE-KEY adds the Tool Tracking Feature to real time locate the tools in your fleet as well as help find lost or stolen tools.  

Milwaukee teased us with ONE-KEY months ago and asked what our readers thought it ONE-KEY was going to be. We’ve gotten some very interesting responses (and it’s got nothing to do with a Milwaukee Porta-John) but today the cat is officially out of the bag. As many of you have already guest One-Key is a new tool technology that can connect your cordless Milwaukee Tools to you phone/tables (then to the cloud) via Bluetooth. The 3 core benefits you will see right away are: tool control, inventory management and tool reporting. Which before you brush it off as not for you, take a further look because it really seems to have something for everyone.

Milwaukee M18 One-Key

The Tools: Most of these tool unfortunately won’t be out until 2016, with the exception of the new crimping tools coming later this year. The ONE-KEY tools will be M18 FUEL brushless with the Drills & Impacts that have pretty much the same torque specs as the M18 FUEL 2nd Generation Tool launching mid-August. This includes drill/driver, hammer drill, impact hex 1/4″, impact square 3/8”, impact square 1/2″ pin and impact square 1/2″ ring type, all M18 FUEL ONE-KEY Cordless Brushless Tools (a bit of a mouthful).

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Going to Next Generation Drills & Impacts

M18 FUEL 2703-22

In mid-August the most popular Milwaukee M18 FUEL tools are going to experience a significant overhaul. The Gen 2 tools will be smaller, lighter, more power, more control settings, kits will include 5.0Ah batteries but the prices will remain the same. The FUEL hammer drill 2604-22 ($299) makes the leap from 725 in-lbs to the new FUEL 2704-22 ($299) with a mind blowing 1,200 in-lbs. With all that power (the new most powerful on market) this model could have really used some sort of bind-up kill switch similar to the Bosch Active Response. The M18 FUEL impact 2653-22 ($299) jumps from 1,600 in-lbs to 2753-22 ($299) with 1,800 in-lbs with 4 Mode Drive Control. Both tools will be packaged together in the most popular M18 FUEL combo kit which goes from model 2797-22 ($399) to 2897-22 ($399) with new tools.

Check out our videos on both the new FUEL drills and the new FUEL impacts as well as full stats and Milwaukee press release below. Check out Ohio Power Tool for a full range on Milwaukee M18 FUEL brushless tools and give them a call 800-242-4424 with any Milwaukee Tool questions. Continue reading

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New Generac iQ2000 Inverter Generator 6866 – Quieter, Smarter, Long-Running

Generac Inverter iQ2000

Generac has been hard at work for over 3-5 years testing and perfecting their new iQ Series inverter generators. Of course when you say Inverter Generator everyone is going to think Honda EU2000i or Honda EU3000iS because they have done an excellent job of dominating the market for years with these extremely reliable and amazingly quiet units. The team at Generac is very excited to launch the new Generac iQ2000 ($799) inverter generator because they are confident they’ve created a “Quieter, Smarter, Long-Running” unit that will outperform the Honda and still be $200-$300 less expensive. Bold words which they know will need to be field test for some to become believers. Continue reading

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