$165 Makita 4-Stroke Blower and Other Makita Year-End Deals

makita 4 stroke handheld blower

Makita made some waves in the gas power equipment market recently with the release of their MM4 line, the first (and as far as I know, only) line of gas powered handheld equipment with 4-stroke engines. These new engines add a great deal of usability and convenience over the more traditional 2-stroke tools without sacrificing power. But this is kind of old news. Continue reading

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Bosch Saw Deals November: Drop Price, Free Blade & Shipping

Bosch Free Blades

Bosch Power Tools are getting ready for the holiday shopping season with a couple of great deals on their benchtop saws, dropping prices for their most popular Glide Saws for all of November. Ohio Power Tool is sweetening the deal by not only give FREE SHIPPING on all Bosch Tool orders over $99 but is throwing in an extra high precision blade with the Bosch Glide Saws and Table Saws. Continue reading

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Milwaukee Heated Gear 2015, Already Sold Out?

Milwaukee Heated Gear Sold Out

Not gone yet but… for the previous 5 seasons almost all of the popular Milwaukee Heated Gear Jackets & Hoodies have sold out, many times well before Christmas, looks like Season 6 will be no different. Milwaukee’s annual allotment of several popular sizes and styles are already gone for the season! Of course you can still may find them from your favorite retailers if you get on it now but come Christmas Eve it looks like a Rip-Stop 3-N-1 Heated Jacket in Small or Medium may be harder to come by than a Tickle Me Elmo in 2006.

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Makita 18V LXT Lithium Battery Upgrades

Makita 18V 3 Year Warranty

Makita Tools have one of the longest track records for solid performing cordless tools, we still see guys using 9.6V drills which have got to be 20+ years old, not even sure how that is possible. Makita was one of the first to jump to the 18V lithium Ion technology and remain the fastest charging batteries as their only charger options are 30 minute rapid chargers.

That being said there have been 2 key complaints, which the competition have promoted that give them advantages over the Makita 18V Cordless. First is a longer replacement warranty, which effective October 1, 2015 Makita has retroactively extended all their battery warranties from 1 year to 3 years! Second complaint is that the 18V batteries don’t have a fuel gauge on them, for pros with a bunch of loose batteries in the truck this can be a problem. Well starting now there will be Makita 18V 2.0, 4.0 & 5.0Ah batteries will have L.E.D. charge level indicators on back.     Continue reading

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2015 Cordless Reciprocating Saw Challenge – Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee

2015 recip saw comparison

The Reciprocating Saw or Sawzall is the most popular cordless cutting tool because they are so handy and very versatile. For demo or rough work this is often the best option but even in cutting pipe, other metals or even precision work these tools can pinch hit extremely well, if you’ve got the right accessories. At this point 18V lithium batteries are more than adequate to power these types of saws for extended periods which is why it is so surprising we don’t see more brushless recip saws for the professional heavy duty use.

We have seen several manufacturers launch compact recip solutions recently, brushed motors and at lower price points. These are great tools and certainly have a place for DIY and Pro users but should compliment a full size reciprocating saw solution. We selected the most powerful recip saws these pro brands offer and put them with 5.0 Ah (5.5Ah Metabo) batteries (listed as bare tools): Bosch 18V CRS180BN ($129), Dewalt 20V DCS380B ($129), Makita 18V XRJ03Z ($169), Metabo 18V ASE18 LTX ($179), Milwaukee M18 Brushless 2720-20 ($199).

*** Added 11/27/2015 Results from Hilti 18V WSR 18-A Recip Saw 18V Cordless Continue reading

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SKILSAW New Metal Saws & Worm Drive Table Saw

Worm Drive Metal Saw

The SKIL brand has a heritage of making quality tools and at the center of that has always been circular saws. In recent years the SKIL brand has struggled to send a clear message to consumers with pro quality circular saws but also getting into consumer grade cordless and other tools really not intended for pro use. The SKILSAW brand breaking away from the rest of SKIL Tools along with the launch of some new pretty sweet saws like the 10-1/4” Sawsquatch ($449) and partnership with Freud Diablo blades (Both Bosch Brands) has helped bring the SKILSAW name back into the conversation for professional users. Continue reading

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Powermatic Drum Sander PM2244 with Feed Logic

Powermatic Drum Sander

With a tag line like Exceed Your Expectations you better deliver some pretty amazing machinery and with a $2500 price tag the Expectations are going to be pretty high. From what we’ve seen the Powermatic PM2244 Drum Sander delivers well beyond just a high quality 22” drum sander. The LED control panel with digital readout and zero-out feature are nice to ensure accuracy. But the real feature that will truly give you a better final product is the Feed Logic which will actually detect overload and adjust the conveyor belt feed rate down to ensure the best possible finish. For more info on the PM2244 check out the videos below and Powermatic press release below that.

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2015 Cordless Hammer Drill Challenge – Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee

Hammer Drill Comparison 2015

The hammer drill is the most popular cordless power tool, so no surprise these are the tools we see manufacturers reinvent every couple of years. With constant technology improvements things are changing faster and faster which is also why this is our 3rd comparison test (Comparison Test 1 5/12, Test 2 9/14) we’ve done for cordless hammer drills. Previously we compared these tools drilling holes into concrete, using “hammer mode”. Of course many of these tools will spend only a small fraction of their lives actually working in concrete and some may never touch any aggregate. The hammer drills are also included in most heavy duty combo kits so chances are good that’s what you’ll get even if you just wanted a drill/driver.

For this test we did 3 different comparisons in wood and metal to measure power, speed and runtime. We’ve got the latest tools all running 5.0Ah (5.5Ah Metabo) and their latest hammer drills; Bosch HDH181X-01L, Dewalt DCD995M2, Makita XPH07T, Metabo SB18LXTBL, and Milwaukee 2704-22 (new generation 2 brushless).

*** Added 11/27/2015 Results from Hilti 18V SFH 18-A Hammer Drill 18V Cordless

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JET Cyclone Dust Collectors Takes Vortex to Next Level

Dust Management System

The technology of dust collection has certainly changed over the years. There are really no excuses with such a wide range of options and very low entry level price points for collecting and handling dust. These new Jet Cyclone Dust Collectors are a great example of 3 machines that can handle production level work for a very reasonable price tag. These additions make a nice next step up from the Jet Vortex Cone single stage collectors we’ve been using for years. A tried and true style of design these units add some premium features such as remote control, solid connectors and high quality Jet Tool construction.

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Hougen Mag Drills with Free Cutter Kits

Annular Cutter Kits

If you are in the market for a new portable magnetic drill Ohio Power Tool have a very attractive offer if you purchase any Hougen Mag Drill you can get a free annular cutter kit (up to $260 value). This is a mail-in rebate but still a very nice deal that runs all of October & November. An additional deal from Ohio Power Tool on the HMD904 ($845) and swivel base HMD904S ($956) you’ll get a free Coolant System ($100 value) ships instantly.

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