Hard Hats Custom Logo, Made in USA $6.99

ERB Hard Hats

When it comes to adding a level of professionalism on the jobsite, outfitting your team with custom logoed hard hats and apparel goes a long way. The ERB Hard Hats are made in the USA at their factory in Georgia and provide an exceptional value with the 6 Point Ratchet Suspension Omega II Cap at $6.99 and 6 Point Ratchet Omega II Full Brim at $9.99. For optional custom logo printing, since these are made in the USA the turnaround time is less than 2 weeks with only a low 24 hat minimum. Options from 1 color to full 4 colors, front/sides/back printing locations and a wide selection of hard hat color options and styles. Continue reading

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Bosch SpeedClean SDS-Plus & SDS-Max Dust Extraction Bits

Bosch SpeedClean Carbide

When it comes to drilling, grinding, cutting or working with concrete in general, times they are a changing. It used to be acceptable to kick up clouds of silica dust and people just dealt with it. Not the case anymore and even on many the jobsite this is just not tolerated. When it comes to drilling holes in concrete whether overhead, horizontally or vertically this can be create a bit of a mess but the Bosch SDS-MAX SpeedClean and SDS-Plus SpeedClean carbide bits offer several advantages above and beyond just a cleaner, safer work environment.

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DEWALT 20V MAX Brushless 3-Speed Drills DCD991 & DCD996

Dewalt 2nd generation

Each of the last 2 years we have compared the Best Pro Cordless Hammer Drills, in the most recent 2015 review the DEWALT units had fallen short of to the newer Makita and Milwaukee which both were boasting well over 1000 in-lbs. These new DEWALT units look like they will get close or beat those number as their UWO (Unit Watt Out) rating jumps from 650 UWO to 820 UWO, DEWALT is still not reporting in in-lbs. Of course this means we will need to do a 2016 head to head comparison of Hammer Drills with the new DEWALT hammer drill DCD996. Will they become the champions, Stay Tuned? Increased power is just part of the story on these new drills, below is the full DEWALT press release.     Continue reading

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Tool Tracking Lost & Found with ONE-KEY

Milwaukee One-KEY Lost

One of the biggest problems that faces any service or construction related company is tracking the equipment. Whether you’ve got 5 guys or 500 everyone we’ve talked to has some level of frustration due to tracking tools and tool lose, theft or otherwise. When ONE-KEY was first launched from Milwaukee the first question many of us had was can it track my tools. The answer at the time was a diplomatic no but… soon we might have something for you. Well that day is here and we are very impressed as well as a little scared about our how easily traceable our smart phones make us.

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Cordless 1/2” Impact Wrenches High Torque – Ingersoll, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita

brushless impact wrenches

As we continue to work our way through comparing all the top cordless tools (previous posts Hammer Drills, Grinders, SDS-Plus Hammers & Recip Saws) the next logical step for us was Cordless High Torque Impact Wrenches.

Taking a look at the 4 most popular models we have the 20V Ingersoll Rand IQv W7150-K22 ($459, 5.0Ah), M18 Milwaukee FUEL 2763-22 ($439, 5.0Ah), 20V Dewalt Brushless DCF899P2 ($429, 5.0Ah w/detent pin) and 18V Makita Brushless XWT08Z ($239, bare). Hopefully everyone understands at this point, 18V “nominal” & 20V “max” are the exactly the same thing, so we are comparing apple to apple. We will also compare these top cordless ½” impact wrenches with 3 of the most popular ½” pneumatic impacts (previous post) we ran on the same Skidmore torque tester a few weeks ago. Looking at all 7 models together we will hopefully be able to get some definitive answers on the Cordless Impact Wrench vs Air Impact Wrench debate.

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Finish Nailers, No Gas Required

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Nailers

Milwaukee is expanding their M18 FUEL cordless line up into new uncharted areas with 4 new cordless finish nailers! Milwaukee got out of the pneumatic nailer business several years back and certainly don’t make any nails so it makes us wonder how these will do. That being said, with the success of their M18 platform the demand for more and more cordless tools that use this battery system continues to grow. We have seen some extremely impressive performance out of all the other M18 FUEL Brushless Tools so we would have no reason to expect anything less with these new Cordless Nailers. Available in May 2016 just before the big 2016 Milwaukee Media Event #NPS16 which pretty much means there will be even bigger product launches from Milwaukee in June for #NPS16!! Continue reading

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M18 FUEL 1” SDS-Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer 2713-22

M18 FUEL SDS-Plus 2713-22

Since the beginning of SDS-Plus Rotary Hammers it seems like the preference of most users has been for the longer style D-Handle made famous by Bosch Bulldogs (current models 11255VSR or RH228VC). Even today with corded models these longer D-Handle hammers sell 5-to-1 to the more compact units with vertically mounted motors. It’s this fact that makes it so surprising in the cordless SDS-Plus Hammers there are almost no D-Handle units, zero with the higher performance Brushless motors.

Just a few months ago we did a comparison (see video below) of the top SDS-Plus Cordless Tools and later compared the Hilti TE4-A18 against the rest. Not one of those models use the D-Handle design, most commonly preferred by users. The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1” SDS-Plus 2713-22 ($479 kit, $279 bare) looks to change all that but why has it taken so long to give users what they want?

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First-Cut Early Entry Concrete Control Joint Saws – Diamond Products

Diamond Products First-Cut

Everyone knows when you pour fresh concrete you need to build-in control joints so that if/when the concrete is stressed there is a controlled path for how the concrete will crack. This is the common practice but there are several ways which those concrete joints are installed. “Early Entry” saw cutting is method which refers to cutting while not fully cured or 2 – 10 hours after being poured. Husqvarna Soff-Cut is a well know name for Early Entry cutting but there a couple new kid in town from Diamond Products Core Cut with First-Cut Early Entry Saws. Of course they’ve got several reasons why their saws are best.

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Air Impact Torque Test 1/2″ – IR vs CP vs Jet

Impacts IR vs CP vs Jet

One of the biggest questions we always get with pneumatic tools, or any tools for that matter, which one is more powerful? When it comes to air tools there are several different numbers you will see on the boxes and it’s clear manufacturers are not using any sort of standardization to report these numbers. Torque is also affected by application, air pressure and other environmental conditions so getting an exact number is not always easy. All 3 of these impact wrenches are their respective brands top dogs, composite construction and have been launched within the last year. (**3/15/16 – We also added new testing for 1/2″ Cordless Impacts vs Air Impacts)

Working Torque: The range of torque to be used on a daily basis both in forward/reverse. For instance your average full-size pickup lug nut should be put on about 120-180 ft. lbs. and may require much more to take it off depending on how & when it was put on. This should give a range which you would get from switching the tool from the lowest setting to highest. Jet JAT-121 ($229) reports a 50-550 ft-lbs, CP7749 ($229) goes from 100-522 ft-lbs., IR 2235TiMAX ($279) does not report a “working torque” range only max torque 930 ft-lbs. and “Nut Busting Torque”. Continue reading

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Jet Industrial Bench Grinders & Metal Dust Collection Stand

Jet Bench Grinding

For years Jet has offered several competitively priced, pretty good 6″, 8″ & 10″ bench grinders. JET now offers a solution for heavy duty applications with their new line of Industrial Bench Grinders. Built to work in demanding, high volume environments, these grinders are durable enough to tackle the toughest grinding applications all day long while delivering high quality results you’d expect from a JET shop tool. Paired with JET’s new Metal Dust Collection Stand, these grinders become the perfect solution for high volume shops. Continue reading

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