Milwaukee One-Key with LoJack Style Tracking for Stolen Tools

Milwaukee One-Key Tool Tracking

Over the weekend Milwaukee Tool posted this teaser on their Facebook Page which promises the ability to locate M18 ONE-KEY enabled tools (tools now available) on a map and this One-Key software updates would be coming in March. Basically these features will be added to any One-Key tool (free of course) just update the One-Key app. Naturally people started firing off questions and by reading the full string some of those questions were answer. Here are the basic questions and what we can gather so far: Continue reading

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STARLOCK Bosch & Fein Oscillating Tool Collaboration

Bosch Fein Starlock

A few years ago if you had told us Fein and Bosch would team up on Oscillating Tool Accessories we would have thought you were crazy. At the time there was a frantic rush for every brand to have their own accessories which meant a very narrow mix of accessories for customers and harder for retailers to stock. Fast forward a few years and a couple factors make this partnership pretty logical. With lots of new competition in the market and the expansion of what oscillating accessories are trying to accomplish it makes some sense for the top brands to come together to establish a universal standard. This will allow the accessories which require more power to be matched to tools that can perform, regardless of brands.

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Ridgid Spring Fling Deals 2016 SeeSnakes, Pressing, Pipe Wrenches

Spring Fling 2016

It’s that time of the years again for Ridgid’s Spring Fling (see full PDF here) which will run February to April 2016. It’s pretty typical stuff if you’ve seen previous Spring Flings but looks to be a little more simplified. For the Full Size SeeSnake Camera System with a 200’ reel and large monitor you will get a Scout Locator ($1348) for FREE. The SeeSnake systems with a smaller RS6 Monitor, if you add on a drain cleaner you still qualify for the FREE Scout Locator. We like the option here to build the package that makes the most sense for you. Continue reading

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Preventing Frozen Pipes with an Electric Heating Solution

Electric Pipe Heater

Our long time friend Rob Robillard, Concord Carpenter is a wealth of knowledge on home repairs, remodeling and prevention of potential home disasters. For our readers soaking up the Southern California sun, you can just skip right past this article. While this year has been extremely mild so far there is still plenty of winter left for an extreme cold snap in the North. Check out this solution for keeping pipes from freezing.

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Paint Spinning Off a Drill Bit in Slow Mo

We’re always happy to help you waste a few minutes, here’s paint spinning on a drill bit. Million views day 1…. We hate to think what the “Slow Mo Guys” will make for an afternoon of paint splatter.

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ICS Concrete Chainsaws, Like a Hot Knife through Butter

Diamond Concrete Chainsaws

The World of Concrete is just a couple weeks away and one of the most functional but underutilized concrete tools is the Concrete Chain Saw. The down side for these saws is that the chains are a bit pricey, we won’t disagree it is definitely cheaper to use a standard circular diamond saw blade. However a handheld 14” cut-off saw ($699-$1199) can only cut into material with a depth of 5”. The smallest (& cheapest) diamond chainsaw 680ES-12 ($1399) can actually cut a full 12” depth of concrete and these saws can go all the way up to 25” cutting depth. It can be a little misleading, side by side, 14” cut-off saw next to a 14” chain saw, while the measurements in the titles are the same these tools are very different. Continue reading

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Milwaukee STEELHEAD Diamond, Goodbye Abrasive Cut-Off Wheels


Once upon a time concrete was cut by abrasive wheels, they disintegrated very quickly, were dangerous and wasted a lot of time. Then concrete diamond wheels changed the way we cut concrete and it became much easier. You’d look at someone like they were crazy if they cut concrete with an abrasive blade instead of a diamond blade. We think steel cutting is going to change in the next couple years as well, it’s very possible soon you’ll think of abrasive metal cutting wheels much the same way. The Milwaukee STEELHEAD Diamond Cutting Wheels for Metal and Stainless are that first step forward where the price we think might have hit the tipping point.

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Franklinton Rising – Skilled Trades for At-Risk Youth

Franklinton Rising Students

Over the past 20 years the Skilled Trades have become less and less pursued as a career path for many high schoolers who look at college as the only next step. The result has been a serious gap in the labor pool coming from the next generation for these well-paying jobs. Check out this Forbes Article for an interesting history of how/why Vocational Training has disappeared from high schools and why we need to bring them back. Quick numbers from article: 68% teens start college, 40% of those never complete a degree and 33% of those that get a degree never use them. That means less than 1/3 of high school students actually go to college and get jobs in field they studied. Meanwhile the country has a massive shortage of skilled carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc most with a starting salaries (after apprenticeships) higher than your average college graduates. Continue reading

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Dewalt 20V Max Brushless 5” Band Saw DCS374

Dewalt 20V Bandsaw

TOWSON, MD – DEWALT launches its first cordless full-size band saw, the 20V MAX* XR® Brushless Deep Cut Band Saw DCS374. For mechanical, electrical, HVAC, sprinkler, and general contractor applications, the new Band Saw features premium ergonomics, an efficient brushless motor, and the versatility to cut a wide variety of materials. Dewalt Kit with 2x 5.0Ah DCS374P2 ($627) or Bare Tool DCS374B ($424) 

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Milwaukee Tool’s Big Bet on One-Key

Milwaukee One-Key Big Bet

One thing has become pretty clear to us, Milwaukee Tool is betting big on their ONE-KEY Tool System which you can download the app now but really kicks off February, 1 2016 with a full launch of ONE-KEY M18 FUEL drills and impact tools (see list below). In a nut shell, One-Key builds in Bluetooth and RFID technology into their tools which today means you can control RPM, torque and other setting in the tools. You can also track tool performance and more easily communicate with the ONE-KEY Inventory Management System. The inventory component is really a standalone system (connect by computer & app) as it tracks any item tool or otherwise like ladder, jobox, threader, bender, camera system, whatever even if you don’t have any ONE-KEY tools.

One-Key Tool Settings Continue reading

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