Hougen HMD905 Mag Drill with Free Fabricator Kit

Hougen Mag Drills

Recently Hougen overhauled their line of magnetic drills with updates to most of their models and the addition of the new HMD905 ($1185). We thought this new mag drill had the potential to becoming their most popular drill as it is about the same size/weight as the HMD904 and while it doesn’t add a ton of capacity it does add 2 speed for more precision in drilling. It also features a very slick built in coolant tank which is normally a $100 add-on to the HMD904 ($845) however the bottle currently comes FREE from Ohio Power Tool. Continue reading

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Powermatic & Jet Woodworking 15% Off Sale Starts Today!

Powermatic Woodworking Sale

For those that know the Jet and Powermatic brands they have come to love and count on the annual 15% off woodworking equipment sales available through select dealers. All the prices on Ohio Power Tool during the sale reflect the 15% off sale price for any item that qualifies. After Monday, March 9th pricing will return to everyday sale price.

Free Shipping is also available for most of the stationary machinery, see individual items to confirm. If you have specific question on any of the woodworking equipment or accessories give these pros a call 800-242-4424 and they will be more than happy to help.  Continue reading

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Bosch 18V EC Brushless Screwgun SGH182

Bosch Screwgun

If you are looking to shed weight and go with a thin profile screwgun that might fit into a holster or tool belt look no further than the Bosch Screwgun SG182-03 ($319). This new Bosch 18V EC brushless screwgun may look like a toy but don’t let the compact size fool you this is a tough workhorse with all the power and runtime you would expect from a Bosch. With a 4.0Ah battery it can drive up to 3400 screws on a full charge. Attach the Bosch MA55 ($129, sold separately) and you’ve got a perfect solution for a cordless auto-feed screw gun.

Bosch cordless screwgun

This new screwgun will join the Bosch 18V Cordless lineup shortly and should be a very nice compliment to some of their other cordless tools. For more information on the SGH182 see the full Bosch Press Release below. Continue reading

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Bosch 360 Cross-Line Laser, Smaller & Cheaper GLL2-20

Bosch Laser

When the Bosch GLL3-80 ($499) hit the market it was the first of its kind with 3 fill 360° lines which also cross 6 times (floor, ceiling, each wall) to create a number of very useful references for plumb, 90°, as well as horizontal and vertical lines every which way. While this tool was big savings from other rotary options it was still pretty pricy for folks that didn’t need all that functionality. The new GLL2-20 ($249) utilizes the same 360° vertical line critical for drop ceilings, cabinets and other alignment but with half the cost. There is also a 120° vertical line which can positioned to create a perfect 90° reference point anywhere on the 360 line and of course both lines are self-leveling accurate to 3/16” at 30 ft.

Continue reading

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Bosch Dial-In Grade Rotary Laser with Anti-Theft Alarm GRL 500 HCK

Bosch Rotary GRL500

A few years ago Bosch acquired CST Berger, a top name in rotary lasers adding a team with tremendous skills and knowledge in the laser measuring category. Since that time we’ve seen a number of innovations coming from Bosch/CST in the line and rotary laser categories. The new Bosch GRL 500 HCK ($1299) brings a lot of firsts to the market and one of the first very functional anti-theft systems we’ve seen in the category.

Continue reading

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Step Ladders vs Platform Ladders on the Jobsite

A 2014 study published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cited ladders as being a leading cause of all workplace injuries. According to the study, an estimated 81% of construction related falls treated in the US emergency rooms involved a ladder. Large General Contractors like Turner Construction have created programs such as “Ladders Last” hoping to remove ladders complete from their job-sites or at least reduce the numbers dramatically. This trend is picking up with more and more companies, at a minimum, requiring Platform Ladders instead of Step Ladders as these have been shown to be safer and less fatigue on the user.

Louisville Ladders

The big difference in platform vs step ladders is instead of standing on a thin 3” ladder rung the user has both feet firmly planted on a 1’x1.5’ (or larger) platform. While the price is a little higher for the platform ladder it is a bit misleading when you compare the step ladders vs platform ladders because they are measured differently. Folks using a standard 8’ Step Ladder rated IA FS1508 ($127) then price out an 8’ Platform Ladder rated IA FP1508 ($212) and there is naturally a bit of a sticker shock. Continue reading

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Ingersoll Rand to Add 50% Impact Torque with PowerSockets

IR PowerSocket

This is a very interesting new socket concept from Ingersoll Rand which we can’t honestly say we fully understand how it generates so much additional torque, then again we didn’t do so hot in physics class. For launch the IR PowerSocket is only going to be available in 19mm size for crank shafts, lug nut removal and other applications. With this socket a standard 1/2″ impact can perform pretty close to a 3/4″ impact more than justifying the $66 price point of the S64M19L-PS. We would imagine if this is a success we will see various other size PowerSockets to follow.

Continue reading

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Bosch 12V Barrel Grip Compact Jig Saw JS120

Bosch 12V Jig Saw

Earlier this year we got a chance to try out the Bosch 12V Circular Saw (released in Europe not US) and we disappointed because we could not have imagined what use it could possibly have. We could not feel more opposite about the new Bosch 12V jig saw JS120 ($119, bare) we recently had the opportunity to demo. We are very happy to say this Bosch 12V saw will be the next release in the US.

The extremely compact size makes this tool very easy to hold and maneuver highlighting the best aspects of the barrel grip design. It has a smaller 3/4“ stroke, variable speed, orbital option and LED all which work together to provide a very high level of control and precision to the user. Motor and cell protection prevent overheating and ensure longevity of the tool. Overall we think this compact jigsaw is going to be a huge success for woodworkers, remodelers and homeowners alike. A perfect addition to the Bosch 12V Cordless lineup.  Continue reading

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Bosch 36V SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer RH328VC-36 & 4.0Ah 36V Batteries

Bosch RH328VC

One of the first new Bosch 36V tools we’ve seen in a while is this 1-1/8” SDS-Plus RH328VC-36 ($749) which will feature the same power output as the very popular corded Bulldog Xtreme RH228VC ($259) and almost identical to the RH328VC ($299). This new 36V rotary hammer will also come with the new 4.0Ah 36V batteries for one of the largest full tanks available for a cordless power tool. Additional features include the Active Response Technology (ART) a nice safety feature which keeps the tool from spinning out of control when it binds up. The Electronic Precision Control (EPC) utilizes soft-start and a reduced output for more precise drilling in cinder block or fine chiseling.

Interestingly we saw this tool demoed against the popular Milwaukee M18 FUEL rotary hammer 2715-22 ($549) which sports the same 1-1/8” rating and in testing seems to be able to hold its own against the corded Bosch RH228VC. The 36V Bosch is not a Brushless motor so we would think this might be better compared to the Makita 36V Rotary XRH05Z ($359, Bare) also not brushless.  Historically Milwaukee has not been a big player in rotary hammer drills but in world of cordless tools easy access to battery packs can sometimes be the deciding factor and M18 batteries are powering more and more tools these days. For serious all day applications in concrete many users would probably prefer a true cordless Bosch bulldog hammer but it’ll be interesting to see how price and access to batteries factors in. A full size cordless SDS-Plus hammer showdown is definitely in the Coptool pipeline.   Continue reading

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Ridgid Spring Fling Promotion for 2015

Ridgid Spring Fling

The latest Ridgid Spring Fling Promotion is now available. These are all Mail-In Rebate offers for additional free product with the purchase of specific products or the most common combinations of product. The Ridgid brand while known for excellent quality products for professional plumbers, electricians and other trades they are not known for much discounting or sales so this annual promo really has become the most popular time of the year to purchase Ridgid Tools. Continue reading

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