Easy Build Projects – Pallet Barn Doors

Pallet projects have been trending over the last several years, especially with DIY’ers. Plans are easily accessible through YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and more! With pallets typically free, there are thousands cool designs available; from furniture to wine racks to pallet doors, there’s no surprise these types of projects have been so appealing to our society.

We recently did a test of 5 Brushless Recip Saws Head to Head and instead of mindlessly killing a ton of 2x4s we decided to build a simple project that would require a fair amount of prep work. With tons of pallets available at our shop, we got the idea to spruce up our workshop doors and to fill it in with pallet wood. We quickly learned that not only was it much more enjoyable, the difficultly level was fairly low. Originally we were going after a herringbone design but after a little testing decided to move forward with a chevron configuration which looks nearly as great but even easier to line up. Good news is we have plenty of broken down pallet wood for future projects as well!

With pallet boards naturally being uneven, we knew small gaps would be possible. To avoid running the risk of noticeable gaps, we painted the surface black. Turned out to be a great idea! Then we started taking pallet board measurements and cutting wood. We used both the Bosch 10” Worksite Table Saw (4100-09) and the Milwaukee M18 Miter Saw (2734-21HD) for the cuts. The trickiest part of the project was cutting the smaller pieces for the top and bottom of the door. After all the pallet board were cut, we glued each piece with adhesive and let it set. Came back the next day to inspect our work and happy to report, it turned out great!

Pallet board projects are not only trendy, but affordable and don’t require a high level of carpentry skills. Pallets can be found in a wide range areas, but contacting local businesses for pallets is a great start to look! Consider what they ship, food processing companies ships on new pallets, fabrication shops might ship on old pallets which could have oils and toxic chemicals spills embedded, if you are making a coffee table or other furniture to eat off or be around toddlers you should be careful.



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