PowerStrike Hammer, the $6 Million Dollar Man of Striking Tools

PowerStrike Hammer

For those that have ever used a hammer until it has actually worn out, they can certainly appreciate the idea of having a hammer than can be completely deconstructed, replace worn items and built back to near new condition. The screw on cap alone is ingenious as it means you can easily go from a smooth surface to a gripped surface in a few seconds. We had some time with this unit and here are a few observations we’ve made.

Power Strike Hammer

First we were curious about the company so we did a little research to find out more, the Precision Technology company seems to be the brain child of Gary Pimental who is a lifelong engineer who worked for Callaway Golf as well as one of the world leaders in framing hammer Stiletto Tools. The hammers themselves are also manufactured in California so background know-how and domestic production make us feel a little better about the $149 sticker price (for basic black) of these hammers.

Hammer Face

The design of the head and handle is very smart, both are hollow making this a very light weight hammer that is very comfortable to use but still very solid feel. The component design is very well thought out, basic but effective as the entire units can be disassembles and any individual part replaced. It does feature a essentials of a premium hammer including a nail holder, 2 side nail pulls and a nice rear claw. The striking face comes off in a snap with any set of pliers so that the very simple to bring new life to an aging hammer or just swap out for different applications.

Replacement Head Hammer

When you visit the PowerStrike Hammer website you will find they do sell direct which can be good for small manufacturers very focused on an specific product line. We were a little disappointed however to not find all the replacement parts in their store. They made mention to various striking heads (includes smooth and bulls-eye) however you cannot see pricing or order different faces in the web store. Also only the black handle was available as a replacement part but they offer a full range of colors all the way to florescent pink.  We would think it would be much more common to start with a basic black handle and want to replace it with a bright orange or yellow later on. Of course that is all just our shopping preference and doesn’t have anything to do with tool performance.

PowerStrike Handles

The part we like most about the hammer is the possibility of future expansion on this concept. Could we see additional demolition heads, hatchet blades, non sparking face, sledge head, cross pein, soft rubber mallet faces and the list goes on. At the end of the day however if none of those options come to fruition we would still be very happy with the hammer’s performance.



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  1. Joel Allen says:

    Clarification: Gary Pimental designed and developed his Aluminum “Monocoque” hammer handles on his own, and subsequently sold them to Stiletto. He was never employed at Stiletto.

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