Return of the Milwaukee Tool Magnetic Tape Measure

Milwaukee Tape Measure

Some years ago Milwaukee Tool sold tape measures and they were awesome! The tip had a magnetic end, the units were rugged but still compact and the people loved them. Of course Milwaukee probably didn’t make them themselves as they were not into hand tools or measuring at the time. So for whatever reason those wonderful tape measures were discontinued and the people were sad.

Milwaukee Tape Measures

At the recent Milwaukee media event however we got the terrific news Milwaukee would be launching a whole line of new tape measures in various sizes and many would feature the magnetic tips along with other high end features. Check out some more info from the Milwaukee Tape Measure Press Release (with our photos) below the video and visit the Milwaukee Hand Tool page of Ohio Power Tool as these tapes will start to be available over the next few months.

MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Tool continues to rapidly expand its Hand Tool offering with the introduction of several new Tape Measures designed to maximize durability and increase functionality. Delivering 10X longer life than the competition, the new tape measures feature Nylon Bond Blade Protection for resistance to jobsite contamination and a 5-point reinforced frame for protection against damage from dropping.

Whitney Moks Milwaukee

Whitney sand blasting Milwaukee tape along with other 2 leading competitors to show just how tough the new Nylon Bond blade protection is.

Milwaukee Tape Test

“When we talked to users about the tape measures that are currently available on the market, two key frustrations continued to prevail: 1) numbers would wear away on their tape due to daily contamination like dust, dirt and water, and 2) the housing would break on their tape when they dropped it,” says Whitney Moks, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “As a result of our user-focused research process, we set out to solve these common frustrations and have delivered a line of tools that have truly earned Milwaukee’s Nothing But Heavy Duty badge of honor.”

Coming to market over the next six months, the new tape measure line will include (9) Magnetic Tape Measures and (9) Non-Magnetic Tape Measures, varying in lengths from 16’-35’ in the Imperial Measurement System (in/cm), 5m-10m in the Metric Measurement system and 5M/16’- 10M/33’ in the combination of both.

The magnetic version will feature a new-to-world Dual Magnet design.  One magnet will hold the hook in the front of the tape to the edge of the material, and the other magnet will secure the tape to the material from below. This design is intended to securely hold the tape measure in place and prevent roll off when measuring materials such as threaded rod, steel studs or conduit.

Blue Print Scale

In addition, each of the Tape Measures include an innovative Finger Stop area to hold the blade in place instead of using the lock. The wire frame protects the user’s finger when the hook retracts.  For added functionality, the tape measures also include a blue print scale for 1/4” and 1/8” drawings to help the user accurately calculate material needs for projects, as well as a wire form belt clip for storage convenience.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the new products confirm Milwaukee’s commitment to best-in-class durability and their relentless commitment to provide innovative solutions to the end user that will increase productivity.

Tape Measure Models and Availability Dates

August 2013

• 16′ Magnetic Tape Measure (48-22-5116)
• 25′ Magnetic Tape Measure (48-22-5125)

September 2013

• 5m/16′ Magnetic Tape Measure (48-22-5216)
• 8m/26′ Magnetic Tape Measure (48-22-5225)

November 2013

• 16′ Tape Measure (48-22-5117)
• 5m/16’ Tape Measure (48-22-5217)
• 5m Tape Measure (48-22-5306)
• 25′ Tape Measure (48-22-5126)
• 8m/26’Tape Measure (48-22-5226)
• 8m Tape Measure (48-22-5309)
• 5m Magnetic Tape Measure (48-22-5305)
• 8m Magnetic Tape Measure (48-22-5308)

March 2014

• 30′ Tape Measure (48-22-5131)
• 10m/33‘ Tape Measure (48-22-5234)
• 35′ Tape Measure (48-22-5136)
• 30‘ Magnetic Tape Measure (48-22-5130)
• 10m/33‘ Magnetic Tape Measure (48-22-5233)
• 35′ Magnetic Tape Measure (48-22-5135)



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  1. Al Ryzy says:

    Yeah, nice tape but tell me why when I pull a measurement on a piece of lumber and lock the blade the tape measure will not sit without falling over. Back it goes.

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  3. Andrea says:

    I like too no what mean limited lifetime warranty on tape measure and if is broken or get bad can I return to the home depot or go to the manifecture

  4. tim mccann says:

    Not recommended for daily use.

  5. Gabriel Torres says:

    I have had. My Milwaukee for less than a month and my helper damaged it ! Is there a damaged warranty? Can I get a replacement?


    Almost a year ago I bought 5 of those 25 ‘ tape measures ,,, now 3 of those are crack inside
    I do not have a receipt ,, I was wondering if I can claim for lifetime warranty ???? 😳

  7. Travis Albins says:

    Ya I have had my 35′ for less than 6 months the blade cracked and it was over you can’t let it get wet not one time or it starts to go south I work in a metal roofing manufacturer in shop not in the field

  8. James.l Morgan says:

    I have 2 Milwaukee magnetic tape measures both broke within a year now I have to pay to send them back for shipping when I used to return them at Home Depot I don’t understand

  9. James.l Morgan says:

    Milwaukee all these complaints why can’t you do something about it I have drills saws you will end up losing a lot of money

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