Ridgid LT1000 SeeSnake Laptop Interface System


Back in March we got our first look at the Ridgid LT1000 ($1756, Ohio Power Tool) SeeSnake Laptop Interface at the Pumper Show down in Louisville, KY. The unit is mounted on your SeeSnake Reel, either Mini or Standard size in addition to foot mounted stabilizers, which should have probably come with all reels anyway. The LT1000 allows for USB connection to almost any laptop as well as RCA audio/video outputs for any number of other viewing/recording devices including the SeeSnake Explorer ($690, Ohio Power Tool).

All the LT1000 units also come with the Ridgid HQ software which is definitely a very valuable part of the package. The software not only allows you to control many aspects of the laptop from the LT1000 (keeping your gloved hands off the laptop) but it also makes it very easy to add notes, job info, burn CDs and/or upload direct to www.RidgidConnect.com. It would seem this is really the full solution as HQ Software allows you to not only capture video, images and information but it also helps improve the flow for work orders, invoices, etc. With simple internet connectivity the whole operation becomes very streamlined.  

If you have any questions about any Ridgid SeeSnake or Plumbing products feel free to give Ohio Power Tool a call at 800-242-4424 or email sales@ohiopowertool.com. Check out this video on the Ridgid LT1000 below:




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