Ridgid microEXPLORER Digital Adaptor to SeeSnake 34953

Adding to its range of handheld inspection tools and accessories, RIDGID is pleased to announce the availability of the SeeSnake microEXPLORER Digital Adaptor 34953. Coupling the Digital Adaptor with the RIDGID microEXPLORER™ Digital Inspection Camera, you’ll immediately add digital image and video recording capabilities and a secondary playback screen to your existing drain inspection monitor. To use the system, simply plug the yellow RCA adaptor into the video out port on any SeeSnake or video out enabled monitor and plug the other end into the microEXPLORER camera and you are ready to take full advantage of recording digital images and video of your inspections.

Eliminate the time it takes to rip and backup data files from VHS & DVD’s.
– Free up precious office space by eliminating VHS tapes and DVD’s.
– Easily capture and share inspections with customers and colleagues.
– Using the microEXPLORER alone, readily access and record inspections in out-of-pipe applications.

Checkout all the Ridgid Handheld Inspection equipment & accessories. For more information on the digital adaptor watch the video below.  




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